Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini price quote seems exorbitant


We’ve been giving readers plenty of information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. We already know the specs, but two things that have not yet been officially announced are the price and the release date. While we wait for confirmation on these we have news of a Galaxy S4 Mini price quote. If this is accurate it seems exorbitant, but we’ll wait for further news on this before we get too concerned.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is a downgraded and smaller version of the recently released Galaxy S4 and will probably be a popular device, in much the same way as the Galaxy S3 Mini was. If you want to see a specs comparison of the S4 Mini against the S3 Mini and the new Galaxy S4 then head to our previous article here. You may also be interested in some video tests from the S4 Mini here. We are hoping to hear price and availability details for the Galaxy S4 Mini at a Samsung event being held in London on June 20, but in the Ukraine the suggested retail price has been cited as 5,000 UAH.

Now that amount is equivalent to around €468, $613 or £399, and we don’t know about you but to us that sounds a tad pricey, especially as the larger and higher-specced Galaxy S4 can be found on Amazon for around $660. Similarly a UK retailer has priced the S4 Mini 8GB model at £389.99, that’s around €458 or $599, which is very close to the Ukraine pricing. That could be a worrying sign that the phone really will be that expensive. It’s worth remembering though, that sometimes we hear prices from retailers that are adjusted before the actual release.

The Galaxy S4 Mini will release in regions worldwide, and it’s widely believed that it will hit the shelves sometime in July. At launch it will be available in either black or white color options. If this Galaxy S4 Mini pricing turns out to be correct would you pay that amount for the phone? Are you hoping the Galaxy S4 Mini arrives at a more affordable price? Let us know by sending in your comments.

Source: Mobile Arsenal (Google Translated) AND Handtec


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini price quote seems exorbitant”

  1. SH1999 says:

    Insanely overpriced! I was hoping to purchase this phone in july however if this is the retail price, i dont think anyone will buy it. I am starting to look at other mid range devices such as the htc one mini and the sony xperia sp.

  2. stunna says:

    The most I Would pay for this phone is $350. I have the Nexus 4 with more specs in which I paid $299 for! I hope Samsung prices this phone right!

  3. joe says:

    £400 is way overpriced!!! You could probably get a s3 for that… Max I’d pay is £260 but thats pushing it for a midrange phone.

  4. Ruben says:

    the phone has gud specs… but way too over-priced… wud surely buy if its $300-320. if samsung priced this device well, who knows, it can revolutionize the smart phone market… its more amazing than i phone 5 or yet to be released ip 5s… my vote is for S4 mini 😉

  5. Daniel says:

    Yes that does sound expensive. I’m waiting to compare the S4 mini to the HTC One Mini (M4) – price will be a big factor. Looks like the One Mini will have the 720p screen we were disappointed not to get with the S4 mini.

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