Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design mimics S4 burdens response


Maybe Samsung loves Apple after all, many smartphone consumers including iPhone owners have said that Apple has lost its innovation when its comes to the iPhone and that if they do not make drastic changes with its next release being it the iPhone 5S or 6, they would keep the iPhone 5 or even turn to another maker.

Now this brings us on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design and build materials, apparently according to our previous article the Note 3 will look like the Samsung Galaxy S4 but just bigger.

We know that Samsung will continue to sell millions of devices even if they do look the same but bigger, we would personally like the Note 3 in metal like the HTC One but it seems Samsung will continue to use the plastic because it has been proven to work.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design mimics S4 burdens response

We talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design last week looking a lot like the Galaxy S4, but we wanted to speak a little more about this because it is important.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design mimics S4 burdens response from our readers, we would love to know what you think of the Note 3 design looking a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S4?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be a bigger version of the Galaxy S4, but will hopefully comes featuring a 5.99-inch edge-to-edge display, new S Pen suite of applications and it will come with a thin bezel.

It will be powered with a combination of Octa-core processor comprising a quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex A7 and quad-core 1.9GHx Cortex A15, it will also have a 2-megapixel camera on the front and a 13-megapixel camera on the rear, as well as 2GB RAM and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to launch in September 2013, please do use the commenting area below as we would love to know if the SG Note 3 design looking like the S4 is a good or bad idea.


58 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design mimics S4 burdens response”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    The overall design isn’t what matters to true Galaxy Note owners. We have chosen this product for it’s industry leading software solutions and feature implementations. The feature enhancements are clearly the best on any handset on the market today. The Galaxy Note 3 will arrive with a curved 6inch 1080p full Hd amoled display with diamond pixels better than the S4. It will also arrive with the 8core Exynos 5 Octa clocked at 2.3ghz and a 8core Mali T450 Gpu using the
    Big.little architecture. 3gb of ram, android 4.3, 4200mAh battery, and new Multi Window features, and new Spen features. Based on this NO device after September will top the Galaxy Note 3 until July 2014. Samsung are the industry leaders and set the standards in this category. Nothing compares period. If cosmetics and fashion statements mean that much then go buy an iphone.

    1. squiddy20 says:

      1. I love how you speak for everyone who owns a Note/Note 2, but know maybe only 10. What a joke.
      2. Here you are yet again claiming you know the specs of a barely even rumored phone, and just a month ago were claiming you knew the specs of the S4. You claimed the US version of the S4 would have 3GB of RAM, a flexible 1080p screen, the Exynos 5 Octa, wireless charging, and “a pad” on the device to measure blood pressure and blood glucose levels (talk about health and safety hazard). You were completely and totally wrong about those specs, what makes you think this will come true? Moron.

  2. Tracey Holland says:

    Bad idea, it’s working for them now, but if they continue down this path, they will end up like Apple and BlackBerry. Blackberry used to be the number smartphone, but they refuse to change their designs when touch screen phones came out, and stuck with the same old design with those little buttons, that had seem to work so well for them in the past, bad move, not only did their sales decrease, by they had to lay off thousands of workers. Apple is headed down the same road, because they refuse to change their design as well.

  3. Michael Cohen says:

    I really don’t think any current or potential Note owner really cares too much about design. I mean come on think about it, we are walking around with a phone that is nearly the size of a small tablet. Granted a design change wouldn’t hurt, but as long as it doesn’t break easily and has industry leading features, who’s the complain. It’s probably different for non-Note fans, but if Samsung came out with a Note 3 that had nearly identical software to the Note 2, but had a new beautiful design and metal casing, I wouldn’t buy it.

    1. henndrix1 says:

      I own a note 1 and 2. Sick of same ol thing! Bigger screen, smaller casing a big yes! but i will definitely be gone if they make another plastic body.

      1. Ivan Drago says:

        Well… If that’s the case, then, you have a head start to leave and look for something else. I don’t think that Samsung will change their polycarbonate for something heavier.

      2. hohopig says:

        mmm if you are sick of note 1, why on earth did you buy a note 2? After all, the good thing about the Android world is that there is no shortage of alternatives.

    2. hohopig says:

      I will NOT buy if it is made of aluminium. I prefer an good engineered plastic composite (which is actually used even in items like kevlar or one of your kayak hull, to quote a few common daily item that needs to be durable) to a soft and weak metal like aluminium.

  4. Michael Cohen says:

    Peter Lanneau what are you talking about? Rumored Note 3 specs vs. Note 2-

    Note 3: 5.9 to 6.0 inch 1080p HD Screen (atleast 370ppi) vs. Note 2: 5.5 inch 720p HD Screen (267ppi)

    Note 3: At least a 13mp camera with updated features vs. Note 2 just passable 8mp camera

    Note 3: Possibly Exynos 5 Octa-core processor vs. Note 2: Exynos 4412 Quad-core processor

    Note 3: Standard with Key Lime Pie vs. Note 2: Currently on Jelly Bean

    Note 3: Possibly 3 gigabytes of RAM vs. Note 2: 2 Gigabytes of RAM

    Note 3: Upgraded S-pen features, increased battery life, and I could keep going.

    Just the upgraded screen, camera, and processing speed is enough of an upgrade if you ask me. Larger screen with even better resolution, I’m drooling in anticipation.

  5. imaxami says:

    Edge-to-edge design leaves a bit to be desired; when handling the phone, it’s quite often the case when you inadvertently touch the screen, changing whatever was being viewed (or being played), to stop, start or go away. I don’t mind it *that* much, because a nice aluminum case will add a slight bezel, removing some of the irritations…/2cents

  6. Wade06 says:

    The square aluminium edges look good but they aren’t as comfortable to hold.
    I would be very surprised if the note 3 is much different to the SGS4 in appearance.

    Personally i’m hoping for a back that isn’t as slippery as the note 2, maybe rubberised or something?

    1. Captain Scarlet says:

      Perhaps Engrish is not their first language. Hmm some of the articles here might also have been written by teenagers too! Spellcheck…whassat?

  7. Stephen says:

    So simple!!! Edge to edge in width – very thin bezel – lose the word SAMSUNG at the top – halve the depth at the bottom. 6.3″ would fit into a smaller footprint than the Note 2. Plastic offers many more advantages than metal – like replacement options and slots. Metal’s only advantage is that it looks more chic and expensive.

    1. hohopig says:

      right .. the key word is “look”, while in reality it scratches and dents so easily. Now if they uses high grade steel, that is another matter all together.

  8. Alex says:

    I haven’t had an android in years but I’m changing from the iPhone 5 to the note 3 when it comes out …I don’t care for the 5s I want something new and with cool features ios is boring me to death now ill stick with my iPad for apple but phone wise I need something more “fun “

  9. Randall Bowman says:

    How different can the design of a smartphone be? As long as its functional, right? I’m playing around on the S4 right now. A lot of nice things to be said for it but I think I’m taking it back to wait for the bigger screen size.

  10. Peggysue says:

    I dont mind if the galaxy note 3 will look like a bigger S4. I love S4 but am waiting for the note 3. I am hoping that note 3 will have 3gb RAM. All features of s4 to be included in note 3 is perfect for me as long as it has 32gb or 64gb internal storage and a 3gb ram.

  11. rJ says:

    If they use aluminium chassis just like HTC ONE and iphone 5, i’ll surely buy..the only reason that make me dont buy samsung smartsphones is their cheap looking chassis.. Their prices is premium but build quality is entry level

    1. hohopig says:

      Sigh .. get your fact right. Aluminium is a soft and weaker metal and is in fact quite cheap compared to truly premium metal such as the various types of high grade stainless steel and tool steel.

      And HTC have its share of build quality and QC problem, starting with the every present gap between the speaker plate and the body in so many of their handsets. So much for zero gap construction.

  12. hohopig says:

    God forbid. As a journalist, I would expect you to actually know the difference between a tough and strong metal such as high carbon steel (though .. don’t use it for a phone … please, seriously), stainless steel, tool steel vs a soft and weak and cheaper metal such as Aluminium.

    So please, don’t go begging for ALL company to make phones out of aluminium. Not only does it scratches easily (even when anodized) but it dents easily too.

  13. I have a HTC ONE review unit right now and have found a huge issue with it which so believe is caused by the aluminum chassis. I won’t say quite yet because I’ve got more testing to do but I will say that I don’t want the GALAXY Note 3 to be made of any metal at all except the ring around the edge of the device. For 1 the HTC ONE is fairly heavy for the size of it, think of how heavy the Note 3 would be at that size ppl It will pull your damn pants off your butt. Another reason is like said below it scratches and dents easy and plastic or carbon fiber dies not. Really what’s the point if a metal build when you should put a case on it anyways? No matterhow well a phone is built glass breaks and trust me it’s not fun when it happens so unless your prepared to fix a screen if you make one simple mistake put a case on it, plus cases are fun and another way to make your device unique to you.
    I’ll try and come back here after some more testing of the all metal HTC ONE and let you know the huge reason why metal devices are not as good as you think and I still can’t believe nobody has noticed this yet, it’s like everyone doesn’t truely test devices or just write what others have to go with the crowd.I feel I am one if very few reviewers that gives a completely unbiased view and you can fully trust to bring you all the good and all the bad because the ONE should not be as praised , don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing device in many areas but a big one not so much.

  14. Well I’ll talk about the huge issue even though it may not be the same one. The outer HTC build causes poor sound quality. Put two HTCs together and it’s worse. There is huge echo along with a tinny sound that I’ve experienced on each HTC I’ve owned. I am switching over to the Note 3 this fall.

  15. Brenda Ellis says:

    I have waited forever to upgrade my antique LG Voyager with its extended battery still lasts for days…After almost purchasing the Note 2, I plan to wait for the Note 3 – I hope it does arrive by September, my birthday month. I hope it has the same features as S4, with better front and rear camera, along with longer batt life.

  16. I don’t really care what Samsung does, unless of course they change their game plan to include not brazenly ripping off other’s ideas with disregard to IPR or patent rights. However, I think they will continue to attempt to bulldoze consumers while trying to eliminate any competition through undercutting, stealing, and spending billions advertising instead of innovation and quality.

    1. dmagicp says:

      Your comment is dumb. If Samsung did steal any ideas from someone else, why do you care as the end user? And I can tell you have never owned a Samsung product because if you did, you would know that their products are the pinnacle of innovation, and they are definitely of high quality. But just keep parroting things you have read on the internet because to you, it sounds good.

  17. chris says:

    Pretty Apply-esk to me. I love the Note line but if the design doesn’t change I will have to go with a different device. Why sell a new car with the same design as the previous model?

  18. TC Cramer says:

    All I gotta say is I am glad that I already have a Note 2. I have phone that I love and I will look in to the Note 3 in the best position. I have had my Note 2 since it came out so it will be about a full year on it when the 3 is released and it has not lost its luster at all. I am not looking to get rid of it anytime soon. Its like a job you want to look for one when you have one that way you do not have to settle. I have no fear of being left in the dust when the new Note 3 comes out which is not something that I can say about many phones. Congrats to those who will be getting their first Note product with the 3 But you will just start to love something that I have had and loved for a long time now 😛

    1. dmagicp says:

      I feel the same way man. I saved a ton of money by waiting to get my Note 2, and I am going to save a great deal more by waiting to get the note 3.

  19. sb says:

    Sitting with the same problem now. I must decide. Should I take the Galaxy Note 2 or must I wait untill September for the Note 3. Will it be worth it?. Please help.

    1. androider says:

      its almost june now…since you have waited so long…you can wait a month or two more and buy the note 3 which obviously would be a better phone the the note 2…

  20. androider says:

    Either samsung should consider giving a flexible display or go for a metallic body…i dont understand how samsung is able to take up so much insult regarding its build quality…also i would love to see a new design for the note 3…the old design is being used by samsung since 2 years for all its galaxy series starting from the most basic smartphone to the most advanced one…i am quite bored of it and i am sure many others have the same opinion…many times people mistake my galaxy s4 as galaxy grand and i have a tough time convincing them…

  21. androider says:

    if samsung succeeds in bringing the flexible display to the note 3…no one would care for a metallic body…also a new design completely different from the s4 will also have similar effect…

  22. androider says:

    metallic body may give a premium look to the phone but it has many disadvantages like heating up fast, getting scratches easily, disrupting signal, increasing the thickness of the phone, reducing the comfort of holding the phone in hand etc…so if samsung feels poly carbonate is good even then it would be fine…but a newer design and flexible display, more ram, better processor and camera are some things that are required for the note 3 to be a standout device…

  23. Darkbob says:

    I have the S2 now and I was thinking about moving up to the S4. I wouldn’t mind a bit bigger display… so maybe this is the one for me. Have to wait and see what the battery life is like.

  24. Gloria Vall says:

    I have the S2 so it really doesnt matter to me. I Just know i want this bad boy when it comes out. I dont really see why people make fuss about the design of the phone so much when they’re just going to cover it up with a case to protect it anyway.. so no ones going to see it but you really. And on the other hand.. its really whats inside the phone that should catch ones eye. I cant wait for it to reach stores :))

  25. ton-jem says:

    i tried the s4,,, and thinking it’s already big enaf,,, so dunno with a bigger version of s4. i wonder what’s samsung’s philosophy for those many sizes

  26. dmagicp says:

    When we talk about the use of plastic on Samsung phones we need to be realistic. My Note 2 has glass over the entire front of the phone, and a thin sliver of plastic on the back that is the battery cover, the entire outside edge of the phone is stainless steel. Once the battery cover snaps on, it is tight against the body, and I never feel like I am holding a cheap plastic phone. It feels heavy, solid, and its curvature is pure liquid sexy in my hand. Samsung designs are incredible to me, and Samsung knows it too. That’s why they keep selling millions and millions of them, and that is why I want them to keep right on making them exactly like they do now, and not change the design because of some blog site that thinks they know more about cellphone device design than the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. It’s only the truth.

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