Galaxy S2 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update out in Korea now: Update


UPDATE: It seems that the Jelly Bean update is spreading to other regions and in the UK Samsung has updated the online manual for the handset to include information about the firmware, and it has been seen in Spain and Sweden as well.

Samsung may be busy rapidly expanding their Galaxy range of smartphones recently, but that’s not to say they have completely forgotten about older hardware. We now have news that the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is out in Korea now.

We recently heard how the Ukrainian arm of Samsung had given some tentative dates for the software to arrive on the Galaxy S2 and original Note, but the company has just started pushing the new firmware to the S2 in its home country of Korea.

The update is the 4.1.2 flavour of Jelly Bean that has already been seen running on the handset, but now an official release has started. The best selling Android smartphone of 2011 will now be given a whole new lease of life, and owners that are planning upgrading to the upcoming Galaxy S4 will be met with some neat new features.

This new OS is a bigger step up from the last major upgrade to the handset, Android ICS, and brings with it the new Nature UX Interface. It will have a similar feel to it as the Galaxy S3, and while this may be the last major update the handset will ever see, it will be welcomed.

Some of the new features Jelly Bean brings to the Galaxy S2 include Google Now, Project Butter for a smoother performance, enhanced camera features, new lockscreen, new widgets, new notification bar, two home screen modes, and much more.

The update can be achieved via the Samsung KIES desktop application and a fully charged battery is a good idea to have before starting the update process. Hopefully other regions will soon follow in the coming weeks with March 3rd tipped before in other areas.

Are you planning on upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S2 this year?

Source: SamMobile.


17 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update out in Korea now: Update”

      1. StopTheBulSht says:

        Any proof? Let me guess, its because this site says so?
        Well this site, along with every other site, said that the UK version had also come out when it hasnt.
        I follow Samsungs official releases, the only places that have jelly bean on their Gt-i9100 is china and spain.

        1. shk says:

          I hve a korean sg2 version, installed the jb just now. If u dont beleive me go to youtube and go to samsung tomorrow channel they posted a video about the update.

          1. StopTheBulSht says:

            im pretty sure the korean galaxy s2 is not the GT-I9100, its a different model number. apologies if im incorrect.

          2. bdh says:

            not a big deal, but it might help some to know…yes…partially…”Korean is shv- m250k”
            actually, the korean S2 comes in three versions (with significant diff. in the LG or “L” version -read up on WCDMA)
            the three are (I will assume the shv above was a typo)
            SHW-M250K (Korea Communications…aka Telecom)
            SHW-M250L (LG UPlus …aka Telecom)
            SHW-M250S (SK Telecom)

          3. bdh says:

            sorry…my buddy who works at KT is b%^$ing…should be KT Corporation not KT Communications (lol…really dude???)…

  1. Kegs says:

    Just download the Spanish version and install via Odin, I did it yesterday and it works a treat ! Im in the UK GT-I9100. Took me 10 mins, Simples 🙂

  2. HappyCamper says:

    I live in Sweden and the update reached me 13:55, its 398mb big and I am installing it as we speak.

    I got my SGS2 at launch in Sweden so it make have something to do with that.

  3. Swedish says:

    Download finished and damn I must say, it’s soo slow.
    I mean it looks alright, but is sluggish beyond comprehension. This is freashly of the update, haven’t restarted the phone yet.

  4. kegs says:

    Strange , ive just connected to Kies and it says my current firmware is the lastest firmware ! PDA:LS8 which is 4.1.2 ? Im in UK unlocked GT I9100 Updated yesterday via Odin using the spanish upgrade file.

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