iOS 6 jailbreak latest, iPhone 5 tethered near & work on untethered

We’ve been following developments about iOS 6 jailbreaking for some time and know just how many readers are avidly awaiting news for a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 or even better an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak. Today we can tell you an iOS 6 tethered jailbreak seems to be very near for the iPhone 5, courtesy of renowned hacker @planetbeing, although an untethered jailbreak still seems to be some time away.

We recently reported on the Hack in the Box conference in which well-known hacker and developer pod2g said that he was confident an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak could appear within the next few weeks, even though it would be much more difficult than previously. We also told how another member of the jailbreaking community, David Wang aka @planetbeing, was one of those at an event and mentioned kernel bugs that could possibly be a key to any such jailbreak. However, the last few days have gone a bit quiet again, further backing up claims that Apple really seems to have tightened up security for its latest mobile operating system update.

There appears to be better news today though, with reports that an iOS 6 tethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is closer with planetbeing working hard on this. Gotta Be Mobile states that this jailbreak could also work for the iPhone 4S and two days ago planetbeing tweeted, “Upgraded the #failbreak with a kernel exploit so tweaks actually work on iPhone 5. Almost a full tethered JB, though need dev account.” Things are definitely looking promising then but one snag is that need for an Apple Developer Account as this doesn’t usually apply to jailbreaks.

There have been no further details of the requirement of a dev account or a timeframe for a release for the tethered iPhone 5 jailbreak. Developer program slots are sold by Apple at $99 so for many this would not be an option simply to get their hands on the jailbreak. However it appears that the reason that those working on the jailbreak may be keeping things internal for now could be that they are continuing to work on a preferred untethered jailbreak. Therefore before any of you are tempted to hand over the money for a dev account we urge you to wait for further developments. Especially as planetbeing may just mean that an iPhone only needs to be added to a dev account, costing as little as $7.

If you want to see more on the series of messages that planetbeing has been posting about the iOS 6 jailbreak then iDesignTimes has an account. These communications appear to show that planetbeing favors working on an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak and views the tethered iPhone 5 jailbreak as a step along the way to that. At Phones Review we cannot recommend jailbreaking your devices but we do know that many readers prefer the freedom it gives them and of course we’ll continue to keep readers updated with further developments on this as we hear anything.

Are you waiting for an iOS 6 jailbreak? Would you be happier to get your hands on a tethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 now or to wait longer in the hopes of an untethered jailbreak? Let us know with your comments.


48 thoughts on “iOS 6 jailbreak latest, iPhone 5 tethered near & work on untethered”

  1. Clint says:

    I can use tethered until the untethered comes out, then switch. But it’s lame that a dev account is needed so maybe I won’t get the tethered after all.

  2. Lildiesel73 says:

    Ill be patient for the untethered jailbreak and trust me I’m just as anxious as everyone else. I know these devs will get it done the iphone has been jailbroken since the first one came out so im pretty confident that the wonderful team of hackers will get it done hopefully sooner than later….,,

  3. Partha says:

    Guys..I recently saw in a website saying SAP Shield V1.7 unloack and jailbreaks untethered..Is that true..?Is it worth buying that software for $25..Please advice..

  4. If they ask you to pay for the jailbreak then it’s fake and you will loss your money. And I do have a dev account already so I am good to go if they release it for the iPhone 5. But thanks for all the people that are working on the new jailbreak keep up the great work!!!

  5. H8 killer robots says:

    Some cydia apps crash the phone every now and then which typically either causes or calls for a reboot. I don’t mind, because its not frequent, but it never seems to happen when I’m near my computer. I’ll wait for the tethered jb.

  6. As being rather new to the whole JB world I have confidence that they will succeed in making an unteathered version I am aware of the difference of the two but stuff happens where you can’t get to a charger in time or it crashes and with my luck my computer will break down … For the time being ill just follow the dev team and now planetbeing and wish them the best of luck…

  7. Cms3717 says:

    I’m holding back my upgrade to the iPhone 5 pending an untethered jailbreak. There are some cydia based functions and apps I can’t live without. My-wi, Iblacklist being the big ones.

  8. StupidMarvin says:

    If they don’t get an untethered jailbreak, I will no longer be buying apple iOS devices. This is the ONLY reason I buy them and I will immediately go to an Android device if they are going to play this game. I would rather a sub-par rooted device then a superior piece of sh*t I cant use the way I want. They better pay attention to this fact… Jailbreakers are NOT in the minority.

  9. James says:

    please make a downgrade application from 6.0 to 5.1.1 for 4s. 6.0 is unstable. i get bugs from replying a msg. i cant get through it when i slide the message. thanks ! and keep going for 6.0 jailbreak !

  10. AppleCanEatIt says:

    It seems jailbreak is getting harder and harder. This will be my last piece of Apple S##t. I have already switched to android and its fine. Never any loust apple phone again!

  11. Needajbrk says:

    I’ll impatiently wait for the untethered jailbreak, nothing sucks more than your phone crashing when your out of town with a tethered jail break, it is too bad that apple can’t make a phone that’s worth having without a jailbreak.

  12. דודי אלמלם says:

    well done pod2g and all u guys,you are the greatest.on the name of all iphone fans we love you very much.thank you from all my heart

  13. iFarnham says:

    I wouldn’t mind a tethered jailbreak, but if releasing a tethered jailbreak holds you back from making an untethered jailbreak, then I would rather wait for an untethered than get a tethered and wait forever for an untethered..

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