Samsung Galaxy Note 3 demand after iPhone 5S


Two smartphones, two massive names and the game for popular demand, this year is going to be huge when it comes to sales from Apple and Samsung. We would like to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 demand after iPhone 5S and what will be more successful.

Earlier on today we learned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could possibly be announced at the IFA 2013 show in Berlin, Germany, which kicks off on the 6th September and finishes on the 11th. No one knows what the screen size is going to be but there are rumours that the phablet could have a new Sharp LCD display, we are hoping that the size will be somewhere between 5.9 and 6.3-inches, time will tell.

The Galaxy Note 3 will no doubt have all the goodies the Galaxy S4 has and much more, they really need to keep the stylus, as this is what it unique to the Note series. Will the next Unpacked event happen before September or after, what we do know for sure is that the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced after the iPhone 5S, which is in June at WWDC 2013.

Looking into this a little more we reported earlier that the Samsung Unpacked event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was episode 1, so it stands to reason that episode 2 is coming this year as well, which will obviously be for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Note 3 will be a massive hit there is no doubting that for a second, loyal Apple owners will buy the iPhone 5S but we have to sit back and think about this, it will be a smartphone that is a refresh of the iPhone 5 and the only real difference will be a few additional features such as processing power, the real difference will come via the iOS 7 software release. Do you really think the iPhone 5S will come with new bells and whistles? Well, we do hope so because competition against rivals Samsung with be healthy competition, heck this is why Phones Review is still here because it makes it all that much more fun.

So In A Nutshell
The Apple iPhone 5S will makes it debut in June at WWDC, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will probably make an appearance in September, to be honest we will be shocked if it is before. The demand for both phones will be immense and sales will just go through the roof, we are looking forward to the two announcements.

Head On The Block
Oh gosh, where do we stand when it comes to popular demand — We actually love both iPhone and the Note series, but in the back of our minds the Note 3 will be a powerhouse with many more features than the iPhone 5S. Apple we demand that you prove us all wrong and steer away from an iPhone 5 refresh release.

Do you want the iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, what will prove to be the most popular when it comes to demand?


10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 demand after iPhone 5S”

  1. Mark Bunker says:

    I am not an Iphone use and I never will be. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 ALL THE WAY. Samsung is my favorite brand of smartphone and the Note Series is the most popular to me. If I can afford it, I will surely be getting the Samsung GALAXY NOTE 3 when it comes out in September.

    1. Note Lover says:

      Same here, I’ve got the Note 2 and can’t wait for the Note 3, as I’ll be getting that one as well. iPhone was never even an option for me, always a loyal Samsung fan here!

  2. ronf57 says:

    Hold on if the Samsung Note3 is ANNOUNCED in September it won’t be available until October/November. That’s way too late.
    Other devices that tick the not-as-yet-released-new-features boxes will be announced and probably even released by then.
    More flexible displays, devices with larger displays that conceal themselves in a smaller sized device, whether projected or Samsung type of roll-out screen.
    A revamping of the 7″-9″ phablets that have high resolution displays and 4G maybe 5G connectivity by then. A/C wifi. Heck Carriers may have been forced to create honest plans for customers that require disclosure of true phone costs, changing the “subsidized” phone model plans altogether. If Note 3 doesn’t arrive before August it will have way too much competition to be viable as previous hardware speculated design. It would require dramatic rethink.
    iPhone 5s on the other hand has the cycle of loyal customers that will replace their aging tech the 4s and 4 folkes most coming out of contract. The iPhone 6 I may even need to look at for features and durability as it is competing a a whole different world than iPhone released into originally. But I fully expect iPad Mini2or 3 to be a high resolution screen phablet device. and at that point I or my wife will buy in if the price premium isn’t a barrier to adoption.

  3. Cornstarch says:

    The latest news from the parts suppliers from the east and Foxconn indicates that the Iphone 5S is a refresh of the the Iphone 5, 4 inch screen is here to stay at least until 2014.

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