Android ICS complaints corner for Desire HD, Rezound & Optimus 2X

Since the arrival of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich we have been attempting to keep readers informed about when their devices may receive the ICS update. However all is not well in the world of ICS updates and with that in mind we thought it might be helpful to readers to set up an Android ICS complaints corner for owners of the Desire HD, Rezound and Optimus 2X.

Although ICS updates have been rolled out for some devices, delays in supplying the update for other device owners is leading to frustration. As well as the delays some people have now found their smartphones won’t be receiving the ICS update at all, prompting huge dissatisfaction. We recently told how the HTC Desire HD would NOT be getting the ICS update despite some false hopes being raised. HTC has apologized for that fact that the Desire HD will not be tasting Ice Cream Sandwich, and after first blaming the hardware eventually told how storage was the main issue and finally concluded that upgrading to ICS would be a negative experience for the user.

As well as this we recently learned that the LG Optimus 2X would also NOT be receiving the ICS update. Initially LG had said this phone would not receive ICS and then changed its mind and said it was now in testing. However the news now seems pretty solid that ICS won’t be coming to the Optimus 2X, again causing consternation and frustration for many device owners, as vented in comments to our posts.

Another ICS update causing controversy is that for the HTC Rezound, which HTC originally said would arrive in June or July. Yesterday we told how plenty of people are still waiting for the Rezound ICS update, which is apparently still on its way so at least that’s good news for owners as opposed with those who have the Desire HD or Optimus 2X. However the lack of information as to when the update will finally roll out is pretty annoying and again we had many comments from owners venting their disappointment that they’re still waiting.

We’d like to hear from our readers who have any of the above devices about your views on the ICS update not arriving yet for your phone, or in fact being told it’s not coming at all. Many of the comments we’ve received so far are from users who say they will switch to a different manufacturer for their next phone, such is their unhappiness with the situation and we’d like to know if you’re one of those people? Maybe it’s the lack of certainty and clarity of information about the ICS update that bothers you more than anything else? Let us know with your comments.


54 thoughts on “Android ICS complaints corner for Desire HD, Rezound & Optimus 2X”

    1. Djmurray021 says:

      I bought the Rezound instead of the.Nexus and am still waiting for the “promise”…
      I have been verizon customer for 10 years and may leave over this. Saw the phone, liked the size and performance, then got the ,” when ICS comes out in the spring it will be better than the Nex”


      Tried a early release down load but my phone won’t take it past the recovery mode, very frustrating, filed a.complaint with the FTC yesterday, 7 months is not “spring”

      1. James Murphy says:

          I also filed a complaint with the FCC, not the FTC… I bought this phone on its release date and part of my descision was based on “ICS ready”, and “ICS by the end of the first quarter of 2012”. Its now near the 4th quarter!

    1. rageboardr says:

      I have two friends who returned their Galaxy Nexus phones and got the Rezound because the radios on the last nexus were terrible, and still kind of suck from what i hear. But i don’t know anyone with a Galaxy Nexus anymore.

  1. Asgleydiann says:

    Well there is nothing like getting your hopes up yet again for an ics update. I have a rezound and am pretty pissed off about the whole update thing. Next phone will be Samsung. This. Is my first htc device and will be my last!

    1. rageboardr says:

      Flash one of the leaks. They all work near flawlessly. I have had ICS on my rezound since March. I feel bad for all of you who are still waiting. I havent had a single issue, and my battery life has only gotten better, and i am on the first leak. There have been like three or four since then.
      Warning: flashing the leaks will factory reset your phone so you will loose all local data.

      FWIW. I just bought the GS3 to use my upgrade from Verizon, but i think that the Rezound is a stronger phone. Better radios, and camera. I prefer HTC over Samsung every day, but verizon dropped the ball on the one X, so here i am with a Samsung. Not complaining, but you shouldn’t be so quick to jump HTC ship, just because the carrier is a douche. ICS has been ready for months.

    2. DCon13 says:

      I had an HTC EVO with Sprint and had no problems. I’ve had nothing but problems with the Rezound, Not sure if it’s Verizon or HTC just started sucking, either way I’m pretty pissed off.

  2. TheMortallyWounded says:

    I installed a leaked ICS on my Rezound and I’d say it’s about 90% reliable. That leak is about a month and a half old. I blame Verizon for the delay, but I fault HTC for a lack if information. Of course, Verizon may have them in a corner to keep their mouth shut. HTC is a great company, and Verizon is terrible as a carrier.

  3. Avirup9869 says:

    Its a huge dissapointment for people like me who still back suck a bad company like lg for buying their phones,I have the lg optimus 2x and had waited for at least three months for the ics update and now I am hearing that my phone wont be having ome & I have decided that what the hell I am going to install custom rom!!!!!!!! I personally recommend EVERYONE stay away from LG smart phones they will make your life good to bad!!!!!!

  4. Mr-Potz says:

    always backed LG so far since the cookie, but finding out that my optimus 2x wont be updated is ridiculous. We were originally told early 2012, then Q2, then they were nearly ready, then it was pushed back to Q3, now not at all. Definitely leaving LG for my next phone. Probably pick up a samsung

  5. Ricardo Rivera says:

    Very disappointed over the fact that we still haven’t seen the promised ICS update, I being patiently waiting just like everyone else. But I think I will be installing a custom ROM after all, if only I could find good instructions so I don’t brick my phone and I would prefer one without the Sense 3.5, Will anyone other there point me in the right direction?!

  6. I certainly won’t buy another HTC device again unless they sort this out. I read somewhere that it was something to do with the memory configuration, and people would have to lose their user data to install ICS. Well I’d be happy with that if that’s the only way they could do it, and then put it all back again. It’s no big deal these days.

  7. Sal says:

    Goodle Android / HTC / Verizon has continually lied to all us HTC Rezound users.  Latest is we were to get ICS in July … well here we are in August and still no update.  Adding to the frustration is the introduction of Jelly Bean now available on some smartphone, while we cannot even get ICS.  Not only will I not buy another HTC, I am seriously considering switching to I-Phone 5 when it’s available.  Windows 8 is also looking pretty good.  

  8. Mj Difranco says:

    A VERY frustrated Rezound owner here.  When purchased in November of last year, it was being sold along side the Nexus and identified in store and by salesperson at Verizon as ICS “upgradable.”  8 months later, they’re still jerking me around.  Biggest issue to me is, we upgrade our phones with contracts and expect a relevant phone for 2 years!!!  I know that is optimistic, but I’d at least expect a year of relevancy.  If I could get another phone at contract rate, I would, and personally think I should be aloud a replacement for device with ICS…

  9. Seanwilki says:

    Very frustrated that the HTC desire hd will not be getting the update as I have been looking forward to it for quite some time now, really put me off HTC now as don’t see why space is an issue when the phone uses the sd card to save everything to and the internal storage is never used up, think I will move to iPhone or Samsung galaxy s3

  10. Warrentomasini says:

    This realy sucks. HTC is going downhill… There are cheap devices out of
    China that can run ICS. They just don’t care about us…

    1. Hvthokiesfan2003 says:

      Correction North Korea, and false they make quality devices.  I’ve never had a hardware issue with them.  Very good quality brand imo.  Go try out LG and then come back and say how amazing HTC is quality wise.  LG and now Motorola are junk devices.  Motorola used to be good until they started with the Droid X2 to current.

  11. AllStarCam says:

    Verizon sold me this phone with the promise that it would be globally capable by end of summer.  At the time they said it was one month away, that was in early June.  All they need to do is SAY SOMETHING…anything….no information makes them look like they are hiding something. Everyone that works there is un-informed.  I can’t get a straight answer, or they lie and say they never said any of this.  I would not have bought the phone if not for this promise.  I would have gotten an iPhone or RAZR instead, but they assured me that ICS was coming soon for the Rezound.  Verizon needs to buck up and face the music, whatever the situation, SPIT IT OUT, so people can decide to change phones or change services.  We will not be renewing our Verizon contract when it comes due next…..switching providers after our contract is up, tired of dealing with scheisters. 

  12. Andrés Uzcátegui says:

    Imagine spending a whole lotta money on a device that was promised ICS by the manufacturer, on an offical thread, in this case LG, you bought it with your eyes closed because the phone has all the right specs to run ICS, right?, then after month of waiting, delays and missinformation they tell you that your Optimus 2x won´t be getting any ICS just because, and then stay silent ’til everything calms, well you know what LG?! I’m never buying anything from you, nor air conditioner, nor phone (least of all) not even a microwave, LG deceived all the owners of the Optimus 2x.  

  13. Dr Karl Applebaum says:

    Yes I will never purchase an HTC device due to the software upgrade debacle. I will be switching to an iphone 5. The android software process is very flawed.

    1. Hvthokiesfan2003 says:

      Apple has it’s issues too.  I’m considering bolting for Apple myself in another year but don’t think it’s a perfect platform.  That’s absolutely false, I have owned a few apple products before.

  14. Hvthokiesfan2003 says:

    I had the OG HTC Droid Incredible and never had issues like these with updates.  I wouldn’t blame HTC if I were you guys, I honestly think Verizon is at fault here, after all they have the final say and sign off of when the update goes live.  They just released the HTC Droid Incredible 4g LTE with ICS and sense 4.0 that come stock.  I feel that’s why the Rezound’s update is being delayed.  If they let it go live now the Rezound, an almost 1 year old phone would look just as good or even better than their new HTC flagship device.  The new HTC Incredible 4g hasen’t even been out a month after all.

    1. Camtron says:

      Out of all the comments ive read over the past few weeks about this, yours is the first ive read to bring up this point and that kinda makes a lot of sense.  Its a shame that companies might think like this but it could be true.  At the same time there seems to be a new flagship phone every month so its not a good strategy.  I bought my Rezound in november because its spec sheet looked pretty future proof, but it turns out there is a lot more waiting involved than I ever thought.

  15. arcos says:

    I get that Verizon doesn’t want to make any promises–especially considering updates from HTC keep appearing to be unfounded. But how hard is it to reiterate that YES, Rezound WILL get Ice Cream Sandwich and that they will let us know when they have more information about when it will be available? The lack of communication is irritating. Personally, I just want them to own up to the fact that they said we were going to get it and are promising to get it to us. Which is nothing more than they already said, but it would be reassuring.

  16. YaoHuang says:

    HTC rezound owner here and not happy at all.  Verizon and HTC has not kept its promise twice.  This is a smack in the face to its customers.  At this rate, my contract will be up before I get ICS.  When that time comes, I’m ditching both.

  17. John says:

    HTC Rezound owner here x 5. That’s right my entire family has Rezounds, 5 of them,and we were promised ICS updates soon on everyone of them. Not a happy customer at all.

  18. Soright41 says:

    I own a Rezound and will no doubt switch to another manufacturer for my next phone due to the lack of communication from HTC. Waiting for an update is no big deal as long as we are informed. HTC needs to reevaluate their customer relations standards. 

  19. Cellguy1995 says:

    Haha, yes yes. Verizon has dropped the ball and is running around like a quarterback on a run fake. HTC has been great and has put everything in the hands of Verizon, a bumbling idiot. I love my Rezound, and the only thing that has caused me grief (and a few factory resets) is the carrier. They done the minor update that killed my battery life, down to about 3-4 hours, and recently the update on VZ Navigator sent my phone into fits of shutting itself off. Full reset and whadda ya know, everything is great. I really only care about ICS as a step to Jelly Bean, and the fact its been dang near a year since it was promised. I love HTC, but will be getting a nexus device next go around just si Verizon has as little to do with my phone as possible.

  20. orko138 says:

    Yeah, will never buy or recommend HTC to anyone ever again after this debacle. First is was supplying phones with batteries that dont last, then this. Never HTC, never. The sad thing is, is that of all the Android manufacturers HTC is regarded as one of, if not THE best for updates. 

    Windows phone, here I come.

  21. Forrestercody21 says:

    you people just to be patiant and wait like everyone should you just have to pull your heads out of your asses and think about the time it takes to make and have the updates streamed to all the rezounds across america and throughtout the world so stfu and chill. 

    AKA WolfsbaneC

    Rezound owner

  22. Earl says:

    The whole ordeal has just been ridiculous. I for one am fed up with the whole waiting for android updates fiasco. I will be switching carriers and going to iphone 5 when it comes out. I will never again buy another htc phone or do business with Verizon.

  23. Steve Cooperman says:

    I bought the Rezound in January, and at that point, I was told that its ICS update was about two months overdue, but it would be coming soon. There have been some problems with the Rezound being about to hold its hotspot connection. There have been some problems with it holding its Wi-fi connection.

    I love the phone otherwise. My Palm Pre Plus was a dead end, so I researched for several months before deciding on the Rezound as the best way for me to go.
    But the update situation is ridiculous. Whether we’re talking HTC or Verizon, I feel that each cell phone company OWES the consumer at least one major update for the operating system so that the phones have a lesser chance of being absolutely obsolete during a normal two-year contract.At this point, I would support contacting the state Attorney General here in California to see what can be done about instituting a class action lawsuit against HTC and Verizon for consumer fraud.

  24. Jennicc1 says:

    I bought the Rezound when it came out in November 2011 and was promised and it was advertised that it would be upgraded to ICS. Still waiting and I am so unhappy and frustrated with Verizon dragging their feet that I along with lots of other people will be switching to another carrier in January when my contract is up. There is no communication at all with Verizon, and no one in the customer service is aware or will disclose in any information. I know I am not alone when I say that communication is a key to keep me happy and Verizon has not done that. I will not refer Verizon to anyone. I have already sent my complaint to the FCC, not that it matters because I will be switching soon!! 

  25. nobody special says:

    I have an HTC Rezound, had it since January and am happy with it. So many of us get caught up in this “Latest and greatest” hoopla as to the ICS update. So it takes longer than it should. Would you rather get the update as soon as Verizon and HTC said initially and get a buggy crap update or be patient and wait it out and get a proper update with some serious smoothness?

    Anyway, Got the ICS update today and it’s sweet. No hiccups  or issues. Just smooth and yummy Android Ice Cream.

  26. Optimus 2X User says:

    Bought an Optimus 2X and was pretty darn satisfied with it. But I feel shortchanged because of the way LG handled this.

    Lots of false hopes. Cursing wont change a thing though.

    I hope that LG still comes through for all the people who bought the 2X.

  27. I’ve had 2 LG “flagships”: LG Viewty (around 2007) and now Optimus 2X. The viewty lacked basically any update but it was a good device with excellent pictures for that time. I went for the optimus 2X as it was about the best you could get early 2011 (first one with dual core processor). But once again I face the same problem as viewty: NO Updates from LG. Low end versions shouldnt be updated but the flagship should for 2 years, that’s a normal time for users with monthly subscription. I’ve had it with LG now. Next phone (early 2013) will not be LG. Possibly Nexus as they are always up to date. 

  28. Nsist says:

    Im truly disappointed in LG atm. I have a Optimus Black, which when purchased said it was going to be updated to ICS from gingerbread along with the Optimus 2X. Then as the months rolled on the 2x was first on, then next minute no. then a possible maybe. All along the Black was still slated to receive the update. Now even that has been pulled. Whats going on when LG can’t update their core model phones. 

    1. Alex says:

      Hi Nsist. I beleive these are roumors only….I have not read (seen) any official statement being released by LG Head Office in Koreea…I have been checking their website daily and there is no such notice / statement…..got confused….why would some branch they have in Canada would release these statement on tweeter…….think about it….I still not beleive this unless there is a official statement released by LG. Rgds, Alex.

  29. Skagnar says:

    I have a Desire HD, now running really great on ICS, and I have tried some of the JellyBeans out there as well. Really makes a lot of difference in speed and smoothness compared to the Gingerbread. I just can’t comprehend the stupid decision of HTC to cancell this update. It really doesn’t make any sense in any regard!! I have been really excited about the One X from HTC. But sadly I have completely abandoned the Idea of getting another HTC phone after this 🙁 I am now looking at some Samsung models.

    I think HTC should at least try to meet us half way. It was quite an expensive phone and has a lot of juice. XDA just needs the core files (kernel, radio) to develop it further. It would be HTCs best move at this point. Just make it unofficial then and leak the god damned files!

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