BlackBerry Z10 US customers not forgotten


The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone was always going to attract a lot of interest as it’s the first device to launch running the all-new BlackBerry operating system, BB10. The Z10 is already on sale in the UK and Canada but US customers are still waiting patiently to get their hands on this notable smartphone. It is due for a release in the US in March and we’d just like to let potential BlackBerry Z10 US customers know that they haven’t been forgotten.

When the BlackBerry Z10 was officially announced BlackBerry informed that it would be a bit later to hit stateside, giving a launch date of mid to late March. It will be available on multiple US carriers and we’ve recently seen some promising signs that it’s still on target for that March release as we told how the Verizon variant had passed through the FCC and then just two days ago how some Verizon Z10 photos had come to light.

There is still no definite date for availability on US carriers but some waiting customers may be pleased to learn that BlackBerry has acknowledged the fact that they are still waiting and maybe in a bid to reassure those customers the company has tweeted from its official account. Yesterday BlackBerry tweeted, “From East Coast to West, BlackBerry 10 will be available across the U.S. in a few short weeks.” This sounds as though the mid to late March timeframe is still very much on then and at least potential customers can be more confident that they haven’t been overlooked.

As well as this a link to a landing page was provided so that if you’re in the US you can register for Z10 updates for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and be kept in the loop with the latest developments. Simply click on the carrier names in this paragraph to be taken straight to the relevant pages.

We’d like to know if you’re in the US and waiting for the BlackBerry Z10. Does this tweet from BlackBerry reassure you that you haven’t been forgotten? Maybe you’re frustrated that you have to wait so much longer than customers in some other regions to get the Z10? Let us have your comments.

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8 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z10 US customers not forgotten”

  1. HCM says:

    Got my heart broke on the January launch that I’d have to wait till March. I set my mind on late March and count down the weeks every-so-often. Nothing short of an actual date release is going to cause my excitement to flare- and I know that has more to do with the FCC than with the BB. Till then, Ill do what I’ve been doing for months: checking the news every few days for updates.

  2. C says:

    I was frustrated to find out we would be the last to the party. I’m sick of hearing “in a few weeks”, it doesn’t confirm anything. I want to say I can wait to the release date but every day I get closer to upgrading to the iPhone 5 instead.

    1. Randy says:

      Me too! Someone shares my pain. I’m really trying to hold off on purchasing the iPhone 5 but, if BB Z10 isn’t on the shelves here by the 27th I’ll just have to give in.

    1. neo anomally32 says:

      iphone people were used to the ipod touch, android people had 5 years to get used to android, does that make sense, bbz10 6 months from now will be unstoppable

  3. Mike says:

    I have an iPhone 5 but I’m ready for the BB-z10! I just can’t believe we have to wait so long! I was ready to buy but looking at the situation maybe a couple weeks is to long of a wait? I would like to see the FCC step it up and give the big “Ok” because BB is ready to do business…….I mean isn’t that what they are all about anyways? They fuel business’s!

  4. wassie says:

    Listen bros n females, do not get the iphone 5. I bought my gf one and when she picked up my 3 yr old ipod touch she said “hey! This is just like my phone!” Don’t buy a barely updated 3 yr old device. Tonight we dine with BLACKBERRY!!!!

  5. xBURK says:

    Won’t be long now. I’m telling you, the wait is worth it. You will will get the Z10 after it’s first major update. All the kinks have been ironed out and you will be getting the smoothest phone on the market today. Trust Me!

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