Losing Verizon Galaxy Nexus interest, you want it still?

Ah the continuing story of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon; will the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone ever come out to play on the Big Red network, or is it simply destined to have that very elusive release date delayed time and time again, and if so will you eventually lose interest in picking up the handset and move onto another device?

I’m pretty sure most of the Android faithful over in the good old US of A know the debacle the release of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is turning into having already been rumoured to be released on several occasions only to still be being held back by Verizon.

We previously posted that the word is Verizon is delaying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus release due to their greediness and wanting Google Wallet removed from the device before they release and Google want it kept on, so that little argument could continue for quite some time and result in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus not seeing release for some time yet, possibly moving into next year.

The latest speculated release date for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is tomorrow the 15th, which according to an article by my colleague Mark could be spot on as Costco has listed the Android 4.0 handset for the same date, but then dates have a habit of changing as attested by a new Galaxy Nexus dedicated release date website I posted about yesterday.

The thing is, the longer the Big Red bandy about delaying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the risk of potential customers opting to pass over the Nexus grows and with a new Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset from Asus on the horizon, namely the Asus Padfone a Tegra 3 packing handset, then maybe those that lose interest due to Verizon’s continued lack of getting the Galaxy Nexus into the public’s hands will opt for this smartphone instead.

Of course Verizon can always fall back on the old excuse that they have never given a firm release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, but that really doesn’t cut the mustard, and only goes further to disappoint customers, customers that don’t like having a device delayed time after time after time .

So if Verizon fails yet again to release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus tomorrow the 15th of December, will you lose interest in the ICS handset, or will you continue to hold on in there for as long as it takes for Verizon to get their act together?


39 thoughts on “Losing Verizon Galaxy Nexus interest, you want it still?”

  1. Gumby31 says:

    As more and more handsets react the 1280×720 resolution and promise of ICS, what’s the need for this phone anymore.  A complete failure for Verizon

    1. Anonymous says:

      The Nexus is still a nice phone, but the longer they wait the less special it is becoming. 

      New phones release very quickly and if they wait too long it at some point will become too late.

      Tomorrow would be the cutoff for me because I am done with this. But I have 5 lines and 3 of them would have an early termination fee that would not make it comfortable to leave at this time.

      But if I could leave I would import the Nexus or simply get the Skyrocket on AT&T. I like the idea of being able to import a phone that is not sold in the U.S. and activate it without issue. Verizon is like Apple…. very proprietary. 

    2. emdubs says:

      The need for this phone is that it is the ONLY handset that may ever be available on Verizon with an unlocked bootloader. Custom ROMs, vanilla android experience…. this is IT. Everything else is locked, bloated and only customizable by more advanced codemonkeys, if at all. Verizon has no intention of unlocking anything in the future and only because this is a Nexus “dev” handset, will this one be offered as unlocked. It’s this or welcome to your stock android experience. you might as well get an iphone at that point. they are more easily dev’ed thanks to verizon.

  2. Chris G says:

    Will get it tomorrow.

    Have already lost a lot of interest because of this, but if I do go looking for another I will absolutely be looking at another carrier.  I blame VZ 100% for this fiasco.

  3. I’m tired of waiting.  My company offered me an IPhone 4S.  I hope Verizon ends up eating a great deal of the stock of Nexus phones.  I also hope potential customers that wanted the Nexus switch to another carrier and purchase the phones they have to offer.  The 15th is the deadline for me.  If it’s delayed I’m done.  I could have had a 4S in my hands a month and a half ago.

  4. MrP says:

    If they don’t release tomorrow, that will do it for me.  Quad core phones are supposed to start arriving Q1 of next year.  I’ll wait for one of those and get a phone that will blow the doors off the Galaxy Nexus.

  5. As much as I would like the pure Google experience, if a Tegra 3 powered phone with ICS, a 4.5″ HD Super AMOLED plus full RGB screen, at least an 8 mp camera and at least a 2 mp front camera is coming out in the first quarter of 2012, forget the Nexus.  I’m really going to be pissed off at Verizon if the double data promotion expires and then they bring out the Nexus.

    I think Verizon is still negotiating with Google and that talks will break off for the holidays soon so this phone won’t be out until at least January if ever on Verizon.   

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the ViaForensics review of Google Wallet, you might understand why Verizon would be hesitant to put in on their phones.  Apparently, the only thing encrypted is the first 12 digits of your credit card.  All other info – name, last four, exp. date, DOB, credit limit, email, and more are all stored as plain text.  Google is apparently working to correct this, but for now it’s not a smart move to use it.

  7. Collin says:

    It’s quite frustrating.  I’d like the US to not have to have carrier locked phones.  I think things would move a bit quicker if you could simply take the phone to another carrier like Europe.

  8. Tim Schmidt says:

    I am done waiting. This is just another case of Verizon not saying anything and letting the rumors swirl. It is a very bad way to handle a phone launch, especially  one like this that is well known it is releasing on Verizon for a long time and they still have never given any information. IOf I did not have to have Verizon, I would not be a customer, but unfortunately, where I live they are the only carrier with decent coverage.

    I have decided to Pass on this handset now just because of the way Verizon has handled it. Hoping Sprint or T-Mobile coverage improves in my area by the time quad core phones come out and I will Drop Verizon then!

  9. shibmaster says:

    The 15th is it for me as well.  I will be waiting until next year for the quadcore chips.  I would also love to find one with better specs anyway. ICS is the only thing keeping me from getting something else.

  10. Laskjdfllj says:

    This is it, if it doesn’t come out tommorow it probly won’t come out until next year. So I’m going to the phone with the coolest design by far, droid razr.

  11. ngsike says:

    They are probably delaying because of the return policy through the Holidays.  Right now you can return any phone until January 9th or something.  Don’t want a bunch of RAZR’s coming back.  I bet delay will happen until after that date. I have been speculating this for a while.

  12. Karey43 says:

    I am this close to just picking up an old nexus s. At least that phone will get both ICS and google Wallet, and the same size camera too for that matter. It’s actually better than the galaxy nexus except for the size of screen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    2 months ago the thought of changing carriers would have been unthinkable.  Now? If the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t drop this year on Verizon I will be switching carriers as soon as another carrier has a decent ICS based device. The main reason… when I asked 2 different Verizon reps I was told ‘Oh you don’t want that you want the Droid Razr’ and ‘Here, this is the Droid Razr… it’s even better, buy this now’… Instead of giving you any information about a possible release.

  14. Jjrinusa says:

    so how will we know if it has the NFC chip?  Google wallet is just an app.  the NFC chip is what matters most….”I am this close to just picking up an old nexus s. At least that phone will get both ICS and google Wallet,”….unless this poster can instal an NFC chip it will not matter if they can get the app or not!

    1. Annoyed Verizon Customer says:

      Are you serious?  A quick Google search would have shown you that the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus both have an NFC chip.  Is this your first day online?

      1. Anonymous says:

        I think he’s saying that he would not be surprised if the chip is removed. I wouldn’t be surprised if VZ handicapped the phone in this manner. Remember back in the day when they had specially-made phones that disabled the bluetooth?

        1. Colecago says:

          Are they going to pull them from shelves then?  I doubt that, pulling all the phones back to re-work them sounds unfeasible, unless you wanted to in another 2 months.

    2. Karey43 says:

      It seems I’m not allowed to post with all the links proving it, but tech specs everywhere show the Nexus S having an NFC chip, and considering its the only official phone that DOES run google wallet currently, it must have one. I suppose its possible the NFC doesn’t need to be in the Galaxy nexus since its stated that it won’t have Wallet, but doesn’t the Beam feature still use the NFC chip? Regardless of whats going on on the Gnex, the Nexus S clearly does have both the chip and the app.

  15. Jason says:

    The 15th will be it for me. I could have an iPhone 4S, but want the Nexus. If Verizon pushes the date back again, I will jump ship & get the iPhone 4S.

  16. Chris Lesperance says:

    At this point, I’m still getting this phone out of spite because Verizon clearly doesn’t want to sell it. I called a store last night that said that they wouldn’t reserve one for me, but they have plenty and are currently planning on selling them tomorrow… We’ll see!

  17. Annoyed Verizon Customer says:

    Something to keep in mind for those saying quad core phones will be out Q1 of 2012:

    The quad core phones will be ANNOUNCED at CES in Q1.  I suspect we won’t see them released for at least 3 months after that, maybe more.  There might be someone out there reading these posts and thinking, “I only have to wait another 3 months or so and the quad cores will be out.”  That’s not a true statement.

  18. spiras says:

    I’m Done.  Was going to be a Christmas present.  Getting too close to running out of shopping days now. Since Verizon has refused to give a release date, I’m onto something else for christmas. Will wait for either something better or the price to drop $100 or so.  As long as my OG Droid keeps working, no real need for a new one.

  19. Dirjj says:

    I am there with many of you. Wifey wants me to switch to AT&T ( where she is ), and I don’t want to, because I’ll lose my Unlimited Data. Was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket from AT&T.  Will hold out a while longer though


  20. Kingpin says:

    I think Verizon is still pissed about having to carry the iPhone or lose subscribers and having no say so in what went on that device. So I lay a big part of this blame on Google and Samsung. They should have just refused to sell the phone to Verizon……period. This was advertised as a “Pure” Google phone. Then we find out it has blaotware and Verizon doesn’t want Google Wallet on the device. It seems they are more interested in having bloatware and selling their own stuff on the Android market than being a phone company.

    I was looking forward to this device. But if it keeps up I will switch to iPhone just so verizon can’t completly have their way with me….hahaha 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Agree completely. VZ is too power hungry to want to sell a Nexus. Some rumors say that the Droid 4 will be released tomorrow also. Guess which of the two phones ill be advertised?

  21. Anonymous says:

    If they don’t release by Friday, I’m getting the Galaxy S2 on Sprint. At least then I’ll have a decent phone for the holidays.

    And if they release in the next month, I might be convinced to cancel my Sprint contract and return the phone for a Nexus.

  22. GiacomoM9 says:

    I’ll be passing on it.  While Verizon has missed multiple deadlines it gave me time to do some additional research.   The Nexus looks good and ICS will be great.  The problem with the Nexus is it is using a weak cpu/gpu (a 3 year old gpu) and the mediocre pentile display which in not true 720p.  The terrible internals on the Nexus do no outweigh the design & ICS.  There are already phones out there with better processing power:  Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, iPhone 4S.  And the Galaxy phones will be getting ICS in Q1.  Plus in 3-4 months the quad cores and A15 dual cores will be out with true 720p displays.  The Verizon delays did not make the Nexus obsolete, it was obsolete when it was announced.

    P.S. Plus Verizons faulty LTE network is no plus.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ANDROID JUST BECAME A LITTLE MORE HUMAN.Share smarter. Share faster. Share more.That is the opening line I just received in an email from Verizon introducing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. No arrival date was listed.I am not sure if I have lost interest in the Galaxy Nexus, but by the time it does arrive and than I wait a month or two to see if it is bug free. It will probably not be the next best thing.Shame on you Verizon for pulling another HTC Thunderbolt caper.

  24. Mike says:

    No – I was intreagued at the idea, but i’ll hold off.  I’m a Motorola guy anyway, but was considering trying this out 2 months ago when the first rumors.  People have poked enough holes in it over the last two months so, not with the $300 price tag and only slightly better specs as the Razr.  Looks like i’m waiting for Droid 4 to finally release or the quad core processors coming around march (which just might be better than my computer….)

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