iPhone 5 is Web traffic winner against Galaxy S3

We make no excuses for publishing many articles now about the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III). These two smartphones have both been massive hits although the Galaxy S3 has been out for some months while the iPhone 5 only released in September. It may be significant then, that after that short space of time the iPhone 5 is a Web traffic winner against the Galaxy S3.

We’ve brought readers many comparisons now of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 including a short and simple video look, a display face-off and also a battery life confrontation and these posts always provoke fierce loyalties from both Android and iOS fans, standing up for their respective devices. To be honest they are both extremely impressive handsets and maybe one shouldn’t be classed a winner against the other as they each have a lot to offer and suit different needs.

Casting aside observations on specs and features though, it’s still extremely interesting to note the figures on web traffic volume of both of these notable phones. When the iPhone 5 released it was an instant success but very soon after there were many reports of problems such as build quality, WiFi problems and more. The main contention though was the new Apple Maps app, which received a lot of negative feedback from experts and owners of the new device.

However if these latest figures on web traffic are accurate then this issue doesn’t seem to have majorly affected sales. 9to5Mac brings news of a ChangeWave survey in which over 4,200 North American consumers were polled in September. The survey results pointed to the fact that the controversy surrounding the Maps app and negativity resulting from this did not significantly affect iPhone 5 sales as this was not a factor taken into account when purchasing.

The iPhone 5 has gone on to achieve record sale numbers and this has led to more Web traffic volume than for the also extremely popular Galaxy S3. Report firm Chitika tells how the iPhone 5 accounted for 56% of Web traffic volume against the Galaxy S3 on 44%. This was after only 18 days of the iPhone 5 being on sale and is down to phenomenal sales and also 4G speeds encouraging data usage, not available on previous iPhones. 9to5Mac do point out though that Chitika was recently criticized for reporting incorrect info about search queries at Google, so we can only hope its Web data analytics have been improved.

It’s promising news for Apple although we certainly wouldn’t go as far as saying that the iPhone 5 was better than the Galaxy S3 simply because of Web traffic volume. We’d be interested to hear from readers about this. Are you surprised that the iPhone 5 accounts for so much of the Web traffic volume of these two phones, so soon after it released? Let us know with your comments.


26 thoughts on “iPhone 5 is Web traffic winner against Galaxy S3”

  1. Its only because people enjoy reading about how Apple are going to pieces with their sub standard phones and problematic software and employees working conditions. You dont honestly believe that people are looking up Apple because they actually like the product, they just want to see them come unstuck and fall on their asses.

  2. anchal says:

    this is because of the iphone bug where it downloads/uploads tons of data (esp of verizon) … nice trick from cuppertino… (the bug is now fixed so lets see the data after a few months…

  3. John says:

    I had iPhone 4S, got Galaxy S3, got iPhone 5 and now I’m going back to the Galaxy S3. Nothing on iPhone 5 gives me the wow factor which I love to have.

  4. Sam says:

    Hats off to iPhone for their ability to brain wash a gullible public into buying an inferior product for more money. Their marketing is far better than their phones.

  5. Alex says:

    Iphone 5 on paper is THE greatest phone, but in reality is just a marketing thing. I`m waiting for an Iphone 5S to be released, witch will be an Iphone 5 that`s working properly. Untill then, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X (bet you never herd of this one) are the best choices because they are FULLY FUNCTIONAL Smartphones, unlike the Iphone 5. I`m sorry about the people who waited at inteminable lines to purchase the new Aplle Iphone5 dissapointment.

  6. Francis Badu says:

    All those who think iphone is the best are just not telling the truth or have not use Galaxy s3 before or are ignorant of what functions makes a good phone. To me the user friendliness of Galaxy S3 makes it stands tall. Apart from that it is sharp and very attractive. You know are people who would not accept that what they have is not good and it appears most of the rooting for iphone are in this set. Indeed those of us who have used both the SG3 and iphone 4 or 5 will always conclude that the GS3 is far better than the iphone in many aspect

  7. a really techlover! says:

    I really like and study psychology and sociology.but when sometimes I think and try to understand why people they are still saying that iphone is/still the best,it really put me to the test,of what I know about sociology,because it is really a phenomenon in human mentality.but the conclusion that I come to,in a few words is,that (most of) the people/humans,they are really like a sheep,they hear/learn something,and they want to hold on it,and they really want take long to upgrade/change it!.

  8. David Castlerich says:

    I’m curious as to how this is derived.

    Is this because everyone with an iPhone5 is trying out Siri? Is that counting to the traffic? Is it counting traffic coming from browser? Do all alternative browsers accurately report device type they are coming from, especially if they are told to emulate desktop? Does this include traffic from apps? Perhaps iPhone users use Safari more, while Android users go to specialized apps? I have no data either way.

    In conclusion, why does this matter? Is it bragging rights to say I spend more time on the web than the next guy? It takes me seconds to find something on the web while co-workers may take minutes to get same information… I’ve used less traffic… is that better or worse? So… interesting statistic, but unless one of the numbers is @ or near zero (no usage) I don’t see the relevance.

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