iOS 7 beta 5 full changelog details


Apple decided to spring a nice little surprise on developers yesterday and made available the latest beta version of its upcoming mobile operating system, and today we have the full changelog details for iOS 7 beta 5.

It was originally felt that Apple would release the fifth beta of iOS 7 on Monday August 12th, but the company surprised the mobile world by releasing it yesterday. Obviously the new update brings a whole host of changes and bug fixes and as each new version comes along we know we are getting ever closer to the final version being released to the public.

There is now the option of disabling the Control Center feature from within apps along with some new redesigned setting icons. The software will continue to improve and feel better in use and the power off slider now looks different, and users can now swipe down to access information from the banner notifications.

The new beta now displays the first name by default instead of first name and last initial, and the software now remembers the last used media app after a reboot or if an app crashes. Now for iOS mobile devices that are sold in China the software will now ask for consent for apps that use the camera hardware.

You can find the full changelog over at BGR but this early release has led to speculation of when beta 6 will arrive if there is another one before the Gold Master release of the iOS 7 operating system.

What are you most looking forward to in the full release of iOS 7?


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  1. [anonymous] says:

    I can’t believe Apple got rid of the moving panorama lock screen in this beta! That was the biggest feature I was looking forward to!

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