iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak concerns as iOS 6.1 even tougher

We’ve been bringing readers news on an iOS 6 /6.0.1 untethered jailbreak for some time now, or should we say the lack of it. A few days ago we gave readers details of an interview with renowned iOS hacker pod2g and were slightly more hopeful that an untethered jailbreak could come soon, even if it meant waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.1 first. However it now seems there are further concerns as another renowned member of the jailbreaking community says that iOS 6.1 is going to be even tougher to jailbreak.

Many, many iOS users are waiting anxiously for an untethered jailbreak for their device with iPhone 5 owners chomping at the bit and there have been many twists and turns in the story with hoaxes and scams by the bucketload and sometimes false hope that a genuine untethered jailbreak was on the way. When iOS 6.0.1 was upcoming there was speculation that maybe work on the untethered jailbreak was being put on hold for this but there was still no news. A few days ago though we told how Apple had now released iOS 6.1 beta 4 for developers, thought to be the final build and therefore a public release for 6.1 now looks pretty close.

This led to further talk that an untethered jailbreak was again being put on hold, waiting for the 6.1 update to arrive, although the major names in the jailbreaking community have kept pretty quiet on this so far. When pod2g spoke out recently he was asked about the jailbreak for iOS 6.x and he said again that he was still confident that the jailbreak would come but when speaking of future iOS jailbreaks he seemed to feel that this would become more and more difficult to do at a timely speed because of the tighter security measures that Apple continues to put in place.

Many iOS jailbreaking fans were then given a glimmer of hope though when pod2g also stated that there was a big chance that he would work on the iOS 6 jailbreak again and had already spent some time on it. He also mentioned that there had been suggestions of waiting now for iOS 6.1 to release. As you might expect this gave plenty of waiting potential jailbreakers something to smile about instead of starting to give up hope completely but news today from another well known and respected member of the jailbreaking community asserts that 6.1 will be even harder to jailbreak.

Many jailbreaking enthusiasts out there will have heard of Stefan Esser, aka i0n1c. He has just issued a tweet from @i0n1c talking about a change of guard at Apple and how even tougher protection had been added to iOS 6.1, despite the fact that the jailbreaking community hasn’t yet managed to jailbreak iOS 6. Although this is not a huge statement it does pack a punch, coming from somebody so much a part of the jailbreaking community and who came up with the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2, as reported by iClarified. As well as this he was responsible for the jailbreak for the iPad 3 on the iOS 5.1so i0n1c certainly knows what he’s talking about.

If you still hope to eventually jailbreak your A5 or A6 iOS 6 device then you may want to hold back on updating to iOS 6.1 when it comes, bearing in mind this rather gloomy news. As Cult of Mac reminds us, the “changing of the guard” that i0n1c alludes to is that iOS chief Scott Forstall recently received his marching orders and Craig Ferenghi who replaced him, seems to have even less tolerance of jailbreaking.

This will be a big blow to those waiting to jailbreak their iOS 6 devices but we need to remember that pod2g and others haven’t yet given up on an eventual iOS 6 jailbreak, even if it doesn’t exactly look close. However rather than waiting for iOS 6.1 it seems that was a red herring as it will be even harder to crack so remember, don’t update to it when it arrives soon if you still want to wait for a jailbreak at some point down the line.

Here at Phones Review we always remind people not to fall for the various hoaxes and scam jailbreaks that are out there, often being charged for. As we’ve said before, the best way you can keep tabs on an authentic iOS 6 jailbreak is to follow the Twitter accounts of some of the old guard jailbreakers such as @pod2g, @MuscleNerd, @planetbeing and others including of course @i0n1c as well as the websites of the Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team. We shall, of course, be following developments with interest but we’re pretty sad we haven’t been able to bring you news on an authentic iOS 6 jailbreak just in time for Christmas. Hopefully the New Year will see all systems go on this.

We’re always interested to hear from our readers and know from previous comments just how many of you are waiting to jailbreak your latest iOS devices. How do you feel about 6.1 being even tougher to jailbreak and i0n1c’s caution on this? Are you still holding out for some of the most prominent hackers to try to crack 6.0? Let us have your comments on this.


111 thoughts on “iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak concerns as iOS 6.1 even tougher”

  1. They should just throw in the towel on the jailbreak. The devs are clearly not interested in jailbreaking anymore, just jerking everybody around. I’m fine without a jailbreak, I really only used it for customizations to the iOS. I’d suggest that others go to Android.

    1. AlwaysJBhope says:

      Android is choppy and barely resembles an
      Operating system. Just because jailbreaking
      Legends are taking a little longer than usual,
      Everybody who just want want wants everything
      Right away, have to complain. A jailbroken iPhone is THE
      MOST advanced mobile device available to
      The public. So just wait until the iPhone 5 is
      Untethered. Then see what your comments are.
      Android is child’s play.

      1. Andrew H. says:

        Android is actually quite amazing. Jellybean is a great OS and when rooted you can change alot of stuff. At least Android can handle live wallpapers. Apple hasnt even attempted to implement that feature yet. I love Apple and all but dont call Android childs play when its open source instead of locked down.

        1. Naif says:

          I dont think that live wallpaper is really a deal breaker rather than wasting battery. And, even jellybean cant work as smoothly as iOS does. I agree that its open source but, sometimes closed source is better than open source. Android phones freezes more often than iOS devices.

          1. Andrew says:

            It’s hard to make an OS for such a variety of phones. Don’t get me wrong I love Apple but you’ve got them making software specifically for a phone model. Google has to try and make software for many different phone models. That’s why they freeze. iOS 6 is a battery drainer in itself. That’s why I’m back on iOS 5.1.1 but apple has so much potential. They aren’t gonna change until they have a reason to though.

          2. Naif says:

            Thats not the only reason. Android apps are made using Java and eclipse. But, iOS apps are developed using C and C# which are much stable than Java. iOS SDK Xcode is a life changer for developers whereas Android SDK is even tough to set it up.. I agree that there are plenty of phone variants in Android.. but, developers always used to release variants of their apps..

          3. Anaconda1552 says:

            iOS apps are NOT made with C#. The are done with objective C, which is completely different.

          4. Ameer says:

            C# and Obj-C aren’t completely different. Obj-C is a subset of the C and C#. The difference is that what Obj-C can do, C and C# aren’t able to do all of those things.

          5. solomonshv says:

            iOS isn’t perfect either. i got an iPhone 5 and just a few moments ago i was in the app store (on the phone) scrolling through all the apps i purchased looking to re download an app i paid for a few years back. the iphone froze for a second or two with every stoke of my finger as i was going down the list of apps. don’t believe me? try it on your own device and see. it does the same thing on my mom’s iphone 5 and it’s even worse on the 4s. this stuttering when going down long lists is just one example of when iOS starts getting wacky. more recently i had a problem with sound disappearing from certain apps (GPS, dictionary, a few others). blame the app developers if you must but it happened in a few apps and apple does quality control on these things themselves.

            the “smoothness” of iOS died when iOS 6 came out.

            and top tier android devices don’t freeze or crash as much as the average apple fanatic would like them to. i tried out the GS 3 and lived it, but have to stay with the iPhone because my car doesn’t recognize anything that is NOT an apple device when connected via USB port.

          6. LOL. Not sure if you’re acting like a spaz or actually a spaz. iOS6’s App Store got rid of the list of apps; now you have ‘cards’, most likely stolen from webOS . Please stop spewing fake crap all over the place ..

          7. solomonshv says:

            just saw this. i guess i’m a little late, but YOU are the one spewing crap. or you don’t even know how to use your own phone.

            to see your list of purchased apps, click on the “app store” icon, then the “updates” tab, then click “purchased” at the top. that will show you a list of all your purchased apps.

            but good job proving that you are an idiot.

          8. DroidKiller says:

            Sounds like you got some refurbished equipment lol I have never had this problem on my 3GS 4S or my iPhone 5. As for android battery life crap OS crap and its is far far from open-source

          9. solomonshv says:

            My iPhone 5 came from the apple store. Also, GS3 and droid razor max have longer battery lives than the iPhone 5. The OS is crap at all. If your head wasn’t buried so far up your behind, you would have tried the devices before repeating lies other morons post on the net.

            Sent from my iPad

          10. Naif says:

            Oh… You act like you are smarter than everyone else. And you are the only one who got these stuff.

          11. solomonshv says:

            it looks that way. pola-para up there is telling me i don’t know what i’m talking about while he himself doesn’t know how to find his app purchase history on his iphone

            i would not assume that i am smarter than everyone arguing with me if they would stop proving that they have no idea what they are talking about.

      2. Xelphos says:

        Android child’s play? I haven’t seen so much trouble with a phone when it comes to unlocking or rooting/jailbreaking until I saw iPhone. Yes sure it may be harder to crack. But the android Dev community overall outweighs your tiny iPhone Dev community. And with the new law on jailbreaking coming into place it will soon be illegal not like you care. But Android has always been legal and always will be because its open and open to almost any amount of customization imaginable. But for you guys you want working out of the box ease of uses and your fancy materials. Instead of straight into the deep end of the pool with android. But it’s all opinions I prefer Android and your prefer iPhone and it’s not like you can even compare the 2 on many levels they are both outstanding Operating Systems. I just prefer the opensource side of it so I can do what ever I want without having to have a computer. iPhone you get ease of use but you are locked into what apple allows you todo.

        1. John says:

          Except its not actually open. In order for software to be Open Source– The complete Source MUST be available !

          Not to mention that if Jailbreaking becomes illegal so does Rooting!
          I believe both processes involve circumventing maker placed locks.

          Sidenote: there are some disadvantages to having a “Semi-Open” quasi system.
          Most of the Restrictions that people complain about are strengths to the majority.
          A jailbroken device is MORE secure with the right person, but extremely less secure with a less experienced person.

          We are about to enter a state of constant battle with malware.

          These are things I would think about.
          Not if i can customize my screens.

          1. Noctis says:

            You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

            1) The complete source is available. Go google the android open source project.

            2) Rooting will never be illegal. Android itself loves being unlocked – look at the nexus lineup, each can be rooted with ONE line and they will still support your device.
            Hell, google has support docs on the thing.

            3) Rooting an android is easy but would not be done by an ‘average’ user – some things are too difficult for them to understand. Also rooting is only effective when installed with a superuser manager- of which they ALL are. Take a look at EVERY single root EVER, it comes with superuser or superSU. Both are ridiculously secure and CAN NOT BE BYPASSED.

            Go home fanboy.

          2. eugeen says:

            lol go get 25pp i install cracked apps with that on my non-jailbroken iphone 5 running ios 6.0.2 😀

          3. Michael McCann says:

            Rooting will not become illegal due to Google selling apps for rooted devices. Google will fight to keep profit and they are not loosing any money with rooting, people can already download and install cracked apps with android.

      3. Dashing57 says:

        Tell me what a jailbroken iphone can do that a high end Android device can’t. Stop talking out of your ass and provide reasons as to how ios is more advanced.

          1. Naif says:

            Yea.. thats a truth Incognito… as a guitarist i regularly use amplitube for iPad. its really nice app and requires low audio latency… Is here any one who can suggest an android alternative for this app???? Or alternatives for Garageband, Cubasis, Ampkit+, DJ Rig, Djay?????

          2. Sockmonkey says:

            Bingo! I’ve been using Apple mobile devices since the intro of the iPhone, and with the advent of jailbreaking and customization, I have been extremely pleased with them. When the Android-loving, Apple-bashers at my office run up to me and show me what their new disposable toy can do, I’ve always been able to say “You mean like this? Cool”. Now that the new hardware and OS can’t be jailbroken, and with Android’s “advancements”, I’ve actually been considering jumping the fence. Trouble is, Apple devices, jailbroken or not, make AMAZING musical production devices. There’s no detectable audio latency and the myriad of very impressive VST’s, DAW’s, and guitar effects apps make iDevices a huge value and push the cool factor into the stratosphere. The Android devices, whether it’s due to hardware or the OS, simply fall very short. I’ve read many posts by frustrated devs and vendors who wish Android could process audio better. Until it does, I’m still an “iSheep” or whatever the super-cool Android users wish to call us.

        1. Ipadlover says:

          I agree ,dude……for android fans ,,,,,,you will never know the feeling of holding an idevice …It gives the feeling that you are having a device that has not copied ideas or something ,, it’s just the original one could buy ……and at last apple maintain its standard.Not like Samsung, each and everyone can buy Samsung mobile…..more if u like to hear ——–leave that
          If u don’t have an idevice ,u simply don’t have an idevice

          1. PURPLEWALRUS says:

            Really giving an idevice gives me the opposite feeling,only reason I still have one is for Cydia and apple hasn’t maintained its standard Samsung has

      4. George says:

        Android is more of an OS than anything else in the embedded space as of now. It supports File management, transfer protocols and supports standards like USB OTG, has call recording APIs out of the box without any need for “jailbreak” or “root”. iOS in comparison barely resembles an operating system.

          1. George says:

            Well, please show me one malware epidemic on android. Not the scaremongering done by AV vendors. Actual data on malware infections. As any experienced android user will tell you there is no malware on android.

            However rather recently a company named Enfour released an update for their iOS dictionary app. It tweeted piracy confessionals on behalf of its legitimate users. Check #softwarepirateconfession .:-P
            I think that should be called malware.

      5. Bustinidiots says:

        ROFLMAO@ ALWAYSJBHOPE actually you just made yourself look really dumb, i had been with the iphone since day 1 and i recently aquired a note 2, which is android, and i see NO choppy. i see NO childs play, and i dont have to wait for MONTHS to do any customizations, what you fail to see is that apple has a game being played on thier customers, for example: in cydia, a few months before a new phone is released you will see a competition in cydia, usually called TWEAK tuesday or Tweak Thursday, where they decide the best tweaks, what you dont see is that magically apple ends up using EVERYONE of those top tweaks in thier “NEXT IPHONE”, (bet you didnt know that siri was originally on iphone 4, and was removed the day before 4s release for sales gimmick.) afterall they have the “original” jailbreaker working for them, incase you didnt know…. so sir , you are the childs play, and to your quote”MOST POWERFUL DEVICE BLAH BLAH BLAH” where is your quad core?, your NFC, your direct wifi, your multi-screen, OH WAIT YOU HAVE ,….NONE. HA MOST POWERFUL DEVICE! ROFLMAO.
        ENJOY YOUR LITTLE SQUARES isheep. android is hands down owning apple THAT IS WHY THEY WON THE LAWSUIT OVER APPLE. think im wrong …..”SAFARI IT” (bet you use google)!!! BWAHAHAHA

          1. KockBurn says:

            Obviously you don’t know Chronic-Dev forced them to add donate links. People who did not help make absinthe made off with tons of cash. I’m tired of hearing this non-profit crap when they take in 1000s of dollars tax free. Wake up.

    1. Andrew H. says:

      No way. They took like 5 months to jailbreak 5.1.1 so Im estimating around a year and with updates rolling out all the time now its gonna be hard to keep up. I think when iOS 7 comes out theyll have to just throw in the towel. Apple is putting in alot of security to stop us from having fun

  2. petey says:

    Apple is going to lock their operating system right out of business, Droid and even windows operating system has more options than IOS everybody’s phone looks the same on IOS. I like jail broken IOS.

  3. Alexander Smoljanovic says:

    Will keep my iPhone 5 jailbroken or not. It will be my last Apple purchase though. Not interested in a locked down system where I can’t customize or easily transfer files using SFTP over WiFi like I did with my 4S. I like my iPhone but it should be allowed to be better.

    1. CtKidd says:

      I have never loved Android so much until I got a Note 2. Not even the GS3 felt so smooth and feature packed. This phone is amazing and anybody talking about the freezing and the lag, I say to them dare yourself and try a Note 2 you will never look at you iPhone again….try something new for a change!!

      1. Matt Dawson says:

        Im so frustrated with this phone. all my pictures and videos show up sideways and upside down when I upload them to my PC. I have major issues when trying to talk in group chats with iPhone users. I kind of miss being able 2 easily use my phone with 1 hand, as well. I also miss how easy it is to use icloud and iTunes and don’t know the Android equivalents. I still have 5 days to return it, I may get the iPhone 5. I wish my transition was easier 🙁

  4. Faizan says:

    Lets quit appreciating Apple products together for a while until they see a sufficient decline in revenue generation due to non availability of a jailbreak, cornering them to lower their security measures or better help dev-team directly or under the table to jailbreak or best make ios an open source. I think we, the jailbreak community, are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

      1. Faizan says:

        Please no need for a judgment call here. Lets focus on the problem at hand shall we, and keep our hate speeches to youtube or whatever. Lets do something substantial like signing a petition or something. Show that we are loyal to the company as long as our freedom is not compromised. We care for such a class act company and we don’t want to see it going down the drain. I bet jobs was sympathetic towards jail breaking and current admin needs to keep things the way they were.

  5. InYourDreams says:

    Just give it up. Your wasting everyone’s times putting there hopes up. If their so good at jailbreaking, than why so long? I know how to do my homework and it takes one night Zzz quit your jobs and just learn how to root androids lmao ios6 jailbreak failures

  6. Android4thewin says:

    They call themselves jailbreakers?? Lol but yet it takes them months to do it. Show us effort if your gonna help us. Slacking while millions of people are waiting? Lol throw in the towel you jailbreak failures. I bet it takes you months to root an android phone lmao pathetic..

    1. Jailbreak Brain says:

      If you think its easy to break the security on a Highly Advanced IOS then you Jailbreak it then, lets see how long it takes you to break the code to allow homebrew. Its way harder than a non secured OS like android moron

    2. you fail to realize that this os is so secure most likely because of jailbreaking. these guys find vulnerabilities and exploit them. your comment that they are not real jailbreakers because it takes so long makes you look like an idiot, when they find all these exploits, apple fixes them which inturn has really secured the os. android “jailbreak” (root) devs are child play compared to the amount of time required for a jailbreak on the iphone. plug up all the big holes and your stuck looking for small leaks, no leaks and the plumbers have no job. android is open source, can be great look at linux like debian, some of the most secure os’s on the planet. but on a mobile devices android needs to be redesigned for each device. people need to realize that apple makes the OS around the hardware, everyone else makes hardware fit the OS. windows makes an OS, not hardware. android is an OS not hardware. i have android stuff as well as android, i like them both for what they are. the android allows me to do stuff in the IT field that is not available on IOS, but the experience on an iphone for me is FAR superior.

      for example it took me almost two days to replace an engine mount on a 76 corvette stingray on my back in a garage with no engine lift OR car lift, shouldn’t have taken that long but that doesn’t reflect on my ability as a mechanic.

      can we please stop argueing which is better? it allways sounds like a 5th grade class room in comment sections like this.

    3. >>Xtreme<< says:

      When I read your post, I came to two conclusions. Either you’re a skilled hacker, or you’re an insane idiot who has no idea how difficult it is to breach iOS 6.x.x .
      Talking of pathetic… (Snort)

  7. Fred says:

    I don’t see a major difference between the iPhone 4S vs 5. Therefore i sold and am sticking with a jailbroken 4S until something is done about iOS6. Please people let’s not forget that the devs do this FOR FREE. I for one appreciate the work they do and acknowledge their talents but I believe the good old days of iOS3-4 are gone and jailbreak is almost dead…..

  8. elwhiteboy says:

    I bought the iphone 5 solely for the incredible experience I had with my jb’d iphone 4. Tell me what beats a Typophone 4 lockscreen. Sadly, Apple’s tech people are too good at their jobs and the company ethic is one of avarice. Bad combo. There will be no decline in new iphone sales, it has been cleverly turned into the ‘it’ device. Look at the resale value. I am talking not as a techie but a lifelong consumer activist. There will be no incentive for Apple to amend their current approach until their is an organized boycott of non-breakable Apple products. No corporate entity moves until it hurts in the pocket. It makes no sense. Why change? You are making a bomb with an entirely locked system and you hold the key to the bank. I am sure the dev team will pull this off. But is it worth the cost of having a faster, and in many ways superior Android phone? Rest assured the competition isn’t waiting around. My current phone might as well be bricked. If it emerges that Apple is going to make its products more impenetrable, I wouldn’t buy one of their products at a fraction of the going price. Total boredom comes cheap. I use the 5 only for quicker mobile web access. What is it really? Its an upgrade, not a revolution. In fact, its a con. I can play Angry Birds on a cheap Chinese clone.

    1. bobmutch says:

      most users 99% don’t know what a jailbreak is or what it would do for them. some people just want to use the phone for calling, texting, music, web browsing, etc. they don’t care for the cydia tweaks as they don’t need them.

  9. AppleNoMore says:

    Getting my android phone tomorrow! cant wait. Ever since Steve left, apple has fell way behind. I know what’s good when I see it. I’ve never been a fanboy. Just a user who appericate technology as it comes. Sorry apple. Nice knowing you. Android is the future. Good luck all.

  10. nicknowsky says:

    Back up your SHSH blobs. Simple, what would you rather have a jailbroken ipad3 running 5.1.1 or sadly being stuck with ios6. Hell I remember how long it took to jailbreak the first iPad. I stood by 3.2 forever. Just think now we are talking about ios6.1

  11. Trebbiano says:

    I’m a bit ignorant to the whole jailbreaking thing. Is there a tethered jailbreak or not for iPhone 5? All the articles I read mention untethered but for what I want it for a tethered option would be fine.

  12. Zac says:

    This wait is killing me. I dont want to part with the look of the iphone or ios so If the wait for the future updated gets worse i might consitter the gooapple i5.

  13. FreeiOS says:

    Seriously, iPhone without jailbreak is unusable. Everything is tied down. Basically it is like buying a Porsche but they limited the max speed to 60 MP/H. What is the point, when you know there is a lot more potential in it. Unleash it Apple. You know what the iPhone is capable of. If the iOS is jailbreakable out of the box, i think Apple’s sales would double or might triple of what they are selling now.

    1. solomonshv says:

      i wouldn’t say double or triple. but 10% or better is guaranteed.

      i think apple just assumes that the bulk of their users are brain dead and would download every virus in the universe as soon as their devices are allowed to install application from outside their own app store. and to be honest i don’t appreciate others thinking that they know what is best for me. had i not invested so heavily into iOS apps over the years (since 2007) i would have moved over to android this summer with the GS 3.

    2. bobmutch says:

      I think the point of a iPhone is music, books, phone calls, web browsing, texting, video phone calls. I find all those things very usable thank you with out a jailbreak.

  14. I have left iOS in favor of an Android phone because Google isn’t as anti-development as Apple by any stretch of the imagination, but some of you guys are a bunch of whiny crybabies. It’s like having stage IV pancreatic cancer and whining and complaining when the surgeons have a hard time removing all of it. If it’s so easy then go do it yourself, contribute in some meaningful way, or shut your trap and go play Angry Birds on your unjailbroken phone.

    And the Android fanboys can also take a Ritalin as well. Just because you think you’re so counterculture with your mass market Android phone doesn’t make you any better than some of the brilliant hackers who have been providing jailbreaks for iOS since day one. Google may have made it much easier to tweak their OS than Apple has, but that just means that Android devs have it much easier than iOS hackers. It doesn’t mean that they have superior hacking skills, and it certainly doesn’t say anything about the skills of Android end users, who are no more elite hackers than any other average consumer.

  15. The truth says:

    By the time a jailbreak comes out, I will have lost all interest in anything apple. Apple is just another greedy corporate that does what it wants to with nothing but hitler like ethics. Screw apple

      1. solomonshv says:

        to be fair (and i am jewish myself) it wasn’t only jews that hitler was after. gipsies and mentally disabled people were also sent to concentration camps. and i’m sure slavic people would not have been far behind had hitler won the war against russia.

        that being said, i agree with you. how locking down your OWN product connects to genocide is beyond me.

  16. AnotherNerd says:

    Well after this jailbreak comes out, by the sound of it, it will be one. Of the last ones. I wish I never got iOS 6… 5 was better anyway. Looks like I’ll be getting android devices now.

  17. Eriks says:

    hey buddy’s I dont get why in IOS jailbreak news you post a comment about Android ? If you think its awsome keep quite and think it to yourselfs, And by the way why i havent bought Samsung Galaxy SIII ? HEHEHE because in shops it still 500GBP New but on ebay its already 280GBP used so in this short time after release it has lost nearly 50% Good luck with Android!

    1. solomonshv says:

      GS 3 is about 8 months old. give the iphone 8 months and it will also be available on ebay for half price. and if no jailbreak comes along by then it might be even lower than that.

    2. Pinkbear says:

      bought an iphone 5 for 850$ sold it 2 weeks later for 400$ as it simply did not do all the things I wanted it to. It couldn’t see my X5’s bluetooth it couldn’t let me listen to fm radio- and i couldn’t take photos while recording video- nor in fact zoom while i was videoing.

  18. Runawaytrain says:

    IMO I really think jb is done seems that the devs aren’t interested in the hobby anymore, I think it’s time to give the s3 a shot at least it’s already been rooted, and lets you use 3rd party apps rite out the box…

  19. Eviled says:

    it’s time to move on, there is lots of other options, before it was only the iphone, but now we have samsung galaxy3 also windows phone and nokia, sony, and I’m sure there will be more to come with different and better options so why wait for a jailbreak that probably will not happen, the iphone it’s good if it is jailbroken other than that it is just a regular phone

  20. nick says:

    Personally the only reason I own an iPad 3 is because it’s jailbroken. Otherwise it’s inferior to my Nexus 10. I really only use it to play iOS only games for free. The Nexus plays flash content, has media server support without the need for conversion, and is just ultimately more engrossing than any of my Apple products. I gave up the iphone and went to the GS3 and the difference has been astounding. Apple should spend more time embracing jailbreaking as it pretty much doubles the potential of its devices for free. Instead they waste numerous resources in order to maintain that iron clad grip on its customers who simply want to get the most out of their expensive toys. Imagine buying a car only to have the factory spot weld every single piece just so you couldn’t tinker with it. This is basically what Apple has been doing for years. Spiteful and brash

  21. Danny k says:

    I used every iphone since the first iphone, never skipped “s” i mean every iphones..
    Also used atrix HD, note1, gs2, gs3… Currently on iphone 5.
    Just because of my wife, she wanted to get this “couple” iphone..
    Only real app that i use it find my friend with my wife… That is the ONLY reason.

    I own business and also in grad school…
    Apple is so protective that i cant even upload my homework to school dropbox.
    It used to be so easy when i had note 1….
    Now i need a computer everytime to upload simple pic on any forum…

    This is simple argument…
    ios… Simple easy to use with lots of stuff blocking your way.
    Android… Might be complicated, but it is basically a small computer in you hand.

    To make it short, i tell this to my friend,
    “I feel dumb when im using “smart” iphones, but i actually feel smarter when i use the “smart” android phones..

  22. Really? I love how everyone is just like “Switch to Android!” As if I can just use all the hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in apps and music I bought over the past 6 years on my entirely new and incompatible operating system. I think this year Android finally surpassed iOS, but I’m STUCK! I just want to illegally hot spot my phone for my wifi ipad, remove the “wifi only” restrictions for apps and downloads, and use SB settings to toggle wifi and data. I think switching to android would only help with easy toggles, nothing else.

  23. maverick mitchell says:

    this maybe the decline of apple sales because others buy the iphone because of his amazing apps in cydia, iphone without cydia is a good has thrash phone.

  24. John says:

    Apple have spent the past 3 years releasing bits of software to certain people in the ‘community’ but a very recent change if personnel has now resulted in the end of such practise’s. It might be a hard truth for some – or many – but ALL iOS exploits have cane courtesy of apple themselves. The hardware of a device doesn’t upgrade with iOS – so the fundamental security protocols remain – the simple fact is there is NO-ONE in the JB community that actually has achieved anything without EXPLICIT assistance from Apple. If Apple don’t leak further iOS exploits then it really is goodbye Jailbreak scene. Do NOT think for a second twitter posting nerds are actually personaly responsible for anything – apart from rebadging the exploits and calling them their own. That’s a fact.

  25. John says:

    You iPhone people are hilarious. I started on iPhone 4. It broke when I took it for a swim. The timing was perfect though because iPhone 5 was released within a week. Of course, I couldn’t buy one LOL. Had to wait a month. While waiting that month I bought the newest Galaxy. Thing was huge. It also has way more features than an iPhone.

    Need to add a contact? God forbid you have multiple sources of contacts, calendar events and tasks, because while the Samsung is kind enough to ask you where you would like the contact to be created (ActiveSync, local??? what is your pleasure?), I challenge you all to explain to me how to do the same with an iphone. Seriously, I would love to hear you fumble around with that one. In fairness, how important is contact management on a phone right? 😐

    Would you like to create a wifi hotspot. (Is this too techie of an example?) God forbid you want anything other than an SSID and On/Off. Cause that’s essentially all you get with an iphone! Very not so with the Samsung.

    Hey does anyone here like to view their tasks on their calendar? Too bad, iPhone doesn’t think that reminders (what is a reminder anyway) belong on a calendar.

    Clearly, I can continue on forever like this but this post is already too long. So, here I am with my iPhone 5, waiting for a jailbreak so that my features can compare to the Galaxy OOTB features. I had to give to my wife when the iPhone 5 finally decided to grace me with it’s presence.

    2 more thoughts: What a pathetic major version for your awesome phone Apple. I might as well be on an iPhone 4. iPhone 5 offered nothing but faster hardware to do the same thing. Whatever, you’ll all simply say “why fix what is so great”. Well, how about to justify my 200 USD? lol.

    iPhone dev folks, please save me. My wife rightfully laughs at this pathetic device I now own. Give me a fighting chance. LOL.

  26. Sindroid says:

    Apple should open the door for people to Jailbreak their phones. The problem is piracy. Even though Hackulous has shut down, there is no problem to find pirated IPAs for your phone. As long there is piracy, Apple would never even consider Jailbreaking to allowed by Apple themselves.
    But from my standpoint as a consumer, i really hoped they would. As of now, iOS has become very dated and old. What Tim Cook and his crew develops for iOS isn´s exactly innovative anymore, and they push out things that Android phones have gotten months ago. so iOS remains dated and little exciting.
    We see Samsung is taking more and more of the market, and many of them are coming from iPhones and people bored with the thing.

    iPhone without Jailbreak is very dull. They clearly aren´t innovating a single thing on the iOS that can stand out. While devs behind jailbreak community making tweaks and apps that surpasses Apples own inventions, it really says it all.. Apple are followers. We saw iOS6 bringing a couple Jaibreak feature like Facetime over 3G.. Way to late..

    Jailbreak should be possible by choice. But as long as piracy makes Apple lose money, it will never happen.

    Sad really..

  27. yes IOS 6 is more buggy and has kinks but thats what the software updates are for. over all. the Iphone is a SINGLE competitor vs how many phones? yeah. the iphone is the main target to be compared to and targeted. android is not a bad OS. yet for beauty and style it will never compare to an Iphone IOS. games on android suck. although it is preference which is better. i find that since this Iphone with its flagship Iphone 5 still out classes the rest simply because by itself with IOS 6, has to compare agianest hundreds of different android phones and all the varieties.

    i and dont tell me android phones looks nicer then iphones, cause your blind if you do.

  28. nkrules says:

    Well, after a lotta of the comments… I feel kinda confused, but one thing is for sure, Planetbeing as reassured us the an iOS6 untethered JB is imminent as soon as 6.1 rolls out. I hv been an apple fan since the original iPhone & dont get me wrong, I think a Jailbroken OS is the most advanced Operating System theres is today… but Devs @ Android hv done an excellent job @ making Jelly Bean. I use it on my Nexus & it is AMAZINGGGGG… So all in all it depends on whether u can wait it out or not… If yes, gud for u.. coz a JB is bound to come out sooner or later but if not… jus get an Android phone as well… Best of Both Worlds! 🙂

  29. Pinkbear says:

    without jailbreak IOS will die- I don’t care how loyal fans are now

    The device is limited to the extent it is severely handicapped without a jailbreak

    At time of launch Iphone 5 boasted less memory, smaller screen size lower ram
    slower processor- slower GPU- although it has 3 of them
    Battery life- Droids with similar sized screens outlast apple by a factor of 2-3x they are only comparative in battery life because the screens are 2-3x larger and brighter.

    while talking about screens i’ll quote Mathew Elliot

    “The Droids screen is like witnessing the sun set over an infinity pool on Hamilton island

    The iPhone screen is like watching the KGB’s boots stomp past your grimy
    Moscow basement window as they try to arrest your father.

    memory- sure i you can pay 400$ extra for 64Gb on an apple or 15$ for a 128Gb card for a droid. But you cannot expand an apple later on it is a disposable device.
    while the camera on i5 has improved over previous generations of iphone its still nowhere near the top end droid devices.

    how about an fm radio?

    Then you can compare browsing speed either over 4g or wifi makes no difference- droids just do it faster right out of the box.

    Again I restate my first comment if no jailbreak is released soon only a fool would stick to the device that makes all its customers into Dolly the sheep- Just a clone copying everyone round them.

    Apple is NOT a hardware and software company. It does not innovate. It is a marketing machine.

    Ok rant about Iphone5 over how about other products- anyone want to compare ipad vs Droid DNA?

    So who will now say Baaaa first and regurgitate some rubbish that they read from the apple site?

  30. lester mullsmoi says:

    Why dont these “Hackers” actually work on modifying the IOS and make a custom Rom for the iPad? this would certainly raise the bar and force Apple to stop restricting the device that could change the world if only it (Apple) got out of the way!

    I think I would even pay money for such a hack!

  31. HQRiggerz says:

    are all of you people forgetting the iphone is not ment to be a toy but a top of the range business phone which includes conference calls (facetime) hands free (siri) webbrowsing (safari) phone calls, emails and messages, (when you add a contact I has a section for a company and email addresses!) these are not you average phone they are SMART phones and designed for business use. unlike android which are google programmers having a laugh and a joke… just look at the names! jellybean, icecream there named after what the programmers are eating for lunch + for comparison drag down from the status bar on both android phones and idevices ios is atleast 60% smoother it is no secret that people have their own opinions and I would no give a child an iphone not even a blackberry but I would give them an android in fact I bought my 10yr old sister a galaxcy ace 3 weeks ago…..

  32. iPhone & iPad Tips says:

    As Stef Esser mentioned that jailbreak of iOS 6 for iphone 5 is difficult becasue apple make iphone 5 jailbreak or jailbroken very tough so that hackers cannot easily jailbreak. so lets wait until we get jailbreak of iphone 5. but jailbreak for iphone 4 and iphone 4s is very easy and there are a lot of methods available.

  33. I bought my iPhone 5 really quickly after it came out because I ‘had’ to have it. Almost like an addict and hoped the jailbreak would come soon. I admit I was a sheep! Well a sheep that loves Apple’s products. If that makes me a sheep then fair enough. I thought about, and nearly went over to the dark side, Android, because of price, customisation etc but am glad I didn’t. I don’t want a plastic, poorly put together product that is more vulnerable to malware than iOS. Yes there is very little but facts are facts! iOS is more secure due to the closed nature of it all. I wish I had waited longer as for quite a while most apps looked just the same as on my iPhone 4 because they weren’t supported on iPhone 5 yet. A lot still aren’t! Sky Go still isn’t. I love my iPhone 5 and when the jb does eventually come out I will be buzzing. I will be making a considerable donation to the ppl who do it. IMO it was Comex who made this all so much harder. Apple used him to get all the secrets. It’s no coincidence is it! I know Android is very good but I prefer the ease of use of iOS. It’s made specially for the devices and just works perfectly because of that. Android has to cater for many, many devices and falls down because of it. The rate Apple bring out devices is turning me away. I’d not long had my ipad 3 when no. 4 came out. iPhone 6 is heavily rumoured already. It’s not on doing this. This may be my last iPhone. Who knows. When my contract’s up in nearly 2 yrs time there will be so many great phones out. I can’t remember the name but that other Finnish firm, not Nokia, but ex Nokia ppl, may be the best thing going. I’m not religious but if ppl reading this are, please pray for a jailbreak to come. I can’t wait. My iPhone 5 will kick Androids ass when it happens. I appreciate the hackers so much and it annoys me to see so many ungrateful ppl giving then grief when they do it for nothing. Long live the jail breakers! Lets start the petition to Apple. If anyone can set it up better than me then please do it and tweet me and I’ll help promote it, admin it, moderate it, whatever. Please Apple, jail breakers, like pirates, spend more on their devices than ppl who don’t. Ppl who illegally d/l music buy loads more than ppl who don’t. That’s proven! Also if you get get premium apps on a trial basis, that would go a long way towards reducing iOS piracy coz having to pay when all you have to go in are reviews is crap. That’s why I used Installous. To try apps. If I liked it! I bought it! Fact. Thanks to all members of the jb community. I love you all!!

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