BBM token fee for Android and iPhone


You can be certain that BBM for Android and iPhone will see a release date by the end of September at the latest, although the pricing of these apps and how BlackBerry will make money is not so clear. There are a number of options available that could include a low purchase price, in-app advertising or even premium services within the app.

We have already looked at some of the existing chat apps ruling this market and WhatsApp stands out from the bunch with users in the hundreds of millions. Amazingly, most people see WhatsApp as a free app even though they charge a yearly subscription fee of around $1. One of our readers stated, “I see the $1 cost as a token fee for WhatsApp and I still see it as a free app overall”.

Thanks to WhatsApp having a low charge it still makes the Paid Apps list on iTunes, but has been ruling the top of these charts from time to time for many countries, which includes the UK, United States, Canada, Australia and a number of other countries.

BBM token fee for Android and iPhone — the demand for BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone’s iOS and Android is clear, but you only need to look at more than 100,000 users that downloaded a fake version on Android before it got pulled.

This number could have hit well into the millions if it was the official app and only on Android, so you could imagine how many people would download the BBM app on iOS as well. The excitement of teenagers is not stopping with schools continually speculating when BBM will launch on Android and iPhone, although we have touched on this in a previous article.

This hasn’t stopped comments flowing on Phones Review from teens and one of the latest stated, “teens my age are constantly saying how we miss BBM and how much better the iPhone would be with it, all my friends have BBM and I don’t”.

Would you be happy to pay a yearly token fee for BBM on Android or iPhone? Keep connected with our social channels to know when BBM launches on iOS and Android, although you can also sign up at blackberry.com/bbm to be notified the moment it launches for download.

There is also consensus that BlackBerry smartphone sales will be affected by BBM coming to Android and iPhone. We reported about this potential sales damage at the start of this month, and some analysts reinforced our views recently as well.


5 thoughts on “BBM token fee for Android and iPhone”

  1. Kurt Windibank says:

    Hey smart guy…Heins already stated…very clearly….it is FREE!!!
    They will monetize through ads and BBM Channels/BB Money at a later date….they just need to roll it out and get MILLIONS of users in place.
    Read the F’ing Q1 earnings report and CC….its all there for you BEFORE you write misleading articles.

  2. Daniel Chubb says:

    From the earnings report: The Company will also invest resources to evolve BlackBerry Messenger into a leading cross platform mobile social messaging application, and launch other revenue initiatives associated with new services and emerging mobile computing opportunities. Nothing about FREE,

  3. Patrick says:

    Ive been waiting MONTHS on end for bbm for iphone ive been so close to buying another blackberry because of bbm, iphone needs bbm whats app and any other bbm rip off isnt good enough i will be the first to download bbm for iphone no matter the cost just hurry up and launch it!!!!!!!!!!