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We have mentioned the HTC T6 smartphone a few times now, but the latest news suggests this handset could be called the HTC One Max, and apparently it will feature a 5.9-inch display, Android Key Lime Pie, and a 2.2GHz processor, but we will get more into the rumoured specs below.

Alvin Kwock from J.P. Morgan in Hong Kong reported the news of the T6 actually being called the HTC One Max, this is a flagship model that will come with uni-body casing back-cover and could possibly be released somewhere in the second half of this year.

A Look at the Rumoured HTC One Max (Previously the T6) Specs
The HTC One Max aka T6 specifications are said to include Key Lime Pie operating system, 2.2GHz CPU (Possibly the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800), a 5.9-inch Full HD touchscreen display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and BoomSound speakers. It is said to also feature the same camera that is featured on the HTC One so that means an UltraPixel rear facing camera, and the front-facing camera possibly at 2.1-megapixel.

It was also reported the HTC One Max could come with a 3300 mAh battery, but it has been rumoured it could come with a 1250 mAh protective case and a fingerprint reader on the rear, as well as microSD card support.

No Changes from HTC T6 to One Max Spec Wise
In our previous article we talked about the HTC One T6 specs and there does not seem to be any difference in specs with the HTC One Max, the only difference is the name change. We have looked into this even further with a few emails sent out and the, what was previously called the T6 and the new name of HTC One Max there is no noticeable changes in the rumoured features etc.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max pic 1

The Real Competition is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The rumours and trend for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is huge, and current rumoured specs are to include the likes of a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800, a 5.99-inch display, 13-megapixel camera, we cannot see the SGN3 coming with a 4GB of RAM even though it is possible, we would say it will be more on the lines of 2GB. It is also been mentioned a few times it could come with 367 pixel-per-inch rating.

Specs are slim on both devices and of course all speculated, but when you consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max they both seem to be similar on the specs side of things. Design differences will most definitely be different, but it’s the specs we are concentrating on for now.

User Feedback So Far
We have had so much feedback on both the HTC T6 (Now said to be the HTC One Max), and some are saying that if this phone turns out to be the same as the HTC One on design then they will choose the new Max in a heartbeat.

Some have said they do not like the HTC one because it is too large, so to make a larger one would be terrible, now we know this will cause a few comments in retaliation. What we cannot understand, and do not get us wrong it is their view and they have a right, but to say hello HTC One Max and goodbye Galaxy Note 2 is not the right time to say this. Maybe it would be wise to hear the official news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 before passing judgement on the HTC One max and vice versa.

Whatever way you look at this both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max are highly similar, until we get the official specs we can sit here and speculate what is the best smartphone. We believe it will boil down to the processor, RAM size and one major factor of the HTC One Max is a removable battery and SD card, if this was the case would the One Max be favourable over the SGN3?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max, what one would you choose?


28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Bottom line here Samsung has NOTHING to prove they are the proven product. The manufacturer who made this category prominate with the original Note and the current GOLD STANDARD Note 2. Nothing will beat the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 not even this rookie product or the upcoming Sony product June 25th. Plain and simple Samsung reigns supreme.

    1. robsa walker says:

      Hey, Richard, did you end up getting that giant Samsung logo tattooed on your forehead, that you were planning? You did? Wow, bet it looks pretty sweet. Next step – have your dog’s eyes removed and replaced with the cameras out of a Galaxy S4, because it’s a better camera than a real dog’s eye, isn’t it? I think Nikon plan to use it in their new Pro-series DSLR range.

      FWIW, Note3 will be a pretty strong product to beat, being that it’s a third iteration. I had the original Note and must have been one of the few people who used the pen. But I do like the sound of a giant HTC One…

          1. squiddy20 says:

            Haha I’m trying to figure out if this is an unintentional or intentional pun on his baldness.

          2. BOB says:

            Someone is definitely polishing a ball, don’t know about the crystal part tho.

    2. Muai Kumpumula says:

      No two ways about it, Samsung has set the standard and what the everyone is trying to do is to catch up. Note 3 will make it big with the OLED Display; I am just hoping Note 4 or S5 will come with a flexible display; there is still some much to look forward to from Samsung. I am a huge fun and proud user of Samsung Products; not only phones.

    3. Dean says:

      No, the bottom line is Samsung isnt the only company that can make a large great Android device. They do not own this market. Just because they made the Note first doesnt mean they have some monopoly on making a great large device. And theres is no such thing as a gold standard except in your own mind.And beating the Note 3 isnt really something the others are trying to do. Why do you get so defensive when some other company happens to make a device that rivals anything Samgung does? You always go on these rants about how great they are and act as if noone makes high quality devices except them. Newsflash, their lead as the top Android oem, is slipping.

        1. squiddy20 says:

          And a little over year ago, you were saying how HTC was “pimp slapping” the competition and how no one would ever compare… What a joke.

    4. squiddy20 says:

      3 years ago, Samsung was the furthest from “reigning supreme” in the Android market. Imagine what will happen in the next 3. Stupid short-sighted fanboy moron.

    5. lonestaroc says:

      Im Cackling!
      Just because they made it the prominent “category” doesnt mean as a consumer I should blindly follow. By your logic, The iPhone should remain the best because it was the first to be prominent and commercially viable. I will choose the smoothness, the sleekest, lag-free Sense enhanced ONE (and upcoming MAX) over the Cartoonesque OZ world of Touchwizardry on the S4 (and upcoming Note 3). You still failed to convince me how Samsung reigns supreme at what? Selling? Yup. They are the Mcdonalds of Smartphones with a isheep like following. Your statement was just a fanboy scream with no punch.

  2. Hammond says:

    1.Sony Togari(if the display is much better than on the Xperia Z)
    2.HTC One(if the bezel is propotionally much smaller than on the 4.7″ version)
    3.Note 3(will probably sell best out of these 3)

  3. Steve says:

    I definitely like the idea of a larger HTC one, but I think that HTC have quite a bit work yet to do with their modding of android. The design is beautiful and very well constructed (whether you like it or not is a separate matter). But the issue still remains of it becoming slower and clunkier after a time of use, even in the HTC One, the transitions are not as smooth as the rival Samsung Galaxy S4. I have always been a fan of HTC, but my money on the best device of the three mentioned is with the Note 3.

  4. pstu says:

    Why on 16GB ???? Smallest on the HTC One is 32gb ! They should not go in reverse just because of alleged micro sd slot !!!!!!! It always ships with far less as advertised we all know.. Look at problems S4 has moving apps to sd card ! wtf

  5. Gamblor77 says:

    Literally the ONLY things stopping me from switching to an HTC is the lack of removable battery and SD card expansion. I realize there are design challenges and removing a battery or SD card is difficult with a uni-body, but if they solved that I think they would do extremely well and compete on the same level as Samsung.
    I have had the Galaxy S 1/2/3 and the 2 and 3 were great. The S1 I jumped up and smashed into the concrete out of frustration cuase it was such a POS.

    Samsung makes very functional products and seems to attempt to listen to their customers. However their build materials suck and really don’t have that sexiness that other phones have.

    iPhone is exact opposite, their build materials are amazing but the phone is a limited turd without any real functionality like you’d find on a PC. HTC is close but not quite there yet IMO, really well built but they always seem to be a bit slower and their button layout is horrible.

      1. Gamblor77 says:

        What you’re saying makes NO sense! Obviously the battery is more important than removable storage; but why would I spend an extra $100-300 on a phone just to get a MAX of 64gb storage? I can spend $50 for a 64gb Class 10 Sandisk and it’s actually better since I can move it between devices. Having the option is a lot better than not having it that’s all I’m saying.

  6. lonestaroc says:

    im throwing my money on the HTC one MAX. terrible name though. HTC ONE L (large) would be more suttle. The max naming reminds me of ugly motorola droid phones max this and that.

  7. lonestaroc says:

    Which one has been gettin more positive critical acclaim, oh yes. HTC ONE. “The Best Android Phone” ever. The ONE Max will shame scamsung’s next phablet offering as yet again, the 2nd tier offering.

  8. davedutah says:

    Gotta say, not having a removable battery and sdcard are dealbreakers for me. HTC fixes that, and they are back in the running. I have loved my GNote1 and GNote2, but they aren’t perfect. Here’s a list of my gripes, even though I LOVE the phones overall.
    -Power button directly opposite of the volume buttons. Just dumb. Hard to press one without accidentally pressing the other.
    -Speaker on the back. If my phone is not in my pocket, it’s probably lying, speaker down, on some surface. If I’m watching a movie, the speaker is pointing away from me, overwhelming those sitting across from me at the airport, and me barely hearing it. Headphones are fine, but not always convenient or available.
    -Screen: AMOLED is great indoors. But terrible outside in bright light.

  9. Jimmy Drew says:

    No doubt that the Note 3 is the winner. I love my Note 2 and it is still very very competitive. There is nothing outside the Optimus G Pro that I would even be interested in trading for. Put the faster processor and larger battery and a screen that can be seen in daylight as well as wireless charging in the Note 3 and leave everything else the same as the Note 2 and you have a winner. I love the stylus, while I don’t use it a lot when I need it it is very handy. Forget about a metal body etc.. if you want to change the body make it a fiber body. Most of us put this phone in an Otter box anyway. Maybe a bit better camera. I forgot that. I take a boatload of pictures. The Note 2 camera is fine but could use improvement.

  10. Cool Hand Dude says:

    There are too many hardware and software advancements going on with The Note 3. If HTC thinks that just creating a 5.9 inch phone out of The HTC One will be enough to compete, lets just just they need to do some more thinking.

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