iPad mini accessories means closer to launch, store displays arriving

We’ve been informing readers about the much-rumored iPad mini for many weeks and months now but further news today suggests that this is very much now out of the realms of rumors and is in fact a real device that should be available very soon. We often find that when release dates have not been announced for a product, accessories arriving in stores is always a good indication of it coming soon and today we have heard more about accessories and store displays for them arriving at Best Buy, ready for an iPad mini launch.

Just in the last few days we’ve seen some purported images of an iPad mini prototype and rumors of an event on October 23 to unveil it and now this further news on accessories seems to back up that a release looks much closer. Previously we brought news of some cases that were claimed to be for the iPad mini, made by Cygnett and spotted in Australia but it now seems that third-party accessory makers in Asia are prepared for a release too, with over 20 manufacturers reported to have products ready to sell for the 7.85-inch iPad mini.

The news comes to us from Apple Insider, who report that well known analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets has met with accessory makers and actually seen iPad mini accessories, packaged in readiness for shipping. It seems that White was even able to handle a “pilot” iPad mini that he found fitted easily into his pocket for portability. Apart from this there’s also news that branches of Best Buy have been receiving packages said to be for store displays for iPad mini accessories. The boxes contain warnings that they mustn’t be opened yet and of course display material arriving in-store is a promising sign.

However we’re also informed that one leading manufacturer has actually ceased production of iPad mini accessories at the moment after learning about a design change. This sometimes happens because of the levels of secrecy that Apple keep over upcoming products where devices often see last minute changes. It will certainly be interesting to see how this pans out over the next week or so and if the upcoming iPad mini design catches accessory manufacturers out or if the goods that are already prepared will be compatible.

What are your thoughts on the iPad mini? Are you eagerly waiting for an announcement and do you think news of accessories being ready to go indicates an imminent release? Send your comments to let us know.


9 thoughts on “iPad mini accessories means closer to launch, store displays arriving”

  1. Steve says:

    cannot wait for the ipad mini release, although i do not see its purpose, there is already an iPhone/ipod touch and an iPad, it has got to have some impressive new features to impress me!

  2. Bazza says:

    I would love an ipad mini – I have a 9″ tablet – but it is clunky and unfriendly – android is not for me, the apps are too limited and i do not want to purchase my favourites again – bring on the ipad mini

    1. That’s a very ignorant way to view the iPad mini. (I impatiently got a Nexus 7, whilst waiting for an iPad mini) a 7″ device is just so much easier to get around. They’re not meant for productiveness, to make movies on or to write books or anything like a 9″ tablet. They’re meant for consumption. Just browsing the web, or taking movies easily. They just fit in your pocket, no bags, no hassle.

      I love my iPad 2. But I won’t take it anywhere with me like to a Starbucks etc. Because I never carry a bag around with me, so its harder to just carry my iPad.

      A 7″ iPad is ideal for many people. An iPod/iPhone is too small for prolonged viewings of the internet, and the iPad itself is too big to clunk around everywhere.

      If there was no money in this tablet, Apple wouldn’t release it. I highly doubt the to-be first trillion dollar company are that idiotic.

      I mean look at how well the Nexus 7 is doing. (To be honest, I feel the Nexus might have the edge on the iPad mini, as it’s smaller, and pocket size. You can plug in an OTG cable, to plug in external HDD or usb sticks, it has offline maps & GPS – which is all the reasons I’ve had to sway from Apple for the very first time in many years.)

  3. I am rather curious about this product. I mean, I have an iPad 2 which is great say if I’m going on holiday, or just at home to browse the web or watch movies. But to browse for a long period of time, or slot something in my pocket to go to Starbucks with – a 7″ iPad would be fantastic.

    Also, I recently purchased a Nexus 7 – it supports OTG cables, for external HDD/usb pen drives. You stream movies from Google Play, rather than download them – so they don’t take up space on the tablet or on my mac, unless I need them for offline use, so I can download them. And, it has offline GPS/Maps. (and the maps work well! ha!) Also, the leaked iPad images show that the iPad mini still won’t fit in say, a jeans or trouser pocket, whereas my nexus 7 does.

    I have a mac, ipad, iphone, macbook air – so the only thing I hate about the Nexus is that it doesn’t just sync like I’m used to, having all my contacts at hand. I am considering taking it back and buying the iPad mini. But the only thing to convince me really would be if, firstly, the iPad mini CAN fit in my pocket. And, there is some way of plugging in a USB pen drive/HDD like through an OTG cable. But I can’t see this, as the iPad doesn’t support that.

    if anyone has any thoughts on any of this, or an opinion? – Just reply, or find me on Twitter – @jrburrows

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