iOS 7 beta 4 waiting game for true potential


iPhone and iPad developers are using iOS 7 beta 3 at the moment but iOS 7 beta 4 is very much needed ASAP, developer beta testing on the current operating system release has encountered many problems since release and even our very own Phones Review testers are having multiple issues with the iPhone 5 that need addressing.

iOS 7 was first announced in June and since the beta release there have been many issues in beta 1, 2 and 3, we can totally understand problems will arise but we know for sure there will be more releases after iOS 7 beta 4 before the public release in September this year. iOS 7 beta 3 released under a week ago and Phones Review said it will come with issues, and we were right, but this happens with early testing phases. Since the iOS 7 beta release we have seen many problems on our iPhone 5, please read a few of them below.

Since the team installed iOS 7 beta 2, the iPhone 5 has experienced dropped calls, and we said this needs addressing in beta 3 but this has not been the case. Dropped calls are still occurring as well as apps shutting down when they feel like it, as well as iMessage not displaying messages that we know are on there unless we shut down the iPhone 5 and reboot.

iOS 7 beta 3 was supposed to iron out bugs, not seen any of them issues above addressed yet, this is where iOS 7 beta 4 needs to shine so we can see the full potential of iOS 7, we believe we will see a huge difference in the way the new operating system works without major flaws like the ones mentioned above.

At the moment no release date has been set for iOS 7 beta 4, but we could expect it within the next week or so. Apple will release when they feel developers have sent in their feedback, iOS 7 beta 4 will not be released until Apple feel they have made a substantial difference to make iOS 7 beta 4 much better than beta 3.

If we are not mistaken there were 5 iOS 6 beta releases before the public version was released, and the same number for iOS 6.1. We believe there will be at least 5 to 6 iOS 7 beta releases and if that’s the case we can expect 2 more before the public release.

iOS 7 beta 1 was released June 10, beta 2 June 24th and beta 3 July 8th, this means there was a 14 day release window, the next should then come around July 22nd, but we feel it will be a little later because many issues need to be sorted. iOS 7 beta 4 will show us a few new features as well as the problems above being ironed out, and it will be much smoother than beta 3.

Have you had problems since you installed iOS 7 beta 3 onto your Apple iPhone or iPad?
Let us know the device you installed it on.


77 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 4 waiting game for true potential”

  1. christos_rx8 says:

    ios 7 beta 3 made iphone 4 much slower and very unstable when you open more tha two apps. they must improve the incoming call or incoming message when the phone is locked such as other apps using it. the safari is even slower. airdrop does not work properly and task manager sometimes when you choose homescreen you loose background image. there are too many bugs.

    1. IPHONE4EVER says:

      It’s a beta you idiots pleas stop thinking this is something you are SUPPOSED to using it is not. Are you a developer? No if you were you would know these problems are to be expected, jeez is this world really full of that many stupid people, I say stupid because you know better your not ignorant and not know any better your stupid complainers wow loosing faith in basic humanity everyday. Lol have fun!!

      1. Macko says:

        Well actually buddy ur comment in an inaccurate response. These are comments showing problems while developing if your saying dont use ios7 for a day so u can test ur apps in a real world space then obviously u might need to rethink the “are you a developer” question to yourself.

        Also problem i had on iphone 5 beta 3 when i opened facebook it crashed my display. Went black but the phone was still working just without any view. Apple store did a hard reset and that fixed it incase anybody runs into the same problem.

  2. asif says:

    installed beta 3 on my iphone 5
    works fine not a call dropped, only a small calender issue and some apps crashing but there still 2 months to release so sure apple will
    fix them

  3. Jeff says:

    iPhone5 Verizon. iOS 7 beta 3. Just installed it over the weekend. Discovered issues with Apple music app. Cannot play any songs from my list. Appears I cannot select any song.

  4. Kaeden says:

    Too many bugs? Isn’t that why it’s still in beta mode? I could be wrong lol…I’m not
    & I’m pretty sure those complaining about iOS 7 doesn’t even have a developers account, illegally downloaded it, and just want to say how they’re going to switch to Samsung off Apple releases this.

    Well, In case you’re still oblivious, iOS 7 is coming whether you all like it or not.

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve installed iOS 7 Beta 3 on an AT&T iPhone 5… As others are saying, there’s the occasional random app crash (or IMDB, that crashes pretty consistently). I have not had any dropped calls, and a handful of random Springboard reboots. For the most part, the iOS 7 betas have been pretty good to me – very much looking forward to the next updates and, ultimately, the final release.

  6. Peter says:

    Really like ios7! have really had no problem except reception. I will have 4 out of 5 dots most the time then out of no where it drops down to one dot. Its the only major thing i see that needs to be addressed.

  7. Mark Richard Robinson says:

    I have IOS 7 beta 3 installed on my iPhone 5 (a1429).
    I have noticed it crashes sometimes, some apps don’t work properly, I’ve not had any dropped calls. The other thing I’ve noticed is music skips a little and the phone doesn’t vibrate or make noise if I’m in an app or on the net.

  8. Daniel Nava Garcia says:

    When i put my iPhone 5 (IOS 7 Beta 3) on vibrate, it doesn’t vibrate when i receive a call, just turns the screen on and show the call, but when i get an email vibrates… and also i dont get notificacions on lock screen ( Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.)

  9. Budz Camacho says:

    Some games doesn’t work. Like the other half of the screen wont function when you touch it. Here are list of the games had problem with. Infinity blade. Deus ex the fall. World war Z. Walking dead the game wont run.. I had to restore my ipad mini back to ios 6.1.3. All the games works fine. No problem at all. So maybe I’m staying with ios 6 for now. But i love ios 7 . I just have to wait for the official release or maybe beta 4 will fix this bugs.

  10. Joshua says:

    iPod touch 5 (Beta 3)
    Only have 2 problems
    1. Is that my battery dosent say or show when it’s fully done the lighting bolt stays ontop and dosent change to the solid plug

    2. iMessage and multitasking (When I leave iMessage open and out my device on sleep mode and when I go back and Reply to a message it’s LAGS majorly and takes a long time to open up same and the home screen lag

  11. Olomoco says:

    I have an iPhone 4 with Beta 3, I am a developer and this is the first beta i test on my phone. I really like the look and feel of the new interface but it is very buggy. I am not complaining since I understand that this is a beta version, the biggest issue I currently have is that the phone locks once or twice daily to the point i have to do a full reboot, and more dropped calls than before. If you install a beta you know what you are getting into, I have hope this will be a great OS!

  12. steven says:

    I’m hoping beta 4 will iron out issues as well. I have an iphone 5 and one of my most used apps doesn’t even open. I even have an app that only half the screen will work. Also the app store is extremely buggy and pages just won’t load. I even downloaded a ringtone while using beta 3 and it won’t sync to my phone. Each beta has been progressively getting better so I hope beta 4 fixes some of the issues i’m having.

  13. Andrew says:

    I’m running ios 7 on my iphone 4 and the wallpaper bugs out every once and a while and apps cant be opened and the lock screen will freeze after about 2 days of not rebooting it. Other then that it’s all just minor little one time things

  14. Kirbside says:

    In messages the people im talking to appears to combine with all the people i talk to at once and looks like a crazy scribble! Kind of annoying because u have to close out imessage to figure out if u sent the message to the right people or are replyig to the right people sometimes!!

  15. John says:

    Calendar and control center do not work. Photos keeps shutting down and automatically reboots when I’m using it. iTunes radio also plays the same music

  16. maverock says:

    automatic reboots.. so much longer time in rebooting.. can’t save new numbers 2 existing contacts directly from the dial pad.. apps crushes..
    n can’t open the ” Sing! by smule ” app since ios 7 beta 2!
    lots of bugs needed 2 b fixed..

  17. Farid Abd Aziz Ikhsan says:

    My ios 7 beta 3 doesnt have blur effect on it. So if i scroll down the notification center it will go black. Is this a beta 3 feature or i got a failed update?!

  18. Rofik Ali says:

    I got i5 & ios 7 beta 3 I didn’t have much problem but there are two problem 1 is Skype and app video don’t play wide mode.. @rofikali

  19. Vanja says:

    “this is where iOS 7 beta 4 needs to shine so we can see the full potential of iOS 7”
    “without major flaws like the ones mentioned above”

    It’s called BETA for a reason.

  20. Rofik Ali says:

    My i5 Internet speed lot faster on three network ..but not much problem I am quiet happy with ios 7 beta 3 , bear in mind I am sure more fix coming soon

  21. Neil says:

    When using a Personal Hotspot, trying to send an email from the phone doesn’t show Send or Cancel buttons. You have to press the back button and then go back into it. Also noticed that the screen layout is slightly off when the Hotspot is connected.
    When using iPhone 4S for a while, it gets very hot!!

  22. Stephen says:

    I have an iPhone 4 on iOS 7. It’s done pretty well for me. My only issues are now are FaceTime calls. Sometimes, when I try to call someone, they say that they can’t see me and my camera is not working. Also, on FaceTime, the Home Button and Power button are unresponsive. Theres still lag all over the phone, but i’m actually pretty satisfied with Beta 3. I can’t wait till Beta 4.

          1. Malka says:

            You must learn that sarcasm heavily depends on the tone of voice before going and using it on the Internet.

  23. Mathalicious says:

    I’m on an iPhone 5 running beta 3 and Things like transparency when scrolling through phone book, you can see the names where the phone signal and battery meter. Are. Random crashes are common. Also noticed the sat nav is pretty bad in that it’s not keeping up with me on my journey and only loads a section before my arrow is in the middle of nothing but grid lines. Siri is still somewhat temperamental and overal experience a bit flakey. That said however I do like this new OS. It would also be nice to see the option for users to chose between colour schemes too. Not everyone wants white. Time to give people options, same goes for whether I want to use the moving backgrounds, it’s pretty and all but it is just a gimick at the end of the day and I’m trying to preserve my battery usage which hasn’t been great at all since going on IOS 7. Heading in the right direction though it must be said.

  24. Barry Vallon says:

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 BETA 3, and one of the main issues I’m having is my apps closing out when attaching photos to send to another person, whether it be a text, an iMessage, or inside a third party app socializing. Also, my phone randomly shuts off with no warning, and the only way to get it to reboot is to either of a hard reset or plug it into a charger. Other than those two things, it appears to be functioning quite more smoothly than BETA’s 1 & 2. There are still text glitches, Siri issues, and even some apps still aren’t compatible as they won’t even function without closing as soon as they are open, but they will be fixed, and I hope BETA 4 brings a lot out to play.

  25. Ali G says:

    I have beta 3 running on a 4s and apart from all the bugs already described, i have noticed issues with the app store not scrolling properly and if left alone for long periods it sometimes the phone decides to powers off (not good as then the alarm does not go off!) Also seen issues with the display of favourites where i cannot click on the first favourite number due to scrolling issues. I know its Beta, but so far apart from it looking more fresh, the user experience has not changed and i’ve seen nothing radical. Come on Apple, sort it out – we are all getting bored….

  26. zaharakis says:

    Bug report iOS 7 b3

    1. Camera after opening from LS isn’t closing by slide down as iOS 6

    2. YouTube sharing option isn’t working (from beginning on iOS 7)

    3. Final “s” in Greek language in some apps is showing as “σ” instead of the wright “Ï‚”

    4. In iBooks all books or pdf named in Greek language isn’t showing (at all) in category tab after opening one

    5. Photos app is crashing after trying to put a photo for background for second time. (After putting a background photo for LS for example, and without close photo app you try to put another photo for springboard, app is crashing)

    6. Compass tab in settings is blank

    7. In settings main page, after scrolling to top of settings, there is an annoying gap between top bar and settings area ..

    8. Lock/ unlock sound happening with a Delay.

    9. After deleting an just receiving incoming email, numeric notification of app is still there, even you delete the mail. It leaving only After closing it from multitasking bar only, then notification is disappears.

    10. unanswered calls are staying in NC and can’t be deleted!

    11. U can’t finish action, gifting an app from AppStore

    12. If u close from multitasking bar the active app, background of SB (springboard) is vanished till u return in home screen again, then it appears again.

    13. Text messages can’t send as SMS via long press pop up menu on message. There is no option for that

    14. When u unlock phone which have some notifications on lock screen, screen flashes in bluer mode and after a while shows home screen’s wallpaper.

    15. Location apps (tested via foursquare ) some times after use, keeps processor working (hard) so in minutes phone is overheating and drains battery. That stops only if you reboot phone!

    16. Sharing videos to YouTube from camera album crashes..

    17. Selection text in notes has serious problem with stability.

    18. After synch with iTunes every app that was in 2nd page in folders moved out of them..

    19.whats up app crashing always. (In all ios 7 betas.

    20. Updating manually apps in App Store most of the times isn’t working.. If U try to update any app manually, then u have to try it (manually) to manage update any app, multiple times.

    21. Google + is crashing

    22.calendar is crashing when you trying to navigate twice, between two different days.

    Cause in apple community forums doesn’t want to “hear”

  27. Malik Samuels says:

    I have iOS 7 beta 3 running on iPhone 5 and Siri will not work. All I get is a delay and then screen jumps or springs but no Siri

  28. EJB says:

    I made the downgrade to 6.1.3, after a crash on my springboard when changing the calendar to full year view, and another one when I tried to make a phone call. my messages app crashed every time I attached a photo to a message. Some App store tabs didn’t completely load. And some LS issues:
    -when opening the camera, if you swipe down to return to LS, the NC comes down, and if you try to solve it disabling NC on LS you still can’t return to LS swiping down the camera.
    -The double tap on home button in the LS doesn’t display the music player controls as in iOS 6.

  29. elliott says:

    Installedon my iphone 4. Twice since it has crashed and not turned back on for 24 hours at a time. Phone wont even turn on again until the next day

  30. the devil says:

    thats why there called betas you dumb asses just wait for the final release like a normal person would do instead of complaining about what doesnt work you idiots.

  31. Wayne says:

    The only problems I have had with beta 3 is when I send messages it covers the name saying sending after the messages have already been sent

  32. Malka says:

    Some of the main problems I’m having with iOS 7 Beta 3 are:

    1) The background of my phone disappears after I close all my apps. It reappears after I lock and unlock my whole phone.

    2) It takes a while to connect to a hotspot for another phone.

    3) If an app wants to access my music library (eg: Ringtone maker app), the app shuts down. When I try again, it closes after I try to access my music library.

    4) Skype doesn’t work. It keeps closing after I try and open a chat.

    5) My phone randomly shuts down and resprings after I try and use Siri.

    6) It’s overall pissing me off. The interface is beautiful, but the small glitches really get to me, you know?

    1. Jake Costa says:

      Skype force closing is not an iOS7 bug, it is now a Skype problem. Clearly you bought a $5 UDID and are not a developer like the few of us.

    2. John A. says:

      the Skype issue is a bug with skype, you can see it in the reviews of the app if you bothered checking, alot of bugs are reported here

  33. Jonesy says:

    I’m glad they finally fixed the podcast app but many other apps don’t open at all which is expected like iheartradio, sports apps etc. but I would say its useable till the next beta release.

  34. dave says:

    Device installed on iPhone 5

    The bugs that I have had with IOS 7 is apps work when they feel like it. LTE works when it feels like it. I have had iMessage problems and problems RECIEVING phone calls. Monday Somebody was trying to Call me so I was browsing the Internet and the internet was very slow and I didn’t know somebody was trying to call me so I had no cell phone service for 32 minutes so I rebooted my phone and that’s when I was able to see the messages and I could see who was called when I checked my voice mail.

  35. Cizzie Bambino says:

    1. Music does not pause on the pull up menu bar
    2. Airdrop kind of works
    3. The phone freezes sometimes in the middle of using an app
    4. If I try to do the same thing in the middle of an app it will freeze

  36. Prithvi says:

    Only problem on my iPhone 4 is that it’s slow but that is to be expected. One weird bug is that the device goes into landscape mode in iTunes Radio and when I flip it back to portrait the status bar stays in landscape. Also I would love dynamic wallpapers for iPhone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jeng says:

    Ever since I installed IOS 7.2 then 7.3 to my iphone 5 i am experiencing the ff. problems

    1. I cannot sign in to my icloud
    2. I cannot update my applications and i cannot use some of my applications.
    3. I cannot download new applications such as games, etc…
    4. My personal hotspot cannot be detected
    5. I cant use airdrop because i cant sign in to my icloud

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