Samsung Galaxy S4 specs & features wish list

Although the Galaxy S3 (S III) Android smartphone only released in May of this year, attention has already turned to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV?) amid rumors that it may be available early in 2013. Although that may seem some distance away news rumors and leaks are already trickling in and we thought it would be interesting to come up with a wish list of Galaxy S4 specs and features and to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see too.

The Galaxy S3 has been a phenomenal hit all over the world, although those in the US had to wait several months after regions to get their hands on it. A few weeks ago we speculated on what might happen if the Galaxy S4 was brought forward to release with the iPhone 5 as these two flagship phones are usually released at different times and don’t come out as head-to-head competition. Although a direct clash between Samsung’s Galaxy S and Apple’s iPhone is unlikely to happen soon, it does appear that the Galaxy S4 may appear earlier than expected and in another of our recent articles we told how the hype for the S4 had already begun.

We told how one industry insider has already leaked some details of the Galaxy S4 including a 12-megapixel camera with the ability to take 1080p videos with stereo sound, a higher-resolution display and the fact that it will be very much based on multimedia. IBTimes has come up with some features wanted for the Galaxy S4 and we wonder if you will agree with these and also which other specs and features you might want to see. Suggestions include an improved display as the PenTile display of the Galaxy S3 seems to have disappointed some users even though it offers HD resolution.

Another feature hoped for is a bigger battery offering more juice for a device that certainly needs it. The Galaxy S3 stepped up to a 2100mAh battery but this still doesn’t seem to be able to satisfy a lot of users who complain about battery drain. Indeed we recently told how plenty of users still seem to be having problems with battery drain on the Galaxy S3. Another factor that could be better is the design. Although the high-end specs of the Galaxy S3 pleased many there was a lot of criticism regarding its cheap plastic feel so a more cutting-edge design with improved materials would go down well with a lot of potential customers, as well as a larger display, such is the current trend.

Other things mentioned by IBTimes for the Galaxy S4 are an improved S-Voice system, Google Chrome as a default browser, Android Beam and the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, although given the current rate of Android operating system updates there could well be a later OS by the time the Galaxy S4 releases. There may be other things you wish to see on the Galaxy S4 that you’d hoped to see on the Galaxy S3. For instance the Galaxy S3 was heavily rumored to have 2GB of RAM but turned up with 1GB so you may want more and we know that many had hoped for a 10 or 12-megapixel camera rather than the 8-megapixel sensor that arrived.

Alternatively you may want to see other more random additions for the SGS4 such as 3D, waterproofing or the Youm flexible displays that were previously rumored for the Samsung flagship device. We’d be really interested to hear reader’s thoughts on this. Was there something you particularly wanted the Galaxy S3 to have that failed to show? Maybe you have other ideas for a Galaxy S4 features and specs wish list or something groundbreaking perhaps? Send us your comments to let us know.


67 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 specs & features wish list”

  1. indirect rep says:

    Actually I’d like to see a better radio for signal! Also more ram would be good too but mainly the radio for talking quality and bigger battery.

  2. This Guy says:

    Are you shitting me? I JUST bought the S3 and now there is some groundbreaking upgrade device? Well I can’t say I’m suprised, but really? This soon? Oh well. I like the S3 so I’m sticking with this

  3. joss says:

    Now ive been waiting for my contract run out so I can get the 3 now I have to wait even longer to get the 4 . when the 5 and 6 in the 7 i suppose or shall i go with the iphone 5

    1. Dazzle says:

      If you want more aspects of the iphone….. get a bloody iphone….. im sure both samsung and other true believers in samsung technology dont compair features of the iphone.. samsung have a had time as it is with lawsuits from apple… so go pick iphone and go away and let us alone

  4. ivan says:

    1) Camera,12MP or more (14,16)
    2) RAM,2GB (truly)
    3) Display,Full HD,1080p
    4) CPU,Quadcore but 1.8GHz or 2GHz
    5) Battery,more better,like that of moto droid razr maxx,but slim
    6) + W L Charging (truly)
    7) two stereo speakers
    8) better body
    9) waterproof
    10) better S-VOICE
    11) better UI (3D)

    And it will gonne be truly the greatest smartphone ever!.GO ON SAMSUNG,DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. franck says:

    Mini hdmi plug like on the motorola xt860
    12 megapixel camera or more
    scratch proof
    More HD but not 3D, its ennoying
    Even better gorilla screen

    1. tamelion1117 says:

      There’s is no way to make a phone scratch and water proof. If you submerge anything deep enough or for a long enough time, water is going to get in. If you try to scratch something hard enough, it will get scratched.

  6. As simple as it seems, the option to have a different sound/notification for everything. Then you would know it was a text/connection to bluetooth/connect to wifi, or whatever without having to look.

  7. akshit says:

    i want that it should be unbreakable phone and new in cell touch technology with full hd display and more pixels with more powerful camer and beter speakers

  8. MikeOmega says:

    Ok.. Here’s how they can make SG4 amazing phone rather than just a good phone:

    1) Keep the same number of megapixels for the back cam. but improve the quality of the sensor and include anti-shake for video.
    2) Hot swappable micro SD card slot

    3) Improve the design. Come on guys must try harder. HTC can do it, so can Nokia. Try use some premium materials. Ceramics, lightweight Metals or Carbon-fiber.
    4) Bigger is not always better, how about sticking to 4 or 4.2 inches (this is large enough) please, we don’t all have gorilla size hands. For those who want something larger should opt for the Galaxy Note series.
    5) Battery – 3300 mAh please. Moto can do it in such a small model so can you. and how about including some form of surface conducting charging built into the panel.
    6) screen res.. I really like the SG3 screen but it doesn’t beat th iphone retina. don’t think has to. but l lets make it in-cell touch.

  9. Dazzle says:

    Doubt they can make it unbeakable. But more durable with better materials. Yea, the new generation gorilla glass, yes deffo better battery, size is no issue, better quality camera smoother faster focus, quad core is fine do we really need more speed?.. then chuck in some improved samsung exclusives..

  10. Cameron says:

    Better material. I like to have a nice phone, but the cheap material doesn’t let me feel like I paid for what I wanted. The HD is perfect the way it is, just don’t turn into 3D. Water-Proof would be a good idea. Better camera quality with a 12 mega-pixel camera. A quad core processor for people like me who like to constantly upload and download. Don’t give it a pen, leave that with the note. Like always, better battery life. And finally, make the front camera have better quality for video chats.

  11. razor9142 says:

    Galaxy S4 Judgement
    4.5″ over 600 ppi
    Ultra AMOLED Display
    memory: 128gb Ram: 4gb scratch proof
    water proof
    shock proofGorilla glass 3VOICE navigationSupport 3D TV Displaydual Speaker – HQ Voice SystemDual SIM SupportDual Band Wifi a/b/g/n/ac – supporting over 1gbps wifibluetooth 4GPS and All sensors30MP camera, Dual LED flashProjector- like galaxy beam8 Cores CPUnvidia GPUhdmi portusb portNFC10,000 mah battery – new battery technology
    Ultimate Recharging Technology!!:wireless rechargerAlso charge through solar panel.
    if u put phone inside water, it will recharge itself.
    Optionally u can add another docking station that will recharge ur phone from wind.
    New Feature: Phone has a 2 pin socket port, that can recharge other phones or even even run some low voltage electronic devices

    1. Ag babar says:

      buddy , u gotta travel to Jupiter & come back to get this “out ov the world super duper ultra fast” device !!!!!!!!! like ur wish list though !!!!!!!!!

  12. introducing samsung galaxy s4 specs :
    1: 3d 14 megapixel camera
    2: waterproof
    3: scartchproof
    4: 2.0 quad core processor
    5: 2gb ram or more
    6: beats audio with two stereo speakers
    7: laser keyborad
    8: 3d display
    9:display Full HD,1080p super amoled 5.8 inch screen
    10: better UI (3D)
    11: S voice full natural language commands and dictation (better s voice)
    12:holographic display
    13: better apps and games
    14: better battery energy for long time browsing
    15: front facing camera 3 megapixel for better videochat
    16:better wifi device for more signal
    17:do not disturb me toggle for cellullar

    and its gonna be the greatest phone in the world
    and if you gave me 5 star i will ask my friend in google company to begin making the samsung galaxy s4 specs like I said
    Thank you

      1. asw9 says:

        2.0 Ghz dual core exynos5 processor
        2GB RAM
        1080p resolution screen super amoled RGB matrix
        Better evolutionary design
        12-16 MP camera (truly)front 2MP
        2300-2800Mah battery
        Better build quality
        Latest os like 4.1or6.0
        Edge to edge screen possibly
        On screen buttons

  13. Sheik Yusuff says:

    samsung galaxy s4 should be…

    * 2.5 Quad core
    * 2 gb Ram
    * size should be reduced to 4.2inch not more than that.
    * 24 megapixel camera with more zoom
    * Dual led flash
    * lastest android os with upgradable
    * waterproof onboard
    * scratch proof
    * plug and play hdmi support 3d output
    * onbaord usb port that support pen drive & hard disk & so on
    * front camera should be hd 3mp
    * Headphone sound should be like iphone as default
    * Standard battery, Li-Ion 5000 mAh and charging should be 1 or less than 2 hour
    * better ui- 3d
    * better s voice than support all language
    * expandable memory support 128 gb
    * icon should be uniform size
    * 3d display

  14. BGS says:

    A much longer battery life! That is the biggest problem with all current smartphones and they need new technologies. Reliability and sturdiness such as waterproofing and better shock resistance. Better camera and picture quality. Don’t make it bigger since is a phone and needs to be practical and easy to use.

  15. Maxx says:

    My realistic anticipation:
    – 2.0 Ghz dual core exynos5 processor (5 times faster than 4 core)
    – 2GB RAM (a must)
    – 1080p resolution screen Super Amoled
    – 12 MP camera – at least!
    – 3 MP front camera
    – 3000 mAh battery – at least
    – 64, 128 GB storage ONLY – come on flash is not that pricey any more!

    – Size – up to 4.5 inches not MORE! – more than that -> buy Galaxy Note
    – Thickness – 5-7 mm
    – Weight – 100-110gm

    – Wireless charging – but better than putting it on a “recharging pillow” as “Lumia 920” -> sounds fancy but in practice useless!
    – FM Transmitter – !!!very cool and useful feature!!! (play mp3 via radio – everyone can listen nearby – e.g Nokia N8 – had it) – thus you do not have to buy a dock station – everyone has an old Hi-Fi or radio around!

    – Better Sound (a must)!
    – Waterproof – that would be a nice feature

    1. tamelion1117 says:

      buy a note? Only 4.5 inch? HAve you seen the SIII? It has a 4.8, but is not much bigger than say the Infuse, which is 4.5 inches. Just so you have little girl hands doesn’t mean we should all be damned to a smaller screen.

      1. g-stone says:

        smaller screen doesn’t mean it is bad. in fact i think the GS3 would do better with a smaller screen, the phone is too big, or they could just increase the screen size while at the same time keeping the size of the phone as it is now

      2. Maxx says:

        Well, obviously you must be the one carrying a tablet around to take a picture otherwise you would have at least a slight inkling what is practical and what is not.
        GS3 is, without a doubt, a stunning mobile phone, but, in my opinion, it is simply oversized if you use it mainly for calling. I find GS2 (4.3) more practical and as “G-Stone” said below, if they increased the screen size while keeping the size of the phone unchanged, it would be practical and astonishing at the same time.
        BTW the other day I saw a man having a call with Galaxy Note II N7100 (5.5 inches!) – Sorry, but he looked stupid to me. The device was covering a half of his head! ……Wait a second it was you, wasn’t it? 🙂

        1. tamelion1117 says:

          No, it wasn’t me. I would say that the Note is a little big, at least for me, but I’m not 6″ 8′, if I was the note would look small in my freakishly giant hands. The bezel on the gs III is smaller, which means it’s screen is larger, but it’s similar in size to phones with a 4.5 inch screen despite it’s larger screen. some like larger screens. I say, if it fits well in your hands and if you can use it with one hand when needed. then use it. no matter what size the screen is. I don’t see how anyone could use the note comfortably with one hand.. Other than giants that is.

        2. Ivan says:

          I use my Note the big most of the time surfing the web for information, reading and sharing media, as well as the screen size is awesome to show photos on it to my customers and to draw sketches and open files in Autocad WS (i’m a photographer and industrial designer).
          I got used to the size well, and hasn’t affected me at all, i carry it my jeans front pocket.
          Once yo surf the web so comfortably with a device that’s with you 24/7 you just can’t switch back to a smaller screen. I would never.

          If you use it mostly for calling, well, then you don’t need much of a smartphone.

    2. millgate says:

      An excellent ‘spec Maxx …

      I’ve been banging on about the ‘6 inch’ genre for over 2 years – and now they are beginning to appear.

      Give some thought the ‘6 inch’ as the ultimate ‘pocketable. It would be great to hear someone as keen as you to join the ‘6 inch’ bandwagon.

      ‘6 inch’ devices are PERFECT for shirt-pockets, inside jacket pockets, ‘bomber jacket’ pockets, ‘man-bags’ and ladies small purses.

      ‘6 inch’ devices are GREAT for vehicle dashboard ‘sat-nav’ fittings – and big enough to be seen clearly whilst driving.

      ‘6 inch’ devices in a leather wallet – together with a ‘bluetooth’ keyboard; and an earpiece/mic ‘bud’ – combine beautifully to make an effective mobile computer.

      Let’s hear it for the ‘6 inch’ Samsung S4 !!

    3. Atilla says:

      Dual core is not faster then Quad Core eventhough you have some quality difficulties. Quad Core is always faster than Dual Core. If Dual Core Processor is integrated with GPU then it will be faster than Quad Core not integraded with GPU.

  16. thisnthat says:

    The New Galaxy S4:

    – 20000MP Back camera
    – 10500MP Front Camera
    – 15TB RAM
    – 4.5Litre Turbo Honda engine
    – 90000 mAh battery
    – 6D Screen
    – 50TB Flash storage
    – Weight 0.000000gm
    – 9.1 Surround sound
    – Tomato ketchup dispenser
    – Built in coffee maker
    – Built in cash dispenser

  17. Zaid says:


    * SCREEN SIZE 5″ 1080p HD display, 5″ screen doesn’t mean mobile size should be increased more, screen without any bezel or curved glass like Lumia will be awesome.
    * 14mp or higher rare camera – come on everyone else already have bigger camera – Nokia 41mp camera, if Nokia had the windows 8 on their pure-view there was a very high possibility i switched to windows mobile from android.
    * 2GB RAM – it about time to increase the RAM size
    * 2.0 Ghz quad core exynos 5 processor
    * 64GB OR 124GB internal memory & memory card option to expand further
    * Front camera 3mp 1080p
    * waterproof, dustproof
    * premium material but weights light keep it 120g – 140g
    * pure wireless charging not the stupid mat even
    * 3500mah battery – if motorola can do 3300 mah than surely samsung can do better
    * thickness 7-8 mm
    * more better sound quality
    * OTG, Mass storage – dont know why samsung opt out in s3 for mass storage
    * UI improvements needed such as animations – like HTC sense * 3D is welcome but not essential – if available needs to be of a high standard

  18. Robert S says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4:
    No bezel 4.8in super amoled HD screen
    15mp rear camera 5 mp front facing both capable of 1080p
    Quad core exynos 2.0ghz 4G LTE
    3g ram
    16,32,&64gb for storage with expandable micro SD card
    Super slim
    Made out of aluminum with your choice of color.
    5,500mah battery with no girthy look added
    Wireless charging capability
    Dual speakers (needs to be loud)

    Samsung make this phone!!!!

  19. mongster says:

    4.6 inch display, super amoled hd plus display with 380 ppi, 4000 mAH battery with 1.5 hr charge, no lags, introduce exclusives like remote controlling, stronger wifi connection, real wireless charging, duo sim, up to 4 gb of RAM, improve editor and sound quality, and a 16 Mp 1280p camera

  20. mongster says:

    4.6 inch display, super amoled hd plus display with 380 ppi, 4000 mAH battery with 1.5 hr charge, no lags, introduce exclusives like remote controlling, stronger wifi connection, real wireless charging, duo sim, up to 4 gb of RAM, improve editor and sound quality, and a 16 Mp 1280p camera

  21. Brian says:

    It would be nice if these phones came with a solid state drive option for storage. I really wouldn’t mind spending extra money to have almost no lag, especially once the phone becomes loaded with messages, apps and videos. I like to keep current with technology and have the latest features. It’s almost 2013, we should be able to make this happen.

    1. doug says:

      what do you think? the phone has a hard disk? every phone ive ever seen has had a type of solid state drive, unless youre mistaken. anything thats not a hard disk is a solid state drive, ssds, sd cards, mmcs, pen drives, flash drives, flash cards, memory sticks etcetc

  22. meeester says:

    Battery! (well worth being thicker, but not necessarily the hunchbacktype of extended battery.)
    Camera with low light capabilies.
    Fast processor and ram.
    Don’t care about case material, will put a gel cover on it anyway.

  23. Kid Buu says:

    Ofc it needs a gpu upgrade.s3 uses Mali 400mp like the s2. It has better graphics than the s2 ofc but i dont like the fact that it has same model of gpu as the s2.Thats the most important reason that i wont upgrade to s3.S4 must feature a better Gpu,probably the MaliT678,to outclass the A6 beast of iphone5.The size is of s3 is kinda big.Id like smaller or the same.If you want bigger screen go buy a Note.

  24. luminelx64 says:

    This is my realistic expectation.
    – 1.8GHz dual-core exynos 5 CPU
    – Mali 604 GPU
    – 2GB RAM
    – 16, 32, 64, 128GB storage options
    – 4.8″ true HD Super AMOLED Plus (after improvement of the blue sub-pixel lifespan)
    – 13MP rear facing camera
    – 2MP front facing camera
    – Waterproof
    – Dustproof
    – 2500mAH battery

  25. saghara says:

    all i want for Samsung Galaxy S4 is :
    – 2.0 Ghz dual core exynos5 processor (5 times faster than 4 core)
    – 2GB RAM (a must) or more
    – 1080p resolution screen Youm flexible display 400 ppi or more
    – 12 MP camera or more and dual flash
    – 3 MP front camera
    – Wireless charging (not stupid charging mat)
    – A pen like galaxy note (optional.. maybe can use galaxy note pen)
    – Water-Proof
    – two stereo speakers
    – better S-VOICE
    – No bezel
    – 16,32,64,128gb for storage with expandable micro SD card
    – Super slim
    – 5,000Mah battery or more and charging less than 2 hour
    – USB to go
    – HDMI
    – Fastest GPU for gaming
    – Better Signal for mobile network and Wifi
    hope samsung can make this phone…

  26. Elias says:

    My wish list;
    -1080p screen( htc j butterfly has all ready accomplished that)
    -12MP camera( Lg optimus G has 13)
    -3330mAh battery
    -Whatever samsungs newest chip is by that time, quad core
    -Blazing lte
    -Same size screen
    -Better Materials

  27. techlover! says:

    My realistic must have specs!!!

    -2GB RAM or even 2.5GB RAM (us version alread
    y have 2GB RAM,NOTE 2,LG Optimus G ,ASUS Padfone 2,HTC J Butterfly,and so on!)
    -fullHD 1080p Display (HTC J Butterfly,LG,Oppo,and so on,in the pipe line!)
    -14MP or even 16MP Camera (LG Optimus G,and ASUS Padfone 2,already 13MP Camera!)
    -CPU Quad core 1.8Ghz,or even a 2Ghz,(LG Optimus G,ASUS padfone 2,and Xiaomi ME-2 1.5Ghz krait pro,HTC One x+ 1.7Ghz already!)
    -GPU Better than the Adreno 320
    -Battery 3200mAh a must!,(NOTE 2 3100mAh,Motorola RAZR HD MAXXX already 3300mAh)
    -and truly completely WIRELESS CHARGING (a must!!!)
    -a better body quality
    -an extremely upgraded S-VOICE (a must!!!)
    -2 STEREO SPEAKERS (a must!!!)
    -and some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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