Windows Phone 7.8 update problems lead to Microsoft halt


There will be many readers out there who are users of Windows Phone devices and who may have been disappointed to learn that their hardware would not be receiving the Windows Phone 8.0 update. However there was some consolation when Microsoft began to roll out a Windows Phone 7.8 update a few weeks ago to various devices and carriers. However it seems that following some Windows Phone 7.8 update problems, Microsoft has now halted the rollout.

Earlier this month we told how owners of some devices that had received the 7.8 update had noted battery drainage problems and also costly data bills. Following this we told how other device owners, particularly those who had the Nokia Lumia 800, were having issues with the volume control on their phones and then we also reported another problem with Live Tiles updates on Nokia phones.

It has now been brought to our attention that the Windows Phone 7.8 update has been discussed on Vodafone’s German Support Forums and some customers mentioned they still had not received the update for their device. Vodafone then relayed a message to say that Microsoft had stopped any further rollout of 7.8 until further notice and that at present there is no date available for the rollout to continue. Therefore if yours is one of the devices that haven’t yet received the update it could be a while until your device receives it.

Adduplex data reveals that only 16% of those who could be using Windows Phone 7.8 actually have the update at the moment so the rollout still looks as thought it will take a good amount of time once it begins again. It’s rather ironic that Windows Phone 7.8 was meant to appease those who were upset that their devices would not receive Windows Phone 8 as with the amount of problems being reported it may have been better to leave well alone. At a time when the Windows Phone platform is struggling to gain a foothold this is a real setback for Microsoft in its bid to stop customers considering an iOS or Android device next time.

We’d like to hear from you if you have already received the Windows Phone 7.8 update and have encountered any of the problems above, or of course any other issue? Maybe you’re one of the many people still waiting for 7.8 and left wondering how much longer it will take? Let us have your comments.

Source: Vodafone Via: WMPowerUser


18 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7.8 update problems lead to Microsoft halt”

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m waiting for the new update of WP7.8 to reach in Malaysia everyday. But, I’m quite sad because Microsoft halted the update suddenly. So I’m thinking which time would they announce for the new update of WP7.8.

  2. Kenneth says:

    It really is sad; Windows Phone is just starting to penetrate the Kenyan market and this snug in rolling out the eagerly awaited 7.8 update is sure to dent loyalty for Windows Phone, as it might be perceived as the precedent for further updates in the future. As a Lumia user, I am quite disappointed. Microsoft should clearly indicate when the bugs will be fixed and the update rolled…..it’s been TOO long overdue.

  3. I don’t know what people say, but it’s absolutely fine on my Lumia 800, no battery consumption higher than before. Better still – it fixed the main problem I had with 7.5 which was the phone disconnecting from the network on itself when screen is locked, thus eliminating the point of having social apps. It runs as smoothly as 7.5, but with a new, more beautiful home screen.

  4. Saad says:

    I’m seriously disappointed with this kind of behavior from both windows OS and htc phones. I was a loyal customer of htc and switched from Iphone which i was using for like 4 years and it never troubles me and disappointed me like this. I waited for almost 8 straight months for 7.8 and still after it’s release it’s been a month i’m not getting any signs of it in my phone. Even i tried forcefully to install that but no use. All i wanted to say they just LOST there loyal customer and i won’t be buying any htc and windows device from now on.

  5. McCrazies says:

    I’ve been waiting to buy a Windows Phone for a while and I was really looking forward to upgrading to WinPhone 7.8 when it came out. I was one of the unfortunate (or luck ones – but I’d rather consider myself unfortunate) ones to receive the update. Update process went very well without a hitch.

    However, the real problem came with the UI, which is the main thing of the update – new tiles. They are supposed to be ‘live’, but they are absolutely ‘dead’. I wish I could reset to 7.5 because then my tiles were working i.e. updating. Here are a few examples of the tiles that I’ve had to uninstall or remove from the start screen because they were totally useless on it:
    – XE curency
    – Shazam (still on Start screen but tile doesn’t flip anymore)
    – Accuweather doesn’t update
    – CNN (from CNN) completely useless (uninstalled)
    – Markets and Me (Microsoft)
    – Various other weather apps – their liveness doesn’t work, all of them (Weather, Weather Flow, Weather Tile, Weather View and Weather Care)

    Absolutely disappointed.

    I still love Nokia/Microsoft partnership but their are really testing my patience.

    I really hope they come up with a fixed update and a fix for those who have installed the ‘broken’ 7.8 update.

  6. Yeah, my app tiles have been frozen on my Lumia 900 from AT&T since the update. I got them working again for a couple days after a bunch of reboots, and unininstalls and reinstalls of apps, but not they are not refreshing again.

    Something is clearly wrong with 7.8, at least with certain devices and app combinations.

  7. I am completely upset having purchased this Nokia Lumia 710. MS is full of mistakes and this proves it. Not offering discounts or the ability to upgrade out Windows 7 and 7.5 devices to a Windows 8 platform device is horrible and will cause many people to go with Android or Apple next time. Why would I want to be left out by the company I originally bought into? I have tried Nokia, Tmobile, and MS and no one is willing to understand that you get a new phone almost every 2 years, and you still have to pay. They came out with 710 and less than a year later had the 810 and 920 come out that I can’t upgrade too without paying full price. I will no longer buy Microsoft Windows Phone 8 nor will I ever buy a Nokia phone again. Wish this would get back to someone who cared.

  8. Jason says:

    Windows Phone is seriously lacking in near to everything when it comes to a smartphone OS. When they released Windows Phone 8, they pretty much slapped me in the face by saying that Windows Phone 7.5 is not upgradeable. Now I’ve Been waiting near to a YEAR for this 7.8 update and I still haven’t gotten it. Never again, Android here I come.

  9. Edward says:

    Kevin I couldn’t agree with you more, For years my family and I were loyal Nokia supporters, but lost faith in Nokia with the Lumia 800 lacking basic function like Bluetooth, My wife bought into the idea of a Samsung SIII, I will follow soon with the Samsung Note II, I will have to endure this nightmare for a whole year till my next upgrade. My colleagues at work try for year to change me to Samsung. They succeeded. WELL DONE NOKIA!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe357 says:

    I forced the update a few weeks back and have had no problems whatsoever with battery, data charges or even live tiles. For me the update is working as it should be

  11. hyacinth says:

    It’s March 4’th, and still don’t have the 7.8 OS for my Nokia Lumia 900. Have kept getting a live tile error code:80072f89 after swiping the refresh in the Xbox Live gaming tile since mid February, and I still only have the 7.1(8779) version according Zune, which also says I have the most current version available! It doesn’t seem to effect the game updating though. Just darn frustrating. I love Windows, and this is my very first smartphone, but I’m seriously considering an Android product next go round!

  12. tom says:

    Switched to android due to inferior customer concern. Android is far superior to windows….even windows 8 updates for pc is riddled with problems. Microsoft only cares about themselves…..they do not care about the customer. this was sent from my new android phone. will kep my windows 7.5 phone fof an alarm clock and a fancy ipod for music.

  13. Nick says:

    I have the Lumia 800 and was getting really frustrated by the whole update/upgrade circus, but I rekon there are some dorky programmers getting torn a new ringhole about now over the absolute rediculousness of this entire joke of a situation and that makes me feel better. Won’t be getting a windows phone again. iphone, android or may even take a punt with the new firefox platform if that becomes available here.

  14. johndü8 says:

    Ive had android and ios, and tho basic, 7.5 isn’t too bad when you know how to work it. I now have a HTC 8S and tho a base model, whips my old iPhone 4″s arse.

  15. Fred says:

    Yip, my next smartphone will be running an Android OS. I’ve done iOS, that sucked. I’ve always been a Microsoft fan boy, but, like Jason below, I have been waiting for this 7.8 update for almost a year now…

  16. Edward says:

    Guys I’ve kicked Nokia under but and bud and join Samsung. Their SIII is the best. I cannot understand klinging unto Nokia for all these years. Good bey nokia, welcome Samsung

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