Temple Run iOS magic, are you waiting on Android?

Since the beginning of January this year, here at Phones Review we’ve spoken about the popular game Temple Run and its non- appearance to the Android platform. As it stands, the Android app has still not been released with many fans frustrated that the app is available on Apple’s iOS platform but not on Android, even though a massive majority of smartphones run with Android’s OS.

Along with its release delay, we’ve reported on a handful of occasions that fake scam apps are surfacing, the latest being spoken about today which as our very own Debbie said looks the part with the developer name being that of ‘Imangi Studios LLC’ which has been updated yesterday on the 3rd March, a complete fake!

With nothing solid to go on at the current time and the Temple Run official Facebook page still saying that “it was hoped that the Android app would be ready in February and that it is in the stages of beta testing, with a release date to come soon,” many have questioned why iOS still manages to get the apps before that of Android, an example of this is ‘Instagram.’

One reason with developers preferring to bring out current apps to iOS over Android, is that Apple fans are not deterred by paying out for apps, with a massive amount of revenue being produced from this. Apple persistently has taken the market share which leads the apps to being released on say the iPhone first.

Its blatantly obvious that Temple Run is wanted, you only have to look on the Facebook page and see that over 2 million ‘like’ the page with over 193,000 talking about the popular game.

Tell us where you stand, are you waiting for Temple Run to come to Android, perhaps you already enjoy its success on iOS? Let us know, we would be interested to hear your comments.


5 thoughts on “Temple Run iOS magic, are you waiting on Android?”

  1. Masonmucheck says:

    yeah I belive it…. its about time I have an android and im not buying a 200$ ipod just for temple run ….so yeah I hope it comes.out for “free” for androip.asap

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