HTC One S getting a taste of the Jelly Bean update

The saga of updating Android software to the Jelly Bean update is seemingly improving over the last few weeks with a number of different handsets finally being treated to the new firmware. While many of us were enjoying the festive celebrations though the HTC One S has been treated to a taste of the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update.

HTC normally keeps its customers informed about updating its hardware to a later version of Android, although it’s not always accurate, but the guys over on the XDA Developers forum have noticed the international version of the HTC One S has begun receiving the Android Jelly Bean update.

The company has recently released the software update to both the One X and One XL and now it’s the turn of the international version of the HTC One S midrange smartphone. The CID numbers of the handsets getting the update include HTC_E11, HTC _203, HTC_001, HTC_102, HTC_A07, HTC_032, HTC_A07, HTC_M27, and HTC_405.

If your handset doesn’t have one of the CID numbers listed you can always manually check for the update yourself via the Settings option and About Phone before selecting HTC Software Updates. The update like always will be staggered so don’t despair if it hasn’t reached your example of the handset yet, and the update should be carried out using a strong Wi-Fi connection as it weighs in at a mighty 612 MB.

The update brings with it the usual Jelly Bean improvements with owners being treated to greater speed and smoother operation, which comes along with a number of new features such as Google Now and the HTC Android overlay Sense 4+. Those of you that can get the update can achieve it via an over the air update or by connecting the device to your computer.

Meanwhile TmoNews are reporting that the software is going into the beta phase of testing for T-Mobile in the US, and the carrier is asking for volunteers to test out the firmware before it sees a general release to the masses. The exclusive beta program is only available to a few selected customers of the carrier, but it will mean the rest of T-Mobile customers shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.

Has your HTC One S received the Jelly Bean update yet?


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  1. CAB says:

    No I havent and why isnt my CID number listed? Ive been a TMobile customer for over 5 years and have been a smart phone user since the G1. I was even a beta tester. Why the hell is MY CID number not listed??? T-MOB010

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