Nexus 5 brands suggested after LG revelation


Without getting into the name considerations for a so-called Nexus 5 phone, it seems the brand behind the expected smartphone has been somewhat of a roller-coaster ride for fans over the past few weeks. While nothing official has been announced, the rumors and comments from LG paint an interesting picture of what brand could possibly be behind the Google Nexus 5.

Over the past week we heard from LG’s boss about any involvement in a Nexus 5, and while his comments could be taken in a number of ways, it seems a lot of fans expect the next Google Nexus phone to be made by another brand.

We might have seen rumors of a LG Nexus 5 prototype since feedback from LG themselves, but this article has some interesting comments from Nexus phone users in regard to other brands.

Nexus 5 brands suggested after LG revelation — some users commented stating, “LG not making another Nexus is a bonus”, although this comes from a fan of Sony-branded smartphones. Some people don’t like the idea of Samsung building the Nexus 5 thanks to their love of plastic, but others point to the Samsung sales success with other handsets as a reason to back a Samsung Nexus 5.

Other brands desired for Nexus 5 include Asus considering their involvement in Nexus 7, and some people want to see HTC come back and deliver something special for the next generation.

When it comes to Nexus 5 specs, it seems a lot of people want a removable battery and SD card but these features will depend on who builds the handset, and the way Google likes to do business.

If you could choose, who would be your ideal brand for building Nexus 5? The bottom-line for some is a Nexus 5 keeping to an affordable price point with updated technology, which should see a release date around November or December considering the track record of past launches.


2 thoughts on “Nexus 5 brands suggested after LG revelation”

  1. KID ANDROID says:

    I think actually LG has come a long way since releasing the Nexus 4 and I’m digging the pics if what is rumoured to be the Optimus G2 with it’s thick gloss coating over it making the plastic build actually look high-end. They’ve been copying Samsung quite a bit which is my favorite company and has been wayyyyy before it was the top smartphone brand in the world, which I don’t really agree on doing but it has made for a few great devices. Wow never thought Of have anything good to say about LG lol. So LG would be ok if it’s like that G2 leak rumour pic but HTC or Samsung would be great as well but not if ppl want the budget price if the Nexus 4 again.

  2. newsjunkieintl says:

    LG had problems with the Nexus 4 production because they were also ramping up the “G” production on which the Nexus 4 was based. However, LG has said the updated G2 will ship in Q3 this year — which should give them some breathing room to ship the Nexus 5 (based on the G2) in Q4. 🙂

    All past 4 Nexus phones have been released in November, December, January. The last 3 have been released in November and December. Look for the Nexus 5 at end of this year. I think LG has the inside track.

    I have the Nexus 3 and I love the removable battery. I wish a Nexus 5 would have that option. So many times, flashing custom ROMs and kernels, I’ve had to pull the battery to re-set the phone, to flash into recovery. As a “developer” phone, it’s a fail-safe that’s handy.

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