Pod2g breaks silence on iOS 6 untethered jailbreak

We know that many of you are still waiting eagerly and anxiously for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other devices but news on this seems to have come to a halt amid various false starts. Very early on after the release, renowned member of the jailbreaking community pod2g told how he wasn’t working on an iOS 6 jailbreak, leading to huge disappointment among his many fans. After remaining fairly quite on the subject ever since, pod2g has now broken his silence in an interview where the jailbreak was also discussed.

Although when iOS 6 was released @pod2g told on Twitter that he wasn’t working on the untethered jailbreak, in October he then said that he was confident that it would be achieved, even though it didn’t appear to be imminent. Pod2g said that he was stuck but that could quickly change and hoped that something could be found by him and other jailbreakers in the next few weeks. Since that time news has been quiet about genuine iOS 6 untethered jailbreak apart from numerous scams and fake information that we’ve informed readers about.

At one point there was speculation that work was on hold until Apple released iOS 6.0.1 and following that there was speculation that the likes of pod2g and the Chronic Dev Team may then wait until iOS 6.1 was released. A few days ago we told how iOS 6.1 beta 4 had now been released to developers and it looks likely to be the final build so 6.1 could be released to the public in the coming few weeks. It seems a lot of people are now pinning their hopes on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 now although of course this may still not happen, especially as pod2g and other renowned jailbreakers such as MuscleNerd, p0sixninja and planetbeing have not stated any intent about this.

We were particularly interested then to see that pod2g had been interviewed in depth by iDownload Blog and that the untethered jailbreak was discussed. It’s a long and fascinating interview with the French iOS hacker, real name Cyril, and we’ve just weeded out some of the relevant jailbreak news for those who are interested and still holding onto hope for an iOS 6.x untethered jailbreak. Pod2g talks in-depth about his personal life, how he got into hacking and why he concentrates on iOS and even gives advice to those who want to follow in his footsteps.

When asked if the jailbreaking community has presently hit a wall pod2g says that he’s still confident about the next few months and that an iOS 6 jailbreak will come. However regarding future iOS versions he feels that it will be harder and harder to come up with jailbreaks in a suitable timeframe because of Apple’s tightening of security. He also discusses the Chronic Dev Team and in fact says that they haven’t had much involvement in the last two jailbreaks but does say that the people who have given him most assistance include @MuscleNerd, @planetbeing and others. Pod2g also concedes that the reason he’s taken his jailbreaking foot off the gas in the last few months was partly to do with jailbreak releases being credited to the Chronic Dev Team.

Pod2g was also reminded in the interview that he’d recently stated he wasn’t working on the iOS 6 jailbreak right now and asked what it would take to make him change his mind about this. At this point pod2g said that “there is a big chance” he will change his mind on this and that he has actually spent some time since WWJC working on it but still doesn’t have enough time. Although he feels pressure is on him to come up with an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak he also says that most of those who follow him seem to understand that he has other commitments. He also says that he sometimes receives Twitter messages urging him to take his time and also suggestions saying he and other jailbreakers should maybe wait for iOS 6.1, something we mentioned above.

The insightful interview ends with pod2g sending a message to his fans and thanking them for their patience and support and he also says that while he can’t assure people he will be working on an iOS 6 jailbreak any time in the next few days, it is something he intends to get to. This really is a fascinating revelation about one of our most renowned jailbreakers and the snippets of info about the iOS 6 jailbreak are intriguing.

We are sure this will instill some fresh hope in people who are still waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak although we also feel more than ever that it’s not just around the corner and could well come some time after iOS 6.1 is released. Nevertheless it’s good to hear real discussion from pod2g about this rather than the odd tweet and we hope that he does indeed manage to turn his attention back to jailbreaking real soon.

We’d like to know what you feel about pod2g and his exploits regarding iOS 6 jailbreaking? Do his words increase your expectation that an iOS 6 jailbreak is still on the cards? Maybe you’ve given up hope of further iOS jailbreaks completely? Let us have your comments on this.


26 thoughts on “Pod2g breaks silence on iOS 6 untethered jailbreak”

  1. brent says:

    take ur time dude just relax and we’ll support u and we will wait for the jailbreak i recenently got and ipod touch 5th gen and eagered to jailbreak it so realx and take your time i believe in you guys go jailbreak

  2. As much as i’d like to experience an ios 6 jailbreak on my iphone 5… I completely understand these are just regular people like you and me. Not to mention they are up against probably one of the most valuable companies of all time. So just knowing what this company is worth and realizing that when the dev team or a member from the team does come out with the jailbreak they could easily sell it for great profit but wont… That right there earns my patience for as long as it takes. I believe the jailbreak will be here eventually.

  3. Blob says:

    Don’t worry about it pod2g. Relax, work on a real jailbreak, and give priority to all your REAL priorities. No pressure.

    Guys cut him some slack ffs

  4. Andrew H. says:

    Its easy to tell these guys to hurry up. But what most of us cant do is actually create a jailbreak tool ourselves. Id love to learn how to do this kind of stuff. As much as Id love to have an iOS 6 jailbreak I understand that it will take some time. Pod2g and all the others need to take their time. Take a break over christmas and relax. iOS 6 isnt going anywhere and neither are us jailbreak fans

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    I admire pod2g for all his determination and great work. However, he does have a lifestyle to live as the rest of us as well with the rest of the jail break community. Kind regards and thanks, my understanding is within a time of patience.

  6. Zli says:

    guys thanks so much for all your efforts
    I’m still using my i4s on 5.1.1 and I plan to do so until JB for iOS 6.x is out for i5, then I’ll switch to it if in meantime i don’t find some android or winp8 suitable

  7. Ayn says:

    Guys I have an idea. Let’s us just put £1 into pod2g’s pocket as cristmas gift collectively this will help him to at least accommodate some essentials he might need I mean, you kow. I say this really respectfully. Not that this guy needs money. Just a sort of appreciation and thanks. I rally do mean it. And as I said this is very positively. What do you say friends?

    1. Abtekk says:

      But that takes iBoot exploits, which are generally usually harder to find than kernel/userland exploits for jailbreaking. Hence why iDroid is only on iPhone 2G/3G.

  8. Eze Uba says:

    I know why there is no untethered jailbreak for ios 6. Have you wondered what these guys can make if they sell the exploit to Apple? Since most times others take credit for another person’s jailbreak exploit, what stops anyone with an exploit from selling it back to Apple? Apple can afford to pay big bucks, and folks with exploits can no longer worry about wrangling over who discovered this or that.

  9. these guys here r the best hackers in the world !!! they managed to break in APPLE’s software a number of times . if they cant do t who else can !! they r obviously taking some time of from iOS hacking. well come on, it will be a big blow to their pride as hackers if they cant hack something they are good at !! come on guys u can do it !

  10. iMaster says:

    You people are so naive. All these developers have already struck a deal with apple about not releasing a JB. Wait all you guys want to, there’s no jb coming now..

  11. Jron22 says:

    How would that make sense that apple paid them off? There’s more then one jailbreaking team/ people out there and some of them might be well known or not. So even if apple were to pay off the well known people to develop a jailbreak there’s still anonymous “hacker out there” besides I doubt apple did such thing. Besides yes jailbreaking software is free but with donations and the cydia company paying developers to do it to keep everything running and all the fans and hatred towards the apple company I doubt the dev teams would take that bribe. It’s possible but that’s my opinion. I just know there’s millions invested in the jailbreak through donations and the cydia team or whatever .

  12. AnonymousRHere4you says:

    Just like when flashing a psp, People had to wait, dude take your time. I’ve had to port codes before which is no stress but sometimes a little brain rest is good. I don’t speak for everyone else.

  13. NinjaFlorimo says:

    Well I’m fine with tethered for now. Guys give him a break he is doing so much for you (and for free) so shut the hell up. He’s nice enough to do this all for free.

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