iOS 7 features & ideas to break Android tradition


Apple is all set to announce its new operating system soon, hopefully in June at WWDC 2013. What can they do to be different from what we already have?

A great start for Apple and its iOS 7 is stepping away from copying Android and all the pointless built in apps we already have. Siri needs some pure magic to make it believable, there is definitely no point to the voice recorder and the calendar and Apple Maps revamp is very much needed. Many Android users say that Apple copies its ideas, and there are many iPhone users that do not agree with this.

When we look at previous iOS releases we can comfortably say Apple is not innovative, in some cases they just copy Android and then build on that idea to make it better, but what we need is something we have not seen before.

Yesterday we showed you a YouTube video courtesy of Ran Avni showing off the new iOS 7 and its multitasking brilliance, but this is nothing special. One commenter on that article said “A close all apps button eh? You mean like android has had for a while? Good to see Apple is keeping up its tradition of using pre-existing ideas from other companies and claim they came up with a new ‘innovative’ idea.”

Apple needs something special, and we do not mean just the way the new operating system will look, we also talked about the upcoming iOS 7 looking flat where all skeuomorphism will be removed. Yes the redesign is important but new features are needed, Apple cannot add the Android features such as Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll, Air gestures etc because this has already been done on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

iOS 7 Ideas

Voice recognition that only recognises your voice, we could say name our smartphone “iPhone Mark”, and when we shout this name out the iPhone responds with “Yes Mark”. How about talking to the iPhone with its new iOS 7 by saying “iPhone Mark, open Candy Crush App on Apple TV,” now there is a thought.

Siri cannot understand you at the best of times, so how about ‘Textual Siri’, we could type in a question rather than having pointless chats with endless amounts of crappy results.

How about iOS 7 on the next iPhone alerting us with the Siri voice when the battery is dying “Hey Mark, please charge me now or I will be no use to you.”

iPhone users can merge calls with other contacts so how about having this feature within Facetime, it would be great if we could Facetime more than one person at a time.

The list is endless and we could sit here all day pumping out ideas, ok some of them may sound stupid but that is what iOS 7 needs. Apple, please be different to Android, bring us something that is new, special and most importantly innovative.

What ideas can you come up for the new iOS 7?


10 thoughts on “iOS 7 features & ideas to break Android tradition”

  1. George says:

    Android already multi person video chat via hangouts so that won’t be new for ios If they include the feature on facetime. Textual siri would just be a copy of what Google now already does.

  2. George says:

    Multi person video chat has already been done on android with hangouts and textual siri would just be a copy of what Google now already does. Maybe a good idea would be to have gesture based features on the icons like we’ve seen in some concepts. Swiping up on an icon will reveal a quick look at important info without having to open the app.

  3. MattD says:

    I keep hearing Maps needs a “redesign” or a “revamp.” It just needs to have accurate data and more of it. The problem has really never been the interface.

  4. Padded Bear says:

    The only iOS7 feature I would like to see added are desktop widgets. It’s the only thing Android has going for it, in my opinion.. and perhaps a way to increase the density of app icons on one page. So much wasted space that could be put to better use.

  5. Karan says:

    you can actually use a “textual” version of siri
    After verbally asking the 1st question just go ahead and tap on it, the keyboard pops up and you can change it.. just thought i’ll put it out there

  6. Nova says:

    Innovation would be great but I’d say it’s more a case of iOS keeping up! I am really struggling not to buy the HTC One and wait to see what Apple come up with first. I am a long time iPhone user and Apple fan but I am not a luddite, it seems like time for a change.

  7. I think that iOS7, certainly on the iPad, could benefit massively from user profiles… A way of simply segregating app data, (not the apps themselves), and security settings (eg parental controls on certain profiles), from one user to the next? Sure, it would obviously reduce the capacity of the device, but I can foresee that it could be useful in certain situations?

  8. Face it apple sucks now I used to be a apple lover than I bought the samsung galaxy s4 and I was highly impressed with it its so user friendly its you but a phone version of you if you get what im saying so in order for apple to catch back up they are going to have to do a good major overhaul on their system if they want to win me back

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