Imangi Temple Run Android app is still fake

We’ve been keeping readers informed about the smash-hit game Temple Run and its Android app saga. This has caused a lot of consternation with Android gamers eager to be see Temple Run on their platform, only to see a release delayed and fake scams coming out instead.

Only yesterday we told of the huge amount of success Temple Run has achieved on the iOS platform and pointed out that many Android enthusiasts who were still waiting were becoming increasingly annoyed by the situation. Earlier in the week we also warned people to beware of Android apps purporting to be official Temple Run apps that have become available. In fact as we pointed out, the official Temple Run Facebook page here, states that any apps out now are scams and have urged people not to download them. However comments after our post yesterday revealed yet another fake scam that some people have fallen for, and to be honest this one is the most official looking so far. Please beware though as this is another fake app.

This latest app really looks the business, especially as it is even named with Imangi Studios, the games official developers. Several of our commenters who thought that it was the official app at last, noted that there was in fact a countdown and that there were only 2 more days to go, but we’re afraid even the countdown is a dud. Because the app says that the market account is for Imangi Studios, despite the warnings about fake apps, some people still think this is an official countdown from Imangi but that is not the case. We’ll remind you that the notice on Imangi Studios official Facebook page recently told how they would give at least one week’s notice before the official app is actually released and there has been no update since then.

We have to say that we can see why this latest Temple Run Android app has duped a lot of people. Apart from the Imangi name, there are review quotes from the iOS app version and the app also links to the genuine Facebook page for Temple Run. However, no matter how convincing this appears please don’t be fooled. Droid Gamers also warns people not to be taken in by this latest Temple Run app as those who download it will find simply a bogus countdown and then have ads pushed to their notifications bars and shortcuts appearing on home screens. As Droid Gamers points out, when the genuine Temple Run for Android finally makes an appearance it will not feature numerous push notification ads or add icons to people’s home screens.

Just to be completely clear then, this new fake app is simply called Temple Run, Imangi Studios LLC, and it was updated on March 3, 2012. Droid Gamers also shows the Android Market link for this app but as we said, don’t be fooled. We shall, of course, be following the developments of Temple Run for Android and will let readers know when the real deal is finally on the way but in the meantime please continue to be aware of the fake apps that are cropping up. Are you still holding on for Temple Run for Android? How much longer are you prepared to wait?


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