Riddle of Samsung Galaxy S3 US carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III) is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year and we are now only days away from the Thursday Galaxy Unpacked event in London where it will be unveiled. Three out of the four major U.S. carriers offered the Galaxy S2 last year but there’s a riddle over which US carriers will offer the Galaxy S3 this time around.

Last year there was a lot of consternation from Verizon customers when the carrier chose not to offer the Galaxy S2 (S II) and concentrated instead on the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy S2 was then released on the other 3 major carriers, AT&T, Sprint (as the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch) and T-Mobile and many Verizon customers felt they missed out. In our recent look at the odds of Verizon carrying the S3 we had plenty of comments from readers, many of whom said that they may well go to another carrier if Verizon doesn’t carry the S2 successor. The importance of Verizon offering the Galaxy S3 then, cannot be underestimated.

It would be easy to assume that the same US carriers that offered the Galaxy S2 last year will have the Galaxy S3 this year but some of the latest leaks suggest this may not be the case. These rumors are not yet confirmed but if accurate then Verizon customers could have good reason to be pleased. A leaked Verizon roadmap that recently emerged clearly showed the Galaxy S3 although no release date was given. It looks then as though Verizon has rethought its Galaxy S strategy and bowed to the might of consumer pressure, although of course you’d imagine that carrying the S3 would be highly profitable for the company as well.

However, for T-Mobile customers the outlook may not be so promising. At the weekend we told of a leaked T-Mobile roadmap showing new devices and also details of ICS updates for the summer. Although an Android 4.0 ICS update looks to be coming for Galaxy S2 owners on May 14, there was no sign of the Galaxy S3 listed alongside other upcoming devices. It has to be said that this is rather an ominous sign but of course none of this is official yet so if you’re a T-Mobile customer don’t fret just yet.

The other thing to consider is that the Galaxy S3 may be coming to T-Mobile but just not in the summer timeframe covered by the roadmap. This wouldn’t appear to be very likely though as with the official Galaxy S3 announcement coming this week we would imagine a release will come shortly afterwards. We already know that Samsung intends to roll out the Galaxy S3 simultaneously across all regions this time around, rather than the scenario that occurred last year when US customers didn’t see a release for several months after it was available in other countries.

We haven’t yet seen any leaks or information on the Galaxy S3 for AT&T or Sprint but hopefully we’ll hear more about all the carriers shortly. One more snippet though concerns three new names that were recently registered by Samsung, the Galaxy Metrix, Galaxy Legend and Galaxy Velvet. Nobody appears to know any devices connected to these names but of course we have to entertain the possibility that they could be names of US Galaxy S3 carrier variants. That is just pure speculation though so we’ll wait to hear more on those names.

It’s intriguing stuff and we’d like to hear your thoughts on the Galaxy S3 and US carriers. Are you a Verizon customer hoping the leaked roadmap is correct and means the Galaxy S3 is heading your way? Maybe you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and would be disappointed if the carrier doesn’t offer the Galaxy S3? If you’ve already decided you want the Galaxy S3 and your carrier fails to offer it, would that be enough to make you jump ship? Let us have your thoughts by sending us your comments.


54 thoughts on “Riddle of Samsung Galaxy S3 US carriers”

  1. jwm says:

    “The importance of Verizon offering the Galaxy S3 then, cannot be underestimated.”

    Really?  And you’re a professional writer?  Over-the-top hyperbole, and backwards at that.

    1. Mr. Excellent! tm says:

      Pro writer dood? Smarten up. A phone as popular as this is important to all companies connected to the money trail it will leave behind. A phone carrier who continuously misses out on what people are buying is one missing out on lots of money. No money, no business, no company.

      These concepts are as easy to understand as it should now be that the anonymity of the internet leads even the meek of mind to to virtually pound their chests, ruffle their feathers and boldly follow their egos.

      So… Go stuff the original cell phone up your ass. Troll!

      I do enjoy irony!

  2. William Campbell says:

    I am a T-Mobile customer and would seriously reconsider my carrier if the S3 is not available  I can get a new phone in July.

  3. Qbarrel says:

    I am finally ready to leave Verizon and their terrible 3G network (4G isn’t available in my area), but now I find out that AT&T might not be getting the S3? That bites.  I will say this – if the S3 and One X are comparable (but only Verizon has the S3), then I will still leave Verizon and buy the HTC over the Samsung.

  4. Guest says:

    I don’t quite understand why the big issue. Here (in the UK) you can just go to an actual phone retailer and get the phone you want on the network you want. Does the US not have this option? If not, then why not?

    1. Allockse says:

      Here in the US I believe carriers pay large subsidies to the manufacturers to be able to exclusively offer these devices at premium prices with contracts.  The obvious drawback being that our choices of phone/carrier are more limited.  It’s far from a perfect scenario, and I think there has been litigation in the works to break this mold.

    2. Anonymous says:

      No, we don’t.  We CAN buy an unlocked phone on eBay, for 2-3 times what the phone would retail under a “contract” plan, but most people can’t justify spending $800+ dollars for an unlocked phone when a carrier offers it for $300.  Buying on eBay, you have no guarantee the phone is not defective or even a good Chinese clone that would actually cost about $100, but is being passed off as an OEM phone.  Also, some carriers use SIM cards while others don’t, and some operate on a different network, so you can’t just decide to pick up an iPhone and use it on T-Mobile, because you won’t get 4g or 3g service.  In short, unfortunately, no physical store sells legitimate, affordable, unlocked, no-contract phones that you can choose to use on the network you want.

    3. Greatwhitewade says:

      You get bound into phone contracts for 2 years and if you carrier doesnt carry the phone then you would have to switch carriers and pay $200.00 to break contract and then buy the new phone.  Too pricey

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently, but see no signs of it coming to T-Mobile (no articles on Google), no “coming soon” on T-Mobile’s site…after seeing they never got the 3D phone that AT&T and Sprint got, which I was hoping to get from T-Mobile, I was happy to settle for the next best thing, the S3, but none of their customer service reps will confirm or deny whether they will carry it and when.  

    Considering the S3 phone is to be released in 2 days, you’d think T-Mobile would have huge advertisements about carrying it by now, to attract new customers and those up for an upgrade (as in my case), but I have a feeling we’ll all get screwed, as we did last year, when it took over 2 months after the release date for the S2 to actually come to T-Mobile.  Not a smart move, considering the new iPhone will be coming out around the time of the S3 release.  If T-Mobile and other networks don’t get their ducks in a row, they WILL lose customers who decide to go for the iPhone since there’s no other better alternative.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Day one buy if only it gets hd screen.
    I only wish Samsung would learn to streamline its
    naming and models. I love how apple has 1 model that is recognized worldwide.
    If Samsung could have like 3 models for each category people would know what to buy and expect.
    Today it’s one phone z month with new name. Only galaxy s/s2/s3 have been consistent.

  7. Gregorymaysonet says:

    Ive been waiting for T-mobile to finally come out with something solid…..The galaxy s2 is just that…..The Galaxy s3 takes the cake in my book….ive been with T-mobile about 8 years and im deff chasing the S3 wherever it goes…..Sorry T-mobile but i also will abandon ship!

    1. Amy Pinterich says:

      T-mobile will get a version of the SGS3 but not til Sept but it will be revamped to offer latest software and hardware

  8. Ruge89 says:

    I have Verizon an I still get the unlimited data plan so if Verizon doesn’t get the s3 ill still stick with them. something else Will come out that we Will all want. Heard s3 in the US won’t get quad core bc of the 4g not being able to be compatible so we shall see

    1. Vzx_41 says:

       i would rather have the dual core anyway. The S4 is based off A15 architecture where the quad core is the old A9 design. The S4 also beat out the Targa 3 quad as well in most benchmarks tested. it will be just as fast if not faster then the quads in the S3

    2. Anonymous says:

      I agree. I also still have unlimited data under the old pricing system. There’s no way I’d give that up unless Verizon REALLY pissed me off.  Data plans are outragous now, and I really like paying $30 bucks for unlimted data.

  9. Shandakar says:

    Im a T-Mobile customer for 12years. I have the amaze 4g and I’m up for an upgrade on 5May. I don’t seeanything that makes me want to use it right now. Maybe for ICS.. but that will be outdated before we know it.

  10. Davelisa3210 says:


  11. USA_DMD says:

    I have been with T-mobile since 2004 and I have an excellent grandfathered plan for both voice and data.  Honestly there’s not much chance of switching since I am paying ridiculously little for everything.  However, it’s too bad at the same time, because I feel like T-mobile gets the last pickings of the major phone carriers.  I’ve never wanted an iPhone, but it seems like iPhones don’t want T-mobile.  We know that T-mobile has wanted it.  And we always get the weaker of the new phones e.g. other guys get the One X, we get the one S.  We got the SII, and now it sounds like we won’t get the SIII.  T-mobile is the cheapest of the carriers, and more than ever it seems you get what you pay for in the mobile world.  I would like to see either the SIII or the Note hit T-mobile, but I have doubts. 

  12. Yang104 says:

    I’m a T-mobile customer and I’m getting sick and tired of T-mobile not having the best phones out there, I know it’s cheaper so I get what I pay for but I feel like they don’t even try to get us good working phones. I’m very surprised they even had the S2, and in my opinion the ugliest version of the S2. I hope they really step up their game or I’m switching because paying for less connection and less variety isn’t what I’m looking for anymore.

  13. Ftogfr says:

    I’m a verizon customer and was very disappointed they chose not to carry the s2. I believe this was poor planning and marketing for them. Hopefully verizon will listen to their customers paying their salaries and carry the s3!!!! Come on, we are all locked into contracts which makes it difficult to change providers, so the least you can do verizon us carry the hottest new phone on the market. Seems like a no brainer to me!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Agreed!  I would leave TMO if they waited longer than the others for this phone.  I’m getting tired of the second-class status that TMO customers have in terms of phone choices.

  14. Randomguy says:

    I have T-mobile, and the S2, and i switched from Verizons high prices to T mobile’s more wallet friendly setup, and haven’t looked back.  I don’t see the 4 big carriers here in the states risking customers over something as huge as a Galaxy S3, so i expect us all to get it.  Tmobile usually throws out the big hitters around the fall, so i would imagine September or close there of.  Which works for me, because thats when all my money for school comes through, and depending on how well i plan my funds, i could very well have a S3 in my pocket.  And still rock my S2 on my other line.

  15. i’m looking to jump from my prepaid carrier just to get this s3.  tmobile has the best plan.  if they don’t carry it, i’ll just stay where i am, cause i really like the s3.  waiting till fall might be a challenge for me though.  i’d like to give tmobile my money if they want it..

  16. Tarmacdrift86 says:

    if tmobile gets the s3.. that would be cool.. but if its not the exynos chip.. it isnt that much appealing to me.. huge difference in performance between my brothers T989 and my GT-i9100.. mine seems to be faster with lesser processing speed.. and the i9100 is much more developed compared to the T989..

  17. Davidyevsin says:

    Chill out theres no way tmobile wont have he phone, hey were tye first carrier to have the galaxy s series which was the samsung vibrant

    1. Davidyevsin says:

      Chill out theres no way tmobile wont have the S3 phone, they were the first carrier to have the galaxy s series which was the samsung vibrant*

  18. Greatwhitewade says:

    I will leave T-Mobile 150% (is there such a thing,150% I mean) if they dont carry the SIII, T-Mobile problem all along is very small selection of phones.  I think you will see T-Mobile customers leave in groves if they dont carry it because it will be straw that broke the camels back.  I know I am not the only T-Mobile customer that is frustrated with the phone selection.

  19. Nicenihar1985 says:

    I have unlocked samsung galaxy s3 GT I-9300 and now I went to store but Its showing no sim card because it’s prepaid card so what I have to do now?which other networking will work with my samsung galaxy factory unlocked Gt I-9300??

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