iPad 3 super accessories spotted online

The unveiling of the Apple iPad 3 is now only 2 days away and news and speculation is in overdrive for this much-anticipated tablet device. We’ve reported on rumored specs and features and much more but now we have news on some super iPad 3 accessories online.

There has been speculation that the iPad 3 may in fact be called the iPad HD and often accessory makers are the last to be told the actual product name by Apple. The fact that accessories are now showing themselves labelled iPad 3 suggests that this is the real name for the next iPad. One of these accessories is the Outfit iPad 3 Smoke from Proventage, a snap-on shell that will set you back $16.91. This is marked as a special order with a possible wait of four weeks. We think the iPad 3 will release quite soon after the big reveal on Wednesday so this accessory might be one to consider.

Another product rounded up by this site is the Passport iPad 3 and iPad 2 Dark Brown cover from Techonweb at $20.65. The cover apparently opens up like a book and holds your iPad in place with elastic. A clue to the iPad 3 can be taken from this accessory as it’s reported that a camera lens porthole suggests the back of the iPad 3 will be the same as its predecessor.

Stock is expected from March 28 of the Intellicase for iPad 3 Black and Dark Red from Centralpoint. This is priced at €38. Meanwhile Walmart lists an accessory that hasn’t yet been announced. Called the Griffin Rugged Folio for the iPad 3 in Blue the price is €31.40.

It’s certainly interesting to see the first iPad 3 accessories appearing online and in the next few weeks there will be countless more. We’ll be following developments from the iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday and will be bringing you all the news as we hear it so check back with us for more. Will you be checking out these accessories or maybe you’ll wait for the official announcement to see when the iPad 3 will be in your hands?


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