Apple iPad mini release nears as battery components surface

Normally leading up to any new product that may be released by iPhone maker Apple, the web becomes awash with rumours and speculation about the device features and specifications. This has certainly been the case in the last couple of months concerning a smaller version of the iPad, and now it appears the Apple iPad mini release is near as battery components surface.

In the last few days we have heard of retail outlets allegedly starting to receive displays for the iPad mini, and new dates being tipped for the unveiling of the device. Now though the guys over at MacRumors have been sent some images of what is being claimed is the battery for the upcoming iPad mini.

The images show a unit that has an Apple part number of 616-0641, and an actual model number of A1445, and the device seems to be housing a battery that uses 3.72 volts, which will offer 16.7 watt-hour of energy via 4490 mAh of charge.

Obviously the authenticity of this component can’t be confirmed, but the units markings are similar to what has been seen on Apple products before. The figures for the battery also look to fit in with the rumours and speculation currently surrounding the iPad mini from the company.

If the battery is a genuine part the 16.7 watt-hour capacity for the device slots in between the new iPad at 42.5 watt-hours, and the iPhone 5 that is 5.45 watt-hours. The new smaller iPad is thought to be based more on the iPad 2’s display instead of the Retina Display of the latest model, so the battery for the iPad mini would compare more with the unit that is inside the iPad 2.

It seems that this battery is not ready for shipping just yet, but it may be the final design that was waiting for final approval and the pictures taken before this happened, and we could only be just a couple of weeks away from seeing the device hitting the shelves.

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