Temple Run could come to Facebook and Mac App Store

We’ve been following the story of the smash-hit Temple Run game by Imangi Studios and especially the lengthy delay getting the game to the Android platform. Finally that release is coming and we now have news that Temple Run could also appear in the Mac App Store and for PCs and Facebook at some point in the future.

The long-running saga about the Temple Run for Android had plenty of people frustrated, especially as iOS users had been enjoying the game for some time. News that it will finally be released on March 27 for Android has made an awful lot of people very happy and it seems there’s no stopping the success of Temple Run if future plans are anything to go by. The free app already has over 40 million users with millions more no doubt on March 27 and that customer base is set to be expanded.

The brains behind Imangi Studios is couple Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova who have worked on games for some years. It wasn’t until Temple Run though that things really took off for them and now they are expecting a baby and have also bought a new house this may not be the right time to start developing a brand new game. That’s fortunate for those who would like to see Temple Run on even more platforms as instead the couple plan to focus on pushing Temple Run, while leaving new games for a bit later.

Keith Shepherd said that as well as the upcoming Android Temple Run we may also see Temple Run in the Mac App Store and also in a browser-based form elsewhere on the web, according to TUAW. The possibility of Temple Run for Facebook and PC’s is being considered after the many requests for different versions. However, despite the success of Temple Run the intention is not for Imangi Studios to grow beyond the point where it can still be independent and while some extra people have been employed it seems that Shepherd and Luckyanova are happy with the way things are now.

Who can blame them? The idea of Temple Run coming to more platforms is rather mouthwatering and it seems fair enough that they should concentrate on this, at least for now. Are you one of the many waiting keenly for Temple Run on Android later this month? Maybe you’d love to see the game on Facebook or as an app in the Mac App Store soon?


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