Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0.4, reset if update fails

Regular readers of Phones Review will probably have breathed a hugh sigh of relief recently when we revealed that at last the Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.0.4 ICS update was finally rolling out. This has been a real saga and we gave readers the happy news and details of the update and also told how the Droid Bionic had also been added to Motorola’s latest list on its devices that would receive the 4.1 Jelly Bean update. However we have now heard that some people are having problems with the ICS update but that a reset fix can help.

There has been a great amount of frustration vented from Motorola Droid Bionic owners who felt letdown by the length of time it took Motorola and Verizon to roll out the Ice Cream Sandwich update and so it was good to finally be able to tell readers that ICS was now being pushed out in stages. We gave instructions for readers on how to proceed with the update if they received notification and also how to check manually for the update so if you want to see more on that check our earlier article here.

However we received many comments from readers who were still pretty angry about the wait. We also received some comments to say that the update had been successful but there were also lots of readers from locations across the US who said after some days that they were still waiting for the ICS update for their Droid Bionic and now we have seen new reports saying that the update doesn’t seem to be working for all, following difficulties installing it. ICS 4.0.4 build 6.7.246 is still rolling out but Android Spin tells how some users updates are failing.

If this happens to you then the advice is to try a factory reset and then install the update again. If you take a look at the Android Central Forums then you can see that some Droid Bionic users have reported a failure with the installation, even though they have attempted it several times. The above tip seems to have worked for some users but not all so if you haven’t already tried to get your taste of ICS then we hope it all goes smoothly for you. If you are still having difficulties though then Verizon suggests that you inform them at www.verizonwireless.com/contactus.

We’re always interested to hear comments from our readers so if you have a Motorola Droid Bionic maybe you could let us know if your ICS update went smoothly or if you’ve had difficulty installing it? Perhaps you haven’t received notification yet and manual checks still don’t show it as ready for your device? Maybe you even have further tips that you can share with readers about things they can try if their update has failed?


89 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic ICS 4.0.4, reset if update fails”

  1. ass cream sandwich? says:

    The update succeeded, but i almost wish it hadn’t. Uuugly. My first thougth, after i saw the removal of slide to unlock was that it was an interface change in response to Apple’s lawsuits. Did they ugly it up just in case there was also a patent on “the general concept of clean interface design”?

  2. Rogue says:

    Update failed when occurring naturally Monday morning. Had to do a hard reset and boot to get it up. Now ive noticed tons of problems. Glitches shutdown my music when im scrolling through it. Google search on the home screen boots me if I type to fast. There is no way to shut off background data so I get constant annoying updates from facebook, gmail etc. Why cant I turn all that off like I could with GB?

    An update needs to happen fast….

  3. jimbo11596 says:

    Yeah, my update is constantly failing also, and i’m not going to reset my phone to update. Motorola needs to get on the damn ball otherwise my next phone will be a different brand, one that actually cares about its current users not just future customers.

    1. Anon says:

      Sure the update should have worked like everyone expects it to, it did for my phone. But not resetting your phone to take this MAJOR os upgrade is just laziness and stupidity. I’m sure prior to this you were one complaining about how long it was taking for Googerola to roll out ICS to our phones and using hollow threats like changing your next phone brand like you are now. They are pointless rants that we all have seen before, instead of taking this time to rant you could use it to figure out how to make the OTA work on your phone.

      1. ok you must be a real smarty then why don’t you give me instructions on how to fix my problem, i began the update and it completely crashed my system the phone won’t get passed the name droid when i turn it on…p.o.s. in my opinion but id love someone to tell me how i can fix this

      2. jimbo11596 says:

        Your reply is absurd. Laziness and stupidity? I don’t think its stupid for a major manufacturer to test an update before putting it out, or to get it correct after having so much time to develop it. Laziness, really? I have way too much important stuff on my phone to just wipe it out in order to update the system, which again by now should have been done properly. My last 4 phones have been Motorola, and I’ve never made a hollow threat in my life. If Motorola wants to keep its customer base the they need to conduct their business with that in mind. And no I’m not going to waste MY time figuring out an OTA, thats what i PAID Motorola to do. I don’t know why you felt the need to come at me but you can bring that sh*t somewhere else.

        1. mightywarriorex says:

          I placed my order for my new iPhone 5 today. You should too! It felt good. I have also been a huge android, Google and Motorola fan. I’m and engineer, so that kind of open development stuff jives with me, but after this pain, I think I’ll buy and iPad too. Thanks for the motivation to try something new Motorola!

          1. Whatever says:

            You claim to be an engineer, yet you can’t form a sentense correctly or use punctuation. No wonder, our engineers are being replaced by Asian workers… Go ahead sheeple, get your iCrap. You deserve it!

  4. angry says:

    My update took nearly 2 hours to complete this morning. Now my phone is super slow, my battery runs out super fast, i can no longer toggle to 3g to save battery life, and my wifi won’t stay connected. Fail.

    1. Charlie Ortiz says:

      MEGA FAIL! 4G drains my battery because it just does not sync right, so I had the settings to 3G. This is the only Droid I did not have rooted because it worked fine before this update! And took forever to update the bloatware apps I never use that cannot be uninstalled! This is not the way it should have gone, and as everyone has, I will be calling VZW!

      1. Dave says:

        I had the same problem. Install

        SWITCHIT – 4G LTE TOGGLE from the app store, and you’ll be able to switch back to 3g. Plus when your in “manage apps” go to “all” and you can Disable all the bloatware you want!

  5. My update failed the first two times I tried it, but I did some reading up and it turns out SafeStrap (or any bootstrap related program) was causing the failure. I rebooted my phone into SafeStrap and wiped the cache partition. Then, I rebooted and uninstalled SafeStrap. Then I used Root Explorer and navigated to /system/bin and deleted the files “hijack” and “logwrapper” and renamed the file “logwrapper.bin” to “logwrapper.” After one more reboot, I was able to install ICS OTA.

  6. Keyman says:

    Safestrap and bootstrap are the root cause for ics ota failure
    You will need to fastboot preinstall.img file back and do the factory reset and pull ota again. That was what i have to do and it works perfectly.

  7. DroidNinja says:

    Success! Downloaded over wifi early yesterday (like 5 AM EST) with no problems, installed and left phone alone for awhile still on wifi. Then rebooted and all is well. Love the GUI, but only have one complaint. Phone seems to keeps attempting to turn on wifi, often at times when I don’t want it on. Otherwise, I’m rockin ICS with no problems.

  8. jkensing says:

    Update was successful on my phone and my wife’s phone with no issues. I did a factory reset about a week before the update on my phone because I had tons of apps on the phone and I didn’t want anything to not play nice. I re-downloaded the apps I must have (use regularly) and after the update to ice cream sandwich re-downloaded the rest of the apps I wanted. Love the new OS it’s like owning a new phone.

  9. Not Bad says:

    I updated my phone this morning and kept receiving a “Unfortunately, process android.process.acore has stopped”. After contacting Verizon and trying for 1 1/2 hours we finally rest the phone and all is great now. Since I keep everything on my SD card and backup with Google I didn’t lose any of my information with the rest.

  10. Annoyed says:

    My update took a solid two hours to download and since then it has been slow, sucks battery, and I cannot access texts and can’t send or receive them. It is maddening, anyone have any ideas?

  11. Anon says:

    There are settings available to change all of these issues: automatic wi-fi when you don’t want it, background apps running, etc…You just have to sit down and go thru the settings menus to customize them to your needs. I had no problems installing ICS and love it now that I’ve re-set some annoying settings.

  12. Update went well, but there are plenty of differences in operation. I was set up to synch emails from work, that vanished with the upgrade. I cannot add app shortcuts to my main screens anymore (at least not in the way I had grown accustomed) and there is now help I am aware of. Also I was repositioning icons and instead of shuffling them when one is placed over another, the two icons merged and could not be separated again. So far it is a big pain in the butt.

    1. Becki Jo says:

      you can separate the icons…I was aggravated at this too, but by trial and error I found a way. If you tap on the merged icons, it will show them both, just pull one away from it and move it where you want…hope this helps…. and yes I am frustrated with this update as well…it certainly wasn’t a gradual change… everything changed on it and it’s too much to take in at one time…

  13. F this new update says:

    Is anybody else having issues with the new update crashing ~60% of your apps?
    Also, my phone now says that ALL of my music is gone, except when I use Google Play, in which case, it shows all of my music properly, but will only play one song, and when it does go to play that one song, there is no sound. I’d go look to see if my pictures were, as well, but every time I go to my library in gallery, it crashes.

    Someone throw me a bone, here.

  14. WB says:

    Mine is working dandy. took about 20 minutes to actually install, but about 40 to download over wifi. Seems to be operating faster, but battery does seem to drain a little quicker than before, but that’s why i have 2. getting used to the new interface fairly quickly. All in all i’m happy with it.

  15. Kurtis Miller says:

    After multiple trial and error attempts (download, try to install, halt at 25%), I finally flashed back to the stock .905 and then upgraded. From that point it went great. There are some changes that will take some getting used to, but it’s been fine so far.

  16. hildashae says:

    My update took 2 hours, had no problems updating it! I have had no problems with my bionic since the update and absolutely love this ICS update. One minor flaw is the icons in notification bar are extremely small, but I can live with that minor flaw. Now I wish I could get the ics update to install on my daughters spectrum. All in all I am very please with update!

  17. Well just got the update and to say the least I am not very pleased. To start off I can no longer turn off my 4G. Second my email no longer update on their own I have to have this thing turned on where my phone is constantly syncing my emails. Other than that I guess I have no major grievances with the way it has turned out. If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful.

    1. lf says:

      I have the same problem with emails not updating. I have it set to update every 15 minutes, however it does not. I have to manually update. Is there a fix for this? Also, I feel the notification bar is subpar – to small, and email, text and other notification icons should colored and more unique looking like before. I also do not like the new calendar look or layout, it is very cumbersome to add a new event, the old calendar was spot on I thought.

  18. Very unhappy says:

    are you kidding? cant change to 3g to save battery? bogus. and why some apps that were previously working beautifully dont work anymore is completely unacceptable.

  19. oncelovedmydroid says:

    Update took about 30 minutes. Now the phone re-boots at strange times including during calls with no apparent reason. At times my speaker just stops working so people can hear me but i can’t hear them. If i take out the battery and re-boot it works but it’s annoying for this to happen on a daily basis. I’d rather have the old droid than this mess.

  20. ginrummie says:

    mine took 40-50 mins for the download and install. it’s ok so far, i hope it doesn’t drain my battery too quickly. that was the only thing I liked about this phone.

  21. Scott says:

    Absolutley ruined my phone, what a joke! Its out of warranty now, Cant wait to go to a samsung or I PHone, this turned my phone into a piece of crap!

  22. That_Guy says:

    I politely declined to download the update on my wifes’ Bionic, but it eventually downloaded anyway. Fortunately, it is prompting me to do the install, which I also politely decline. After seeing the problems induced by the ICS update to my daughters’ RAZR, I have no plans to do the upgrade to my wifes’ phone. Maybe after they fix the RAZR ICS software I’ll consider the Bionic update. To all of those brave people that went first, I thank you.

  23. broncsfan1968 says:

    My install got stuck after 23 minutes. So I did a little clean up. I have an app I downloaded from google called 2SD. It allowed me to move all apps that could be moved from phone to sd. I then used same program to clear data and cashe from all other apps on phone. I then removed sd card and restarted phone (moto droid bionic). I then went to settings about phone and ran system update. It started where it left off. It took 10 min to download and then another 20 min to install and update all programs. It works great. Be patient.

  24. Bosco56 says:

    I want my old OS back.Notification said 10 minutes…two hours later it was still “updating”. None of my original apps work. Will try the factory reset and, if possible, leave the OS as is!

  25. John says:

    I have not tried the factory reset but this update has turned my otherwise moderately annoying droid bionic phone into a severe irritation and a true nightmare of a phone. I have had droid phones for several years now and this phone is the sole reason my next phone will be an i-phone. I’m switching to the dark side, thanks motorola.

  26. Kiki says:

    I got my update this morning. It was fine during the day and then this evening, I keep getting a message: “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”. The window keeps popping up, and I keep clicking OK, and it keeps popping up… I have Powered Off twice to see if that fixes it but it doesn’t. Now I’m going on the interwebs to see what i should do. What a pain.

  27. I began the update and after a half hour without any progress i pulled the battery, now the phone will not get past the name droid when i turn it on, i tried to wipe it clean and reboot it, no luck! I tried calling Motorola, they left me on hold for 30 minutes and then disconnected me, i called back and waited again for 30 minutes and again they disconnected me i tried once more & i hung up after another 30 minutes, i lost my patience! I would love to get some answers! This is BS!

    1. Alika Kuni says:

      This happened to me as well! Exact same problem! My phone will charge fine and it turns on but does not make it past the “Droid” screen. Verizon told me they’d send me a refurbished phone since the software update crashed my phone. I said I wasn’t going to get a refurbished phone when my phone was perfectly fine before the update. They connected me over to Motorola and the agent there told me to reboot my phone and nothing worked. They told me to send it in for a free repair and they would return it in 5 days. I let my phone sit on the “droid” screen for about an hour and suddenly it said “Android is upgrading…” and had a little loading circle with “Starting applications” next to it. It’s been doing this for 3 hours and Motorola told me that sometimes it takes up to 24 hrs to completely update a phone and to leave it on that screen and it might fix it self. I would suggest letting your phone sit on the Droid screen long enough to let it get to the “android is updating” screen. It’s worth a shot. I hope this works because if not I’m out of a phone and Verizon is gonna have a VERY upset customer

  28. Eri says:

    Well, upgraded mine and it went along smoothly enough. But I powered the phone off earlier tonight and it wouldn’t get passed the “Droid” boot screen. So, I did the recovery option and it still got stuck. After that I had to factory reset and it managed to get passed the “Droid” screen and began upgrading to ICS again…except now it’s stuck as “Android is upgrading…starting applications”. I didn’t have anything so frustrating happen when I was still running GB!

  29. JR says:

    Mine prompted me, but I was low on battery, so I declined. The next time, I was plugged in, so i installed. Took 20 min, then needed another 10 to come up. Works great, looks great, nice new features. Very happy.

  30. DroidUserSL says:

    My droid bionic upgraded to the icecream sandwich OS and it’s been a nightmare come true. all of my texts are gone, none of my media works, i cant call or text, and every time i open an application or leave my phone running for more than five minutes it crashes and restarts. At this point my only goal is getting some photos of my gf and I that I can’t part with off and resetting the whole thing. BUT- I can’t access any of my media from my computer even with a USB cable. The PTP storage isn’t even recognized on my computer, the MTP continually fails to install, and the mass storage does nothing. I still see the two drives I used to use to remove files with ease, but I can’t even get into them. I keep getting told to insert them. Please just help me salvage what I need so I can end this nightmare. I’ve simply lost my faith in motorola with this hellish update. It’s worse than the glitches I’ve already learned to live with- whereby tech support is zero help.

  31. DroidUserSL says:

    My droid bionic upgraded to the icecream sandwich OS and it’s been a nightmare come true. all of my texts are gone, none of my media works, i cant call or text, and every time i open an application or leave my phone running for more than five minutes it crashes and restarts. At this point my only goal is getting some photos of my gf and I that I can’t part with off and resetting the whole thing. BUT- I can’t access any of my media from my computer even with a USB cable. The PTP storage isn’t even recognized on my computer, the MTP continually fails to install, and the mass storage does nothing. I still see the two drives I used to use to remove files with ease, but I can’t even get into them. I keep getting told to insert them. Please just help me salvage what I need so I can end this nightmare.

    1. Yes that’s true , I’ve heard you can install it through the market but I’m not 100% sure , when I updated my razr I could still download flash but it said after a certain date you can’t anymore , I’m still researching about flash before I update to ICS on Bionic

  32. pamorga1 says:

    I installed the update yesterday. It warned me that it could take up to 10 minutes. An hour and 40 minutes later, it was still updating media something-or-other. Now the battery lasts maybe 3.5 hours if I shut down wifi and bluetooth and gps. Half the apps I’ve tried don’t work right, like Google Chat, and TuneWiki. I keep getting ” is not responding. would you like to close it?” But Facebook finally works with both Wifi and 4G running. Whoop-de-doo! I haven’t tried a lot more apps, because my battery dies so friggin’ fast!

  33. jkensing says:

    I’m sorry so many people are having problems. I wiped my phone clean when I had GB on my phone about a week before the update rolled out OTA. I had no issues. My wife doesn’t have a lot of apps and hers installed with no problems. The new OS (ICS) is way better than GB. I figured with all the apps I had there was a better chance of something going wrong with the update. Everything is faster than GB for both handsets.

  34. HomebrewerNJ says:

    Sorry to hear of the problems people are having but mine updated quickly and without issue. Yes, battery life is down from before but the tools in the OS tell me a lot of the power is going to Norton Anti-virus and tools. Since that is an option that is partially my fault I guess. I see the OS has the ability to do facial recognition like my Nexus 7 but I don’t see how to turn that on.

  35. Jake says:

    I got a notification a couple of days ago stating that there was a System Update and it would take 10-15 minutes. At the time I was not aware that this was for ICS. Anyways, the download took awhile, but I was not on Wifi, so I’m not completely surprised. I began the install around 8:00 AM and it seemed to be going smoothly at first until it got to the “Upgrading Media Database” phase…I have about 13 GB of media and after about 2 hours I decided it would be a good idea to plug my phone into a PC via USB to charge it…just in case.

    Apparently this was ineffective, as my phone wound up dying around noon (4 hours in). Once I located a wall charger I was able to turn the phone on and it said that the upgrade was successful. Shortly after this I realized that none of my music, photos, ringtones, and all other media were available. A few other things didn’t function as I expected, but nothing significant. I read somewhere that the media would sync in the background if this happened, so I waited for the rest of the day with no action.

    That night I plugged in my phone to the wall and woke up with it dead and not at all charged. Obviously frustrated, I finally said screw it and did a Factory Data Reset on it. I did not want to do this, but it was actually really painless. I did back up my SMS and call log through a 3rd party app and I think Verizon had some other backup service that restored most my apps. All said and done, it took me about 26ish hours before I got to a fully working version of ICS. With that being said: I love it now…It’s like a whole new phone! I would deem it a terribly unsuccessful roll-out but a great update once it does get settled.

  36. darcy says:

    I did the factory reset after it kept telling me the download failed, had to download all the apps again and pay for the sea theme that I had. Now its running the 4.0, but I still have to move everything back to where it was. Kind of a hassle when the phone was perfectly fine running the OS it had.

  37. disgruntled droid dude says:

    Updated system on 10/25/12
    Well my Droid Bionic just became a phone. It is no longer a multi madia device it does not do anything as well as it use to. It crashes everytime i try to type in a web address.when i try to type a web address, lets say www. Aww man it crashed. So heres my solution…for many years i have been an android advocate and tonight i will be the owner of an iphone….kma android….take all that is good and turn it into shizit.

  38. CEO says:

    Motorola and Verizon should be ashamed that they pushed out sucha terrible update! This is truely the worst of the worst! My update completely drained my battery and once I got it charged back up nothing was the same. Many features and functions do not work. The menus are all different and some ot the things I click on do nothing and then I get a message that says ” Activity Android System is not reponding. Would you like to close it?” Well what choice do I have? This is really, really poor. Hard to believe that professionals that tested this thought this was good enough to distribute, they shoudl be fired!! I’m going to buy and iPhone.

  39. pissed says:

    ICS 4.0.4 ruined my bionic. it was set up perfectly and the upgrade screwed everything up. I cant even charge the phone anymore via USB on my mac; it is treated as a storage device. The extended life battery no longer lasts 24 hours. The phone because of the upgrade is now crap. I want a new cell phone!

  40. fellow.traveler says:

    what happened to the apps I had installed? After my update, many of my personal apps (my banking apps for instance) are not in the list of apps. This sucks, i do not like the new interface, and had no warning this would happen. Can I revert to the old OS>

  41. Damon says:

    It has been updated.but i don’t know.please help and reply if this is just normal after the update. When i restart or turn on my phone, i don’t see the “dual core technology” part under the motorola logo as it was before.typin feels really slow at times when texting.and there are some display issues.also the touch sensitivity has gone crazy.slow responses.please reply.anyone.just tell me if the dual technology part is no longer there at startup under the red motorla logo???

  42. Happy Now says:

    Initially my was a disaster, basically destroyed my phone, settings, apps, etc. Being a bit of a techy,I decided to try a simple reboot. I turnedmy phone all the way off and charged it overnight. n the morning turned it on and bang – back in business, just like before. This update makes the phone seriously FAST!!! Super late, but glad to have it.

  43. I hate this upgrade!!!!! Nothing works on my phone it doesn’t ring when I get a call or text, and every time I try to go to setting it freezes up. The battery wont last but a coiple of hours.It also won’t let me access my pictures or my music. This is what I know
    so far that is wrong with my bionic. Something needs to be done and soon and I don’t think that I need to be told to reset my phone when it was not my fault!

    1. Duane Filey says:

      I am so disgusted with Motorola! This happened on my previous DROID as well. As much as I don’t like the IPHONE (work issued) I guess I will just have to use it and give up on MOTOROLA. We all need to chalk this up as a loss and go with IPHONES. Otherwise, these people won’t do anything.

  44. gpriceathome says:

    At first it looks really good. But the new ics update is nothing but problems. It is SLOW….VERY VERY SLOW. My phone use to work great. Since updating yesterday I have done a factory reset twice to try to correct mulitiple problems including every application crashing. Google store apps are taking 2 mins to download, with my speed it should take 2-3 sec for a 5MB app. Then the store stalls and is unresponsive. I have missed calls becuase there are now serious issues with reception. Recipients not receiving texts.
    The phone is slow, apps are crashing, reception is poor. This was a horrible upgrade. Not an improvement for me. Shame to all of you who rushed this update. IT is not ready. I advise not installing just yet. Its too hard to uninstall.

  45. I am pretty upset by the change. I also tried to ignore the download, only for it to do it on its own. Most of my apps no longer work, and I hate the interface; its like its meant for a high school age girl. I want my old OS back too… I feel like I am being ripped off.

  46. Wow, I think you shouldnt own a smartphone unless you know a little about computers first of all. As for losing things, back up or move your important files to your computer before ANY OTA upgrade. My Bionic is running smooth as silk. Best thing to come to the Bionic. Cant wait for Jelly Bean to roll out for it. I had troubles updating to ICS because I rooted my Gingerbread. But after a week of exploring options, I Backed EVERYTHING UP and found a package on the net that I could flash my phone back to the stock. 902 image and upgraded up to ICS. Running like a top! Re-rooted and tweeked. ICS has a much improved radio, giving it superb data connection with almost never dropping data now. And so far, knock on wood, I have had NO problems with any of my apps!! The only gripe I have is the ridiculous amount of time it took Motorola to roll it out. But it must be worth the wait, cause ICS rocks on my Bionic!! It’s the cat’s a** lol. The rest of you, try searching XDA Developers for solutions to your issues, or buddy up to a smartphone guru for help!! Sent from my Droid Bionic rockin ICS!!

  47. Patience says:

    I just upgraded my Droid Bionic two days ago. The update took about 45 minutes. Once the update was complete, I thought I had a problem as some of my features did not work. I let my cell phone idle for about an hour and it magically began to work as expected. We all know that the battery life has to do with all the apps running — not real thrilled about charging my battery twice a day but the new update is offering suggestions about making the battery life better. I still love my Droid Bionic.

  48. total BS says:

    Total crap! I was super excited they had the update available, i had no idea they were changing the interface and wish they hadn’t! I loved my phoned when i got it and using gb was great i only had to charge my phone every 24 hours, now every 4? Really if i was home i tried to stay on wifi and that really use to save the battery not any more! And the only thing that’s really running on my battery is android,!??? I hate my phone i hate this i really wanna go back to the gb this is an epic fail!!!

  49. One great improvement: connectivity is tremendously better.
    The downside: extremely slow processing!!! 75% of my programs freeze and crash 75% of the time.
    I cannot do file downloads; not one has been successful yet.
    The battery life is much worse.
    I can go on…
    I have reinstalled both cards, taken out the battery, then did a complete factory restore.
    No improvement.
    Very frustrated!!!!!!

  50. jayjay4863 says:

    I received the update for my bionic. We no longer have flash player. I lose audio all the time and have to restart my phone. My phone freezes and at times you are stuck on an app and have to turn the phone off. So far the update is a disaster. I call verizon and the guy said “this is why i dont do updates”.

  51. OMG! The update was brutal. It was almost 2hrs before my upgrade finished. Personally I like some of the new features but the phone hangs and is terribly slow. I am seriously thinking of getting a Iphone and sell this one. I have defended this phone for a year but now they have let me down! All my apps slow really slow!!!!!

  52. Update installed perfectly to ICS. Only took about 30 minutes to download the update and around 15-20 minutes to install it. Emails, contacts, apps, and texts are still all intact. Now I just need to get used to the new interface.

  53. marvin says:

    I had to get a new phone ics mssed up my phone..im not happy with it either. Ics msses other things too. Some of my apps dont work…i wanna go back to gingerbread.

  54. Very disappointed in this update. My phone was my hero but now its my shame. This update was the worst thing Motorola did.

    I wish I can revert and go back to my older version.

    I have no choose then to go to an iPhone.

  55. justina says:

    Hate it my browser wont work and its slower than all hell i reset the phone thinking the update would be gone and it was still here when it was done im pissed

  56. DL says:

    Oh, the update went perfectly BUT, the new software sucks royally! Almost everything I liked before & was quick is now slow as a snail & hard to work with. DON’T DO THE UPDATE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! It will ruin your phone & you can’t go backwards. The programmers should be fired for this screw-up! What they thought was a fancy, cool new look is a mess of bad programming. You’ll see. I want to throw away 14 years with Verizon because they say it’s not their problem. We’ll, it will be soon.

  57. Kim Lovick says:

    My upgrade to a couple of hours – now the phone is completely buggered it boots and falls over within a couple of minutes, then reboot until the battery goes flat – Motorola are no use. So a completely great phone is now just a door stop.

  58. Ken says:

    My update took about 20 to 30 minutes, and more for installing it, and it was in the morning, but my alarm went off as I had it set. I was used to the previous version, and I guess I am just an old guy, but why do these improvements not improve anything for me. The texting is not as predictive, and there are more steps to many things. To delvelopers: less steps, not more! I am obviously not a power user, because my previous fone was a LG Ally, and I loved that phone, and it did everything I need it to do.

  59. mizcat says:

    When I try to get updateI get msg saying “Check for update not available at this time. Try again later. My husband has same phone & his updated automatically. Phone battery life has gotten terrible wondering if phone is bad

  60. Six million dollar phone says:

    I did my update to ICS on 10/23. Went smoothly but took a while with a few reboots. I love it. Unlike others, my phone seems much faster and more responsive. I really like the action bar layout too. The only problem I had was with email. I had to completely remove my account and re-add it, but it didn’t sync well like before. I use yahoo mail so I tried their app. Turns out it’s way better anyway.

    My wife, who also has a Bionic, keeps manually trying to request the upgrade. They just won’t make it available to her. We got our phones at the same time and we are on the same account. This was stupid of Verizon to not upgrade us at the same time, because she is very upset with them now. She gets annoyed every time I mention something new or different on the phone.

  61. Jeanette says:

    Had to do factory reset after ICS install (battery pull failed). Thank you Google for remembering and reinstalling all my apps . . . Seems to be working ok now.

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