HTC Thunderbolt, White iPhone 4, iPhone 5 Verizon Choice Decider

Verizon not so long ago released the Apple iPhone 4 and tomorrow they are releasing the new HTC Thunderbolt, that is a decision in itself as to the one you will buy but we also know that the white iPhone 4 is coming soon too.

Can you see why this is called the ‘Decision decider’, not only has Verizon got the iPhone 4, the HTC Thunderbolt being released tomorrow we also know that the white iPhone 4 is coming in April sometime (Apple Insider) and we are not speculating if Verizon will get the white iPhone but they probably will.

A new Apple smartphone will no doubt be released in June or July this year as well, you know the iPhone 5 as everyone is calling it. Many Verizon customers have been waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt for quite sometime now with many being left very annoyed as to when it will be released, but it still seems like a very popular choice according to our poll we did a yesterday (Check out the stats below).

Do you still want the HTC Thunderbolt?

– Yes of course, been waiting long enough (71.0%, 223 Votes)
– Not to sure now, I am a little confused (18.0%, 58 Votes)
– No, waited so long got bored and got another smartphone (10.0%, 31 Votes)
– Never wanted one from the start (1.0%, 2 Votes)
– Not with Verizon so do not care (1.0%, 2 Votes)

So we thought we would hold another poll asking you a simple question, when it comes to Verizon do you want the iPhone 4, White iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or the HTC Thunderbolt?

We do not need to put all the features, specs, prices and all of that as you that get’s a little boring, all we want to know is what smartphone do you want.

[poll id=”260″]

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