HTC One on Verizon could be introduced on May 22


The HTC One smartphone has been a massive hit since its release and is certainly one of the top Android handsets today with direct competition from the new Samsung Galaxy S4. There has been a lot of disappointment among Verizon customers that the giant US carrier has not offered the phone but it’s now possible that we could see the HTC One for Verizon introduced on May 22.

We recently discussed an HTC One for Verizon as rumors have recently grown that Big Red will offer the phone after all. A previously reliable tipster had mentioned the HTC One coming to Verizon in the near future and went on to allude to May 22. As Verizon has already said that it will be making an announcement at CTIA in Las Vegas on May 22 this certainly fitted but at that time it was thought that focus of the event on May 22 was to officially announce the Nokia Lumia 928.

However some of you may already know that the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon was officially announced yesterday, which of course means that something else will be coming at the May 22 event. This makes it more likely than ever that it will in fact be Verizon’s variant of the HTC One and we have previously heard that it may be dubbed the DLX-Plus although nothing has been confirmed yet on that.

As the HTC One has achieved very decent sales on other carriers and given the fact that many Verizon customers have made it quite clear that they want the phone on Big Red it would certainly make sense for Verizon to offer this device. Of course this is all speculation but certainly the fact that the Lumia 928 has now been removed from the announcement equation makes it more likely that we’ll see Verizon’s HTC One made official in Las Vegas.

We’ll be following developments on this as we know many readers felt let down about the non-arrival of the HTC on Verizon and we’ll pass on any news on this as we hear it. Have you been hoping that Verizon will carry the HTC One? If it’s not announced on May 22 might you jump ship to another carrier for it? Let us have your comments in the box below.

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12 thoughts on “HTC One on Verizon could be introduced on May 22”

  1. Eric Phoenix says:

    Finally on Big Red… Let’s hope so… Big Blue has it and so does Mellow Yellow and Little Magenta carriers… I just wish they release a red version in addition to black (stealth) and white (glacial silver)…

  2. They better get it or I may switch, i have the lumia 822 wp8 and want android back…. And the Droid DNA is a cool phone but what kind of idoit engineer thought 16GB was enough memory for a smartphone without an SD card slot

  3. tony says:

    If I don’t see or hear about the one after may 22nd sayonara verizon
    I will be going with tmobile. Even though i have to pay $100 to break my contract.
    Verizon wants to act like they don’t need the phone but they are so wrong!! I think it was the ceo that said early this week that their customers want the new blackberry Q10 maybe he wants that!! we don’t want that we want the htc stop playing game Verizon!!!!!!@$$…

  4. Deylune says:

    i hope to god that the May 22nd Announcement is about the HTC One, if not ill hold on even more to hear about the One for verizon. Sooner or later we are getting leaks on it.

  5. Bill says:

    I highly doubt they will announce the One on May 22nd. They didn’t have a special announcement for the Nokia or the SG4 which is arguably a more popular phone.

    Why would they have one for the One then?

    I fear the announcement will be for increased prices and that our contracts will be extended to 3 years.

    Verizon is yanking HTC’s chain and ours.

    Knock it off Verizon!!!!

  6. Russell says:

    A limping Blackberry 9850 user, trying to hold on to Verizon due the their 4GLTE at the Canadian border where I live. Otherwise I will switch to AT&T with sub-par 4G speeds. But I want this handset so badly, that yes I will leave Verizon immediately on May 22nd, if no HTC One.

  7. YES … am holding off on switching to AT&T in hopes that VERIZON will carry the HTC One!!! I have been loyal to VERIZON for 20+ years and I hate to have to switch to another carrier only because they don’t have the smartphone that I want … I agree with RUSSELL & SANTA FE FRESH … HTC ONE … ATW!

  8. Juan Mario Agudelo says:

    I can’t use it if it’s a 5″ screen. Sadly, I don’t have LBJ hands. Hope they keep it at an reasonable amount.

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