Samsung Galaxy Note 3 built-in storage vs. SD card


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs desired by users has become a heated debate under some circumstances, and even though we are yet to see any official features confirmed it is specific specs for the Galaxy Note 3 that some of our readers are split on. One of the areas that some people find is a deal breaker and others couldn’t care less about is storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SD card vs. internal storage – just over a month ago we touched on the possibility of dual SD cards to improve storage performance on the Galaxy Note 3. If you would be able to run apps from an SD card, then this would allow for some great expansion options and media to run from one card while apps could run from another.

This desired features was quickly copied by other websites as fact, although it originated from Phones Review readers as an idea and not insider information like some other blogs tried to make out.

SD cards seem like a great idea at first and some of our readers have even said they would purchase a smaller 16/32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to save money, then at a later date expand the storage when needed. This change of mind has come about thanks to the ability of running apps from SD cards.

Some people dream about including a “400x SDXC Card at 256GB (60MBsec) from Lexar Professional”, but others question the very idea of expansion cards being favored over internal storage. This was made clear by another one of our readers that stated, “Even the best class 10 SD card cannot compete with an average NAND when looking at performance and speed”. This very user also cannot understand why smartphone users complain about the lack of SD cards as well.

What would be your ideal storage setup for Samsung Galaxy Note 3? You can see the latest image leak in an article from earlier today that reveals two variants might be possible.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 built-in storage vs. SD card”

  1. Jimmy Drew says:

    This is easy, this is a smart phone, not a computer. Ok, so it is part computer. Until the SD card can be used to run aps. I am in favor of a 32GB internal storage and a 64 GB SD card. I run about 4.09 GB on my SD card on the Note 2 and about 2.58 GB of phone space memory. I am not sure what I cannot run on the SD card. So far everything works. What I am concerned about is RAM. I almost always use 1.13 GB of 2 GB or RAM. I would love to see 3 or even 4 GB of RAM. Gorilla Glass 4 is a must have on the new best of the best handsets. I like what I am hearing and will be in line to be one of the first even if I have to change service provider. Make this one a winner Samsung. We will knock the I phone in the dirt!!! Actually like the I phone too. 😉

    1. I like the iPhone 5 as well, but am looking forward to getting this Note 3 also. I have been an iPhone user since the 3G, but I am looking forward to seeing what it’s like getting ‘out of the box’. I am tired of the tiny screen and google has done well to supply important data syncing from the cloud for some time now and with the advent of All Access Music, the google solution seems all the more compelling. I am excited to see what Samsung comes out with.

      1. Jimmy Drew says:

        Exactly why I went with Android. My very first smart phone was the I phone 4S. I liked it but wanted something more and the Droid Maxx was it. I gave the Droid to my wife and moved up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Love the size of the screen. Glad the Note 3 is not going to be too much larger though. Also love the S pen. Don’t use it much but when I need it it is there. The Note 2 is the Swiss Army Knife of the Smart Phones. It does everything very well and is there when you need it. Can’t wait for the Note 3.

  2. Aus_Roh says:

    I would have bought the Note2 already if it had 64Gb internal memory.

    For the Note3 I want 64Gb minimum (I would pay for a 128 Gb version) and preferably two or more memory slots.

    Why so much memory? Not for apps, but to have my music collection with me all the time, and other multimedia (key instructional DVDs, HD video recordings, documents …). With respect to this, my Phablet will always be present with me, and is essentially more important to store multimedia than my computer. (My PC stores uncompressed music and also acts as a backup for the phone, but it hardly plays anything compared to the phone itself.)

    Surely, this is quite common for other consumers too?

  3. MRDONBULLY says:

    Samsung has to change the design or make a premium looking phone, because it’s starting to look ridiculous the amount of good specs phone that samsung provide but the design look all thesame, which is confusing to tell people sometimes. Samsung phones always have better Specs when comes to the competition, but the lack of a premium design like the HTC one makes people wonder. I personally love the S4 and I’m willing to buy the Note3 when it comes out, but somehow I’m disappointed because they will not change the design.

  4. Jimmy Drew says:

    cpr is on the money. Exactly right. Please put Gorilla Glass 4 on these phones so we can see the screen in bright sunlight. I am in the field some and my phone is almost useless in the bright sun. I have the Note 2 and love it except for that fact.

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