CM9 ICS based on track, Nexus S build check

Since Google played around and finally released the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS last month, of which can be seen on the new Galaxy Nexus, interest has been mounting towards the new CM9 customizations which some claim is already on some devices. With ICS being a hit from Google, it’s been reported that creators of CM9 are confident that they are making progress.

For techies who know their stuff, cyanogenmod.com have reported that as well as the Nexus S which can be accessed from the ROM Manager within the Koush section, other devices seen to be having CM9 include MSM8660/7X30, Exynos and OMAP4 handsets. Others include tablets incorporating Tegra 2 such as the Asus Transformer and Galaxy Tab 10.1, with support being offered with CM7 devices including the QSD8250 devices such as the Nexus One.

Although difficulties have been found with the new camera and graphics drivers in ICS, there is hoped as Engadget stated, to be support for all CM7 compatible models.

As with the good news, comes the bad, in which we can tell you that users of the OG Droid will unfortunately be left out of the mix in relation to CM9. For more information head on over to cyanogenmod.

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