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As everyone knows, Apple is expected to unveil the Apple iPad Mini on the 23rd of this month, and if the rumours are to be believed the smaller iOS tablet will become available in various capacities ranging from 8GB up to 64GB, but as with everything when it comes to Apple gear, nothing is actually finalised until Apple unveils the device.

Even though there has been nothing from Apple that confirms they will deliver the Apple iPad Mini, the general consensus is that they will, and we have already been treated to rumoured prices Apple will be asking for the smaller iOS slate, although again unconfirmed.

According to an article over on AllThingtsD, analysts believe that the entry level Apple iPad Mini will command a price point of somewhere between 299-bucks and 349-bucks, whilst Shaw Wu, an analysts for Sterne Agee says that they don’t believe Apple needs to price the iPad mini at 199-bucks to match the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The analyst believes that Apple will offer the iPad mini at a price point of $299 or $349, which apparently makes sense as the entry level Apple iPad 2 price point is $399 and the entry level iPod Touch is $199, but the big question is will Apple price the iPad mini in line with their margins, or whether they will attempt to corner the smaller tablet market and try and kill off rival devices.

Whilst over on 9to5 Mac, apparently sources claim that the base model of the Apple iPad mini will have a price point of 329-bucks in the US, and there will be two higher capacity iPad mini’s in WiFi only and will command a price tag of 429-bucks and 529-bucks.

Apparently the sources also say versions of the smaller iOS slate that will work with cellular networks will also become available, and these will command a 130-buck premium over their corresponding storage capacity WiFi only versions, which should mean WiFi + 3G iPad mini’s will have a price point of 459-bucks, 559-bucks and 659-bucks.

Of course all these price points could be either spot on to completely wrong, as only Apple knows what they will be asking for the iPad Mini once the device is unveiled on the 23rd of October, and there are numerous liveblogs at worldwide times scheduled for the event , and if you wish to know the times of those liveblogs you can check out Here.

When Apple unveils a new device more often than not that device grabs a great deal of attention in the mobile space, but the smaller tablet segment is currently dominated by Android slates, and whether the Apple iPad mini will be able to grab a large slice of that segment remains to be seen.


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  1. HookedOnTabs says:

    I think that since Apple made such a big deal out of pointing out the mini was 67% larger then the Nexus 7, they are really just building a new price bracket for their pads. I don’t remember Apple pointing out that the iPhone 5 was half the size of the Galaxy Notes.   I have 5 tablets, non Apple, each for a purpose. The Nexus 7 it’s portability. Android average size is 10.1″ so the Nexus 7 and others are slightly over 30% smaller then their big brothers.    Apple mini is only 18% (1.8 ” display wise not 3″ like Android) smaller then it’s big brother. So is the new mini going to fit in the places a “real 7″ tablets does, since it is 8″ and a 4/3 weird format in the world of 16/9 wide screen movies. Mini+4/3=shadow boxing and a glaring unpleasant movie user experience. Using 30% comparing Androids is deceiving. By that I mean, if you take two Galaxy Tab 2 7s and turn them in portrait mode, then lay them on top of a 10.1, 16/9 tablet in landscape, the two 7 inchers, nearly fit into the space of one 10.1”. So it is not really 30% smaller but nearly 50% equalling easy to transport.   So I see Apple not really building a mini tablet that is extra portable, but an Apple tablet that has been placed in a new price range. When others notice that the mini is not really much smaller then the full sized model, they will buy it on price, basically, a bargain compared to the iPad 3. Apple is quietly taking the attention off the Retina factor, since on Monday, Nexus is announcing a new 10.1 with 300dpi display. Apple will no longer have bragging rights. Just sayin..

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