Telus HTC One X 4.1 Jelly Bean update, AT&T lagging


We are starting to hear of more Android hardware finally being treated to later versions of the mobile operating system, but time and time again certain carriers are holding up the firmware updates from getting pushed out to their customers. In the last few days the TELUS HTC One X 4.1 Jelly Bean update has been rolling out to end users, but this again means AT&T in the US are lagging behind.

A few days ago mobile carrier TELUS announced the availability of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X, but again this has left owners of the same handset on US carrier AT&T frustrated with the lack of the newer firmware from their mobile network.

Owners of the handset on AT&T have been left wondering when they will see the new operating system, especially since the update begun rolling out for the HTC One X back in October. Various markets around the world then begun seeing Jelly Bean reach their smartphones, and more recently customers of rival Canadian carrier Rogers were also treated to a taste of Jelly Bean on the HTC One X.

TELUS revealed the update had begun the process of arriving on handsets on its official Twitter page, and is available via an over the air update. The Jelly Bean OS brings a big upgrade when compared to Ice Cream Sandwich with a number of new features and improvements.

Meanwhile AT&T customers are left waiting in the dark for the software to arrive with currently no timeframe given for its release, with both AT&T and HTC remaining tight lipped on its whereabouts. We are almost four months away now from when the new OS was first released and surely it doesn’t take this long to do all the checks needed to insure its compatibility with carrier specific versions of the smartphone. Source: GottaBe Mobile.

Are you fed with waiting for AT&T to push out Android Jelly Bean to the HTC One X?


20 thoughts on “Telus HTC One X 4.1 Jelly Bean update, AT&T lagging”

  1. Rich says:

    I am definitely fed up as well. AT&T, this is just bad business and I promise you are to going to be losing customers because of it. The mobile world is a fast growing world, it always has been and with the smart phone market growing rapidly every day, keeping these devices up to date for you customers is very important. Bad business.

  2. Desperately Seeking Jellybean says:

    I don’t plan on leaving AT&T over this, but seriously… just makes the company look bad when there are so many other countries/carriers reporting getting the update. AT&T needs to do this very soon, or if its gonna wait any longer, they better skip right to Key Lime Pie. I suppose that isn’t likely, but they need to keep consumer confidence by keeping up with technology. As of right now… they are behind the times on this one.

  3. Come on AT&T says:

    This what happens when you don’t have an IPhone. AT&T doesn’t care about the Android market as they have plenty of other Mobile customers.

  4. gilbert mccornell says:

    Yep some real bullskit AT&T and bad part is we wait 6 months just for 4.1.1 not 4.2.1 but for 4.1.1 seriously AT&T that’s what pisses me off

  5. ONE X - ICE says:

    I started tracking information on this since 2 months and there is been a lot of noice from ONE X owners (including me); however AT&T has not show any interest addressing out concerns, atleast they should share what they plan to do …. release or not-release, this treatment from them just reflects negatively on the “BIG” Brand

  6. Thomas says:

    I am getting tired of this as well. Too bad I’m still a long time away from the end of my contract, but this is a good lesson learned…might need to shop around for something else when the contract is up.

  7. nightwing says:

    After this sh** I’m leavin at&t and will bit** out the next sales Rep who tries to get me to resign. I mean really… If they wanted our buisness then they would actually have a little customer satisfaction, or at the very very least let us know what the hold up is and when we can expect it. But that would b good buisness and at&t doesn’t seem to care about that. Wonder how long till T-Mobile or Verizon buys them out of bankruptcy lol

  8. kristin says:

    Annoyed big time! I have been waiting for this update since October. Makes me very sad and frustrated that atnt doesn’t care about its customers at all. I wish I wouldn’t have resigned my contract. So disappointed

  9. Stewpac says:

    Uh..nobody is leaving ATT…they know that and thats why they do what they do to there customers…LOL!!! Once they got you…they got you. ATT is more than likely one of THE worse cell phone companies you get have.

  10. Jose says:

    Why wait for a update, when you can root your phone and get a custom rom, even Jelly bean. This is one of the reasons why people root their phones.Wait for the carrier to get an update? Not me!

    1. Ted_kazynski says:

      Ever try unlocking an at&t htc one x? Its a nightmare, unlocking the bootloader is a complicated process where you have to contact HTCdev. It took me three days to successfully submit a code for an unlock file. Then after the token was accepted the actual file was never emailed to me. Turns out the servers were down, and apparently they are down often. Even if i do manage to unlock the bootloader then you have to flash a boot img file for every rom you want to try. Its just not as easy as other phones. Htc used to be one of my faves, from the g1 to the mytouch4g. Now….. Not so much. If i get Cm10 on it I will sing a different tune but till then, not amped on being stuck with stock sense and ice cream sandwich.

  11. Griff says:

    Planning on leaving AT&T after this, and if I don’t…the next phone I buy will be something unlocked (probably the Nexus 5 when that comes out)…I love my HTC One X, but seriously AT&T…you guys have to be THE WORST when it comes to customer care, I’ve had numerous issues from my contract update being pushed back a year…twice…to them setting the wrong phone as the main line and me getting all of the bill info and payment notifications instead of my mother (who has the main line), and please don’t get me started on all the BS charges they added to our bill for no reason…I’m probably gonna switch to StraightTalk and get a Nexus soon…

  12. justin says:

    Been tracking since October and watched other android phones on AT&T get 4.1.1 update i will not be renewing contract and sticking with nexus unlocked device from now on possibly switch cariiers as well

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