Google Maps experience on iOS will go on vs Apple Maps app

No doubt many of you will have been following all the recent news from Apple’s WWDC and one thing that we know has caused a lot of interest was the decision by Apple to bypass Google and produce its own Apple Maps App for iOS 6, coming in the fall. Although this looks impressive some have expressed a preference for Google Maps and we wondered what this meant for the future of Google Maps on iOS. We now hear that the Google Maps experience on iOS will go on vs. Apple’s Maps app and that will be music to the ears of many.

Plenty of people wanted to have the choice between Apple’s Maps and Google’s and it seems that as far as Google is concerned that’s still a go. Google’s Senior Vice President, Commerce and Local, Jeff Huber, was recently posting on Google+ about the Street View Exhibit at the Computer History Museum and when one person expressed that iPhone and iPad users might still have wanted to use Google Maps rather than Apple’s Maps app, Huber responded by posting, “We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.”

Although this is pretty vague it certainly shows that as far as Google is concerned Google Maps will not be disappearing from the iOS platform. The news came to us from The Next Web who says that the “real demand is for a dedicated iOS Maps application,” and discusses some of the ways that Google Maps can stay in the iOS game. The fact that Google certainly intends to do so will hearten many who simply want a choice of mapping system.

Meanwhile a Phone Arena report takes an in-depth look at what else we might expect from a standalone Google Maps iOS app including turn-by-turn navigation, alternate travel methods, Street View/3D Maps/Indoor Maps, latitude and offline maps. All-in-all it’s felt that Google could come up with something pretty impressive for a dedicated Google Maps app for iOS and hopefully with Google I/O just around the corner it won’t be too much longer before we find out more on Google’s plans.

We’d like to hear what you think about Google’s intention to maintain a Google Maps experience on iOS? Do you think a choice is the best solution for the user? Let us know with your comments.

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