BlackBerry users may consider Android or iPhone

This is going to be quick, brutal and possibly painful to RIM, but there is a possibility that BlackBerry users may consider Android or iPhone. This is not just something that popped into our heads; we have had solid statement from readers via email suggesting that they may choose the two rival mobile routes.

We have reported a number of times covering the BlackBerry outage leaving customers rather annoyed in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and a few other places, this downtime left millions of users in the dark and were unable to message and access the internet.

RIM has tried its best to give compensation, and all they could come up with was free premium applications to the value of one hundred bucks, ok this sounds ok and free is free after all.

Customers are to receive a bundle of twelve BlackBerry apps via BlackBerry App World, this will carry on to be free up to December 31st according to another article we done back on October 17. Please do let us know if you were compensated, and if so how did you get them? Please read the full article here and check out the free apps.

The founder of Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis has made an apology in a video (Watch here) to BlackBerry users, the video is two minutes long explaining a few things what they are doing.

Many BlackBerry users are getting back to the way things were, but will they leave the BB team and head on over to iOS or Android?

Please do let us know if you would consider dumping your Blackberry device in favour of an Android phone or an iPhone? Would really love to know what your decision is.


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