Motorola rumour suggests cheaper Nexus 4 type device for Europe


We have slowly been getting more details about the upcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola that looks set to arrive in the coming weeks, and while early indications are seemingly hinting at a US only release a new Motorola rumour is suggesting a cheaper Nexus 4 type device destined for Europe.

The Nexus 4 proved to be hugely popular among consumers due to its relatively low asking price for an unlocked smartphone, which still had some worthy specifications and features. Now though a new report is claiming that Google and Motorola are set to introduce a high end smartphone that will be even more affordable than the Nexus 4.

It is claimed to be priced at only €250 and feature such things as a 4.5-inch Full HD display along with a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, and an 8-megapixel rear facing camera that will be capable of Full HD video capture.

The device is said to be releasing sometime during the fourth quarter and in time for the holiday season with Google looking to have enough supply to more than cope with demand, which if these claims are accurate, will be huge.

Surely Google would have learnt from the mistakes it made with the Nexus 4 and LG with the handset constantly selling out, and it is thought that as it now owns Motorola it can keep margins lower hence the low asking price rumoured about the device.

The world is still waiting to see what the Moto X will bring as the company has provided a sign up page for the device, and we have also heard it will be customizable to an extent by those that purchase one.

Do you like the sound of the handset that is rumoured to be released in Europe?

Source: ADSL Zone via Google Translate.

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