Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. iPhone 5, S4 and S3 Mini


Shortly after the expected Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini version launched we published a visual review for our readers, which delivered a one-sided look at how good or bad the Mini Galaxy S4 was, but today we wanted to offer a lot more insight.

Following on from a look at the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini, we now have a few more video reviews to show you that compare the smartphone to a number of alternatives. This is something a number of our readers wanted rather than just one video, as seen before, so now that there’s a lot more side-by-side reviews let’s take a look at a few.


Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini — the hands-on review can be found below this article and it puts the smartphones side-by-side with the aim of finding out the best. It is worth pointing out that what phone is better will depend on your own unique perspective as well, so this could quite simply come down to iOS vs. Android. If you want to see a comparison with iOS 7 beta 1 then you should take a look at the above article, but for more insight into the Galaxy S4 Mini vs. iPhone 5 specs including battery life, weight, dimensions, camera, memory, screen size, processor and more then see the first video below.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. S4 – when it comes to new buyers looking to choose between the Galaxy S4 Mini and original S4, then some of you might not see all the differences right away. In this case, you should look at the second video below that puts the Galaxy S4 Mini and full-sized Galaxy S4 side-by-side. This comparison also looks at the main specs and features of each handset.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. S3 Mini – the third video was created by the same reviewer as seen in the first, YouTube user SuperSafTV, and takes a look at the two mini versions of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Again, this is done with a full breakdown of specs and features that deliver an insightful video looking at both smartphones side-by-side. This would be good for those of you looking to upgrade from the Galaxy S3 Mini to the S4 Mini.

You will see a fourth video below as well and this takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. Galaxy S3. Again, this would be good if you are upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and would consider the Mini S4. If you want to see a straight up comparison of the two larger versions, Galaxy S4 vs. S3, then you can take a look at a collection of videos we featured in this article.

What smartphone do you currently own and would you consider upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S4 Mini? If not, what smartphone will you purchase in 2013?


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs. iPhone 5, S4 and S3 Mini”

  1. kb says:

    Just got the s4 mini on contract.. Very impressed with performance so far, Although one thing I wish they had of installed is smart screen scroll and screen pause. Its a small thing but I think it would have made a big differnce

  2. George says:

    Very comprehensive review. What I took away was that the SIII is still a great phone with a higher screen resolution than the S4 mini, but if you are looking for the latest features, or a phone easy to use with one hand then the S4 mini is probably your choice. Dual SIM on interests me, so that could be a key decision point for me. Thanks Saf for a great review!

  3. Trem says:

    That nice aluminium casing on the I-phone 5 kills the signal. I find it hard to understand why their RF engineers let that one go! I’m on my second I-phone 5 and its about to be sent back. My I-phone 4 had much better coverage.

    I’m really disappointed with Apple and am pleased to see there is now a similar competing device.

    So… goodbye Apple (and all my handy apps I’ve collected over the last 3 years) and hello to Samsung/Android.

    Good summary by the way!

  4. Sami says:

    Great review. Just what I was looking for. S3 or S4 mini. For me its certainly S4mini. Similar spec as the S3 in a compact size. Brill. Just a point though, the S3 has a quad core processor as opposed to the dual core on the S4mini. Thats not a minor difference even though if the s4 mini has a faster clock speed…

  5. California Dreamer says:

    Very helpful!! Tonight I’ll be getting my first new phone in 6 years. I’m a huge fan of Apple–I own an iMac desktop, Macbook Pro and an iPad– but I’m going to get the S4 Mini. Samsung makes the best TVs. Thanks for the comprehensive comparison.

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