HTC One India release date mystery


The HTC One has been available in a number for regions for a while now but unfortunately the handsets launch hasn’t been without its problems. At first the company had issues with getting enough components to meet demand, and now there is some mystery over the HTC One release date in India.

Previously the manufacturer had revealed the handset would be available in the country by the end of April, but this has obviously come and gone. Now the plot thickens as previously an online retailer had the handset down for delivery on May 7th but according to AndroidOS.in this has now been moved back to the 15th of this month.

There is more though as a potential customer that had signed up to the HTC website to be kept informed about the availability of the HTC One has now received an email from the company saying it would be available in stores by the end of May.

Other reports are suggesting that the HTC One will be available in stores on May 20th, and before the company even officially announced any dates the month of May was suggested for its release. The apparent delay in the handsets release won’t be helping the company though considering the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in the country.

Hopefully consumers in the country eager to get their hands on the HTC One won’t have too much longer to wait to see the device arriving on store shelves.

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10 thoughts on “HTC One India release date mystery”

  1. scorpio says:

    This is really frustrating to see dates getting defered every week. HTC One Or S4 is certainly a big decision to take but this waiting is frustrating and make most of the customer to go with S4 which can be huge loss to HTC. The Q2 results will also be not that much encourating to HTC if they defer it further in markets like India where there is huge potential to recover.

  2. harsh nigam says:

    Fuckoff htc
    Only making good handsets is not enough but making them available in the market is also very very important

    Htc has proved that it cannot campete with brands like samsung or apple

    1. Ryan says:

      They couldn’t able to keep up the pace of manufacturing ONE, as you already know that it take more than 150min to make a single phone. Sources say that will be available on 20th.

  3. Ranodeep Seth says:

    Ive sent htc loads of hate mail cuz of this..they keep telling it should be available by may end..so ill wait till may end..nd then i shall proceed to burn their office down if its not here by may end(i have sent them a warning regarding this,they thought i was joking. they obviously dont know who they’re dealing with)

  4. Anish says:

    Come on HTC is this a joke going on here samsung has already launched S4 way back and people expect you to be professional launching your phone in time, this attitude is forcing people to move to S4 , get your act together or hire a new CEO.

  5. Dark Knight says:

    yeah man I’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on it, since I’m looking to buy a smartphone for first time. I’ve decided between this and Apple I5, but the delay is making me to pick my brains out!!

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