Next iPhone and iPad could possibly sport IGZO display

I’m sure you know that anything to do with future Apple gear always captures the attention of the mobile space, and there have been previous rumours that Apple was looking to Sharp and their IGZO display tech; however that rumour seemed to have been quashed because Sharp couldn’t live up to Apple’s high expectations by passing their strict mass production approval process. However it seems that those rumours are no longer dead in the water.

A report by Apple Insider has it that the source of many an Apple rumour, DigiTimes has it that according to the usual unnamed people that are familiar with the matter, Apple is again considering using Sharp’s indium, gallium, zinc oxide (IGZO) panels for 2013, and is evaluating whether how much supplies of IGZO panels with be available in the year if the company was to use the tech in the next iPhone and Apple iPad.

Sharp’s IGZO screens are thinner than the current screens on the iPhone and iPad, and as you probably know Sharp has already introduced their own devices sporting an IGZO display in Japan and in Russia with the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W.

It appears that Sharp has managed to improve their yield of IGZO displays enough for Apple to again be considering using the tech in future iOS devices, but of course Apple being Apple they are hedging their bets, and not taking anything for granted as the company has also been talking to display partner AU Optronics to see whether their L5C line could be utilised to manufacture IGZO displays.

Furthermore apparently Innolux in Taiwan has also been given a license to produce IGZO panels, and so Innolux could also be in the running to supply Apple with IGZO displays for their upcoming new iPhone and iPad units in 2013.

Earlier this month we reported that a prototype of the iPhone 6 had been revealed sporting a 4.8-inch Retina+ IGZO display along with an Apple A7 quad core processor, but of course that hasn’t been confirmed in any way and as such is still just a rumour, and of course there is also a rumour that the iPhone 5S could also come out to play packing an IGZO display.

Having said that as usual with Apple gear nothing it really confirmed until such times as Apple give the word, but there is always a possibility we could see the next iPhone and iPad comes with that Sharp IGZO panel tech in tow unless Apple decides to quash those rumours themselves of course.


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