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We have recently brought readers the news about the new video support with the Instagram update for iOS and Android. We felt this would be an extremely good move for Instagram, as the popularity of Twitter’s Vine video service is so significant. Today we want to share a fascinating look about the Instagram Android update and video fantasy, as seen through the eyes of one user.

The new video feature on the Instagram app seems to have been warmly welcomed and we recently showed a hands-on experience of the video aspect of the app update. However, a recent article caught our eye as it gives an intriguing insight into one user’s experience of the Instagram update for Android. It also highlights strong views about the usefulness of the video update and gives us a different perspective on this by comparing our idea of video fantasy and the actual reality.

The New York Times article tells how Jenna Wortham attempted to use the Instagram video service while at a picnic in Brooklyn. However it soon became clear that her idea of what she wanted the video to look like, was not represented by the reality of a grainy video showing hair and clothes blown about in the wind, overheard conversations and thumping background music from a nearby party. While this may have been an authentic representation of the situation, it was a world away from the idealistic footage that she wanted to share.

Wortham made the good point that many images shared on Instagram are perfect snapshots that we choose to share, as they capture a moment in time when we looked our best, or a particularly entertaining experience. This is seen as one of the reasons why Instagram has become so successful, and let’s face it, not many of us share Instagram images of our more humdrum day-to-day lives, or when we’re looking less than immaculate.

With video though, it’s a lot more difficuilty to create a perfect scene, despite the use of editing and filters that software can offer. People do seem to be becoming more open about how much of their personal and private lives they share, and how honest they are with how they represent their lives. However, it may be a step too far for some to share a more intimate look through video. We feel that video on Instagram for Android is still likely to be a huge hit, and over 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours that the support was available. However, we would all do well to remember that our ideas of video fantasy might not be as easy to attain as we first thought.

The latest Instagram Android update went live 4 days ago and also included some bug fixes. You can download the free app from Google Play here. We’re really interested to hear from readers about the Instagram video update and would welcome your comments on this. Have you used the new video feature already and will you continue to do so? Maybe you agree that our ideas of video fantasy with Instagram will be hard to live up to?


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  1. catherine demop says:

    I have an android (samsung infuse) and want to know when the update for uploading instagram videos on it will be released! i’ve been waiting so long already 🙁

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