Vodafone Galaxy S2 to get Android ICS shortly SIM free MIA

While the speculation regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 intensifies in recent weeks, owners of its predecessor have been left wondering when their handset will be updated with the latest Android operating system. Samsung first released the software for the Galaxy S II last month but it hasn’t exactly been hitting devices in any great numbers. Today though we have news that the Vodafone Galaxy S2 will be receiving the Android ICS 4.0 update shortly.

Vodafone users will finally be getting some Android Ice Cream Sandwich love this coming Thursday April 12th, but as Cnet are reporting the date is still only provisional and may change according to the carrier. Since Samsung first released the software update last month owners of the device have been kept waiting for it to arrive on their handset.

As we reported before owners of unlocked SIM free versions of the Galaxy S II have strangely been left waiting for it to arrive, and Samsung has confirmed these devices will get the upgrade after all carrier versions have received the new OS. Usually SIM free versions of smartphones get the software first as there are no carrier specific Android overlays or tests needed, but Samsung has stated they wanted all the carrier versions released first so the company could be sure it worked on all networks.

With this news from Vodafone and as long as the date doesn’t slip it does mean the SIM free version is drawing closer. Vodafone will join rival carriers O2 and Three that have already released the software and Orange has promised the update later this month with T-Mobile keeping quiet so far.

Other smartphone manufacturers have been slow in rolling out the update with Sony recently suggesting that Android Gingerbread is a better option for many users. Has the wait for Android ICS put you off Samsung?


6 thoughts on “Vodafone Galaxy S2 to get Android ICS shortly SIM free MIA”

  1. such bullshit. they ruined the whole ICS experience with that crappy touchwiz (90% of us HATE) and now they keep us waiting. when i first got this phone i had such great expectations in samsung’s future but treating customers like this will surely ruin everything. next time i’m getting an LG

  2. Mark8ball30 says:

    I bet t-mobile say ics is not combat with the galaxy s2 phone on there network so if they do what happens to the sim -free phone do we get it or not cos whatting for networks to test things is like trying to get blood out off a stone and it Duse bet the obget off paying more for a sim-free phone I do like galaxy s2 but had anuth off Samsung I think I’ll go to iPhone

  3. Sammy hater says:

    In a nutshell yes it’s put me right off Samsung, No longer will I be buying a Galaxy Tab plus I was also about to buy a £2,500 Samsung TV……..not now!!!

  4. Lee White says:

    For the love of god samsung just release the damn update!!  No one gives a monkeys about orange or t-mobile as they a rubbish networks, i got my s2 from a vodafone store and still have to wait as the phone they gave me was unlocked even tho it is on a contract, dooooooh!!!

  5. Guest says:

    Really poor show from Samsung, the Galaxy S2 may be a great phone and may be as good as if not better than the iPhone but the customer experience with Apple is second to none. This would not be an issue with Apple, and that’s where Samsung has really gone wrong. 

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