Xperia T release helps Sony’s Android market share

Way back at the beginning of the year Sony acquired its mobile partner Ericsson’s share of the joint venture it had been enjoying for a number of years. Since then the company has been releasing handsets that have gained plenty of plaudits such as the Xperia T, which have helped Sony gain market share in the Android world.

Handsets such as the Xperia T have been getting some positive reviews from owners and critics alike, and it is being reported by Mobile Magazine that the company has now overtaken HTC during the third quarter positioning itself second behind Samsung in the UK Android smartphone market.

Sales figures for the country show that during the summer Sony shifted around 500,000 Android smartphones compared to HTC’s 440,000, but this is still dwarfed by Samsung’s sales that reached 3.2 million in the country.

The company is set to make an even bigger push into the smartphone market next year with a new handset promised to rival the iPhone and Galaxy S3 set to be unveiled either next month at CES 2013, or MWC in February.

There has also been talk that Sony could be working on the next Nexus handset for Google after some benchmarks emerged of a Sony handset running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, and it seems that UK consumers have taken well to its latest products and especially the Xperia T which was the official handset from the recent James Bond Skyfall movie.

Sony is looking to its portfolio of media content to help drive sales of its smartphones going forward as more partners seem eager to work with the company in this area, and according to Sony’s Pierre Perron the company is looking into other smartphone platforms besides Android.

While some may feel that current Sony handsets may not compare to what Samsung has to offer, in reality the Xperia T is a great Android smartphone that is often available at a cheaper price, but still has some great specifications. For consumers that want an Android smartphone having a worthy alternative away from Samsung can only be a good thing.

Do you have a Sony handset and what do you think of it?


3 thoughts on “Xperia T release helps Sony’s Android market share”

  1. henri says:

    Still the same. I have a sony smartphone, sony S. I am a sony fan. Its been a good handset until now, suddenly it cut off and I have to re entre my code. I have made regular updates. Battery!?

  2. simon t says:

    Actually in terms of what a phone can do, this phone is superior. It’s not only cheaper but it avoids all the faults of Samsung s3.
    The Xperia T doesnt have that gastly Super AMOLED screen which gives off horrible and unnatural colours. Not to mention all the screen burn issues which I’ve seen in polls hit 33% of Samsung consumers on forums.
    Sony is also the king of nfc accessories with the nfc tags and speakers. Sony have also done a great job of merging all Sony products together with the PlayStation store, Bravia screen and tablet sync. It’s camera is much better too. Not just in megapixels but in the exmor r sensor and numerous modes and settings too.
    Lets not forget that the Xperia T is 150 pounds cheaper in my supermarket so you can get a nice bug fat as card with it too. This could be down to Samsung making you pay for a massive quad-core processor you cannot use properly too. Android and 99% of apps aren’t optimised for quad-core yet and won’t be for a few years yet. The Xperia T’s S4 Qualcomm processor has been out performing quad-core phones in latest bench mark tests for this reason.
    Not to mention that the build quality in the Xperia T is far superior. It’s arc shape and rubber/Matt case makes it a dream to handle. Rather than that plastic pebble.
    It seems Samsung put all this spec in a phone and expect consumers to blindly compare a spec sheet and go for the phone with the highest number rather than understanding how a phone works. They are treating people like idiots really and I’m surprised to see how many reviewers don’t even know this too.

    1. simon t says:

      Also I forgot to mention that Sony’s FIX (facebook inside Xperia) is the single best facebook integration around. With LG coming a distant second. ive used it many times and it makes your Mobile phone experience so much more integrated and useful

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