iOS 7 preview at WWDC 2013 expected


The iOS 7 preview is expected to be at WWDC 2013 (Worldwide Developers Conference) this year, but will it? The event kicks off on June 10th and the last day will be on the 14th at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, we all know that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5S unless they have something totally different up their sleeves to totally throw us of the normal iPhone launch game.

iPhone 3G to 3GS, then iPhone 4 to 4S, so it stands to reason that it will go from the iPhone 5 to the 5S. More exciting news via WWDC for us would have to be the new iOS 7 operating system, the next iPhone release is basically common knowledge but do you think iOS 7 will have its preview showcased at WWDC 2013?

New iOS 7 features have to be out of this world, something different that even Samsung didn’t think of when they announced the Samsung Galaxy S4, there will be many new features within iOS 7 especially when it comes to the UI (User Interface). We all have expectations that the new OS will be previewed at WWDC and we believe it will be shown, as for the release to public this is another story.

In the back of our minds we cannot see it being ready for the iPhone 5S and will release shortly after, if not then the iPhone 6 will have it pre-installed, all bets are on as they say.

We can see iOS 7 at WWDC so that the circulation for developers gets underway, but as for the public release we say the waiting game will continue. Apple has obviously seen the Samsung capabilities and they need to act upon this to bring iPhone customers something unique, something we have not yet experienced.

The Apple operating system has not changed that much over the years to have us in awe, to be frank it has been stagnant, it needs a better social hub, the notifications needs to be so much better and different as so does the multi-tasking side of things.

We will not sit here blabbing on and on about what features the new iOS 7 will contain, instead take a look at the videos we have provided below and then you can comment on what you want within iOS 7. Please answer this question – iOS 7 preview at WWDC 2013 expected, do you think it will?


2 thoughts on “iOS 7 preview at WWDC 2013 expected”

  1. [anonymous] says:

    Lets get things straight that Apple is not Google and will not make a change to their operating system where every single thing on the lock screen looks different like the first video. The same applies to the last video. The only prediction I could see happening is the multitasking concept on the third video because it does not force any visual changes to the OS without you purposely looking for it.

  2. David Gleason says:

    Why is this so poorly written? I had to read sentences 2-3 times to figure out the meaning. I mean, things like, “In the back of our minds we cannot see it being ready…” What does that initial phrase say or mean? It’s just meaningless words that dilute the message. And what is “the Apple operating system?” There is no such thing, there is iOS and OS X. Click on the link and it takes you to an ad for Intel. Oh and BTW WWDC has not been announced so this is pure speculation, passed off as fact. In the age of social media, poor writing and innaccurate facts can damage a reputation quickly.

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