Deciding between Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3


Later this week Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S4 at an event in New York that will be streamed live around the world, in what will arguably be the biggest smartphone launch of 2013. While there will be plenty of consumers eager to pick the handset up as soon as it becomes available, some will be trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3 that will be launched a few months afterwards.

As we get closer to the launch event for the handset more leaks are appearing about the Galaxy S4 and the latest one recently was some cases that seem to give a clearer indication of the form factor of the upcoming smartphone.

For many users that purchased the Galaxy S3 on a contract will not be able to get the S4 for a while yet, unless they can get an early upgrade or purchase the device some other way, but some may instead wait for the Galaxy Note 3 later this year.

Sometimes carriers can allow users to have an early upgrade that can often be after eighteen months, so will bring it closer to the release of the Note 3. It is widely believed now that the S4 will feature a screen around the 5-inch mark, while the current Galaxy Note comes in at 5.5-inches, but recent rumours have suggested the next model will increase in size to 5.9-inches.

For some users this may just be too big and when I decided to purchase my S3 I did so in favour of the Note 2 because at the time I felt the size of the Galaxy S3 was closer to my needs. Now though I’m starting to think differently especially when playing games such as Real Racer 3, and using Multi-Window which I do a lot now since it arrived on the handset.

If Samsung can provide a Note 3 with a 5.9-inch display without hardly any bezel surrounding the screen the device will be easier to hold, while providing a perfect platform for achieving a number of tasks that would normally only be possible on a tablet.

The Galaxy S4 will undoubtedly have the wow factor this coming Thursday, but I have already decided to wait for the Galaxy Note 3 before deciding what smartphone I will be purchasing next.

Are you getting the Galaxy S4 or are you going to wait for the Note 3?


16 thoughts on “Deciding between Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3”

  1. iaintsuperstitious says:

    0,9″ bigger screen, larger battery and stylus, I think those three are worth waiting for.
    But it really depends on how small the bezel will be, a 5.9″ screen would fit in the Note II.

  2. Star_Shooter says:

    I’m really disapointed with people considering both the next S or note iteration. As an all-the-way note fan because of its ideal phablet concept, I can’t wait for the note 3 as it’s going to be much bigger. I’m even disapointed it got reduced from its rumoured 6.3″ to 5.9″ size in the end. It seems to me that people are critisizing about the note’s size only because they not fans like me and that they should stick with the mainstream phone that was created for them: the S serie. Please stop bothering and considering about waiting for the next note versus the S one. Either you’re a note fan, or you’re not.

    1. Stan says:

      I am at a stand regarding the screen size on the Note 3… They should stick with the 6.3″ as it would be far more productive. The 5.5″ I have on my Note 2 are already too small for everyday use, let alone for doing proper business work flawlessly.

  3. I am also disappointed that the note 3 got downsized to 5.9″, last year I settled for the S3 as soon as it was available on Verizon, I say settled because I was hoping Verizon would get the original note. Then the note 2 came out and boy was I mad. Ended taking my girlfriends upgrade to get the Note 2 in January and I can say I would never be able to function with anything smaller now. Sometimes I even feel like the Note 2 is getting small. I will be getting the note 3 when it comes out. I love the phones so much I have decided I would be willing to pay full price to get it while I am under contract. I bet you 2 years from now the standard size for a smart phone will be 5″ and anything smaller would be unheard of, unless of course you buy an iPhone, then you can be guaranteed to have a max size of 4″…..boring….

  4. Carlos says:

    There is no way on earth I am ever going to go bigger than 5 inch on a phone!I think 5.9 inch is just a ridiculous size for a phone.I currently using SGS3 as a phone, and Nexus7 & as a tablet.So need for the Note 3!!!!

  5. Jimmy Drew says:

    Absolutely waiting for the Galaxy Note 3. Love the stylus and the features. Wish it had the same battery life of my Maxx. The screen size of the Note 2 is terrific but I can go to 5.9 that’s fine. NO, the screen is not too large and fits in my pocket just fine. Give me more battery life and maybe a little quicker start time and we are good for more than two more years.

  6. I’ll have to say I’m an extremely happy Galaxy Note II owner after an upgrade from the Note I. This phone is amazing. So fast. Everything loads right away. Can fly around the internet. Opens all kinds of documents and you can actually see them. Battery lasts all day with constant use. It represents a new kind of device. Great for productivity, reading, pictures. Even does phone calls.

  7. ronf57 says:

    #gofanboy, ease off the fanboy crap.
    I agree with Travis, I too am on verizon and wanted the Note for its’ size but verizon offered a handicapped S3 processor but compensated by including more ram(that the S3 would be worse handicapped without-imho, sorry EU)
    I appreciate Samsung products, but if someone creates a better product that suits my needs better..i’ll buy that. Contrast that with “Fanboys” in the Apple camp that ONLY want Apple products and defend them, right or wrong.
    Note 8 phablet was the one i was waiting for except..the screen resolution is too low so i won’t buy this interation. I worried S3 and Note would be TOO LARGE TO HOLD AND USE, coming from a Motorola Droid original. I quickly found it was too small for how I wanted to use it. I thought a 7″ tablet was big enough and I want bigger. I use 27″ and 32″ monitors with my computer, 17″ on my laptop yes i also carry 13″ laptop one happens to be a macbook. I like the screen real estate and high resolutions to see details. The stylus answers the taargeted pointing issues of fat finger inaccuracies.
    I want a device that i can use to remote into my computers to do productivity work “on-the-go” but don’t want to carry a phone too.
    Someone will release the device i’m looking for and i’ll buy it them…i should be out of contract by then with verizon.
    Come on devices of summer 2014.

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