Pegatron to supply shared iPhone 5 Orders, not Apple iPad 3

Pegatron is looking to land a deal to supply the new Apple iPad 4, it is unlikely that Pegatron will supply iPad 3 tablets and will not share such orders with Foxconn this year.

It has been talked about for a little while now about Pegatron being the main contenders in manufacturing the new iPhone 5 and iPad 3, at the moment it is Foxconn that manufactures most of the iPad tablets but after the devastating explosion in May that left 15 injured and 3 dead it seems Apple has been forced onto looking for another production line.

Foxconn will be sharing iPhone 5 orders but not the iPad 3 according to DigiTimes. The reason Apple is taking this path to minimizing production risk, and we do not blame them as it is always good to have a fall back plan.

Now we are not sure if the iPad 3 will come first or not, but the latest news we published suggested that the next tablet would be the iPad HD or the iPad Plus, of course all speculation but we will keep you in the know.

Orders for new iPads are expected to reach around 13-million units in the third quarter. Pegatron Technology could land orders in excess of 10 million units of iPhone 5 (Also known as the iPhone 4S).

Foxconn has protected it orders with Apple, which means Apple will not use any other contractor to supply the iPad 3, but Pegatron has got its eyes on the iPad 4, as well as desktops and notebook from Apple in 2012.

Latest iPad 3 News: Some may sell their soul; some may sell their kidneys etc to get their hands on a new iPad 3. Our very own James here on Phones Review reported earlier that a man from China has built his own Apple iPad 3, good news, as he does not need to sell his body parts. He built his own iPad using laptop parts and a touchscreen, the video is awesome and we recommend you watching right here.

As soon as we get solid evidence who will be supplying what we will let you know, hopefully this week we will get order numbers as well. Keep coming back as we will have all the latest news covering the iPad 3, iPad HD and the iPhone 5.

See in our eyes if Pegatron and Foxconn join forces, all orders will be fulfilled with the popular demand. The iPad 3 is going to sell fast and can see Apple not being able to supply to all.

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