Samsung Galaxy Note 3 onlookers shout bigger


Those looking at the potential Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date within the next month are clear about what they want in terms of specs, although some of these smartphone users still haven’t made the jump to phablet and might be a little shocked from screen size desires of Galaxy Note 2 and Note 1 owners. It seems the popular saying bigger is better might just be true when it comes to the Galaxy Note 3 display size.

For some people the launch date is set already after looking at recent invitations for the Unpacked Event. Earlier this week we highlighted the clue left in plain sight on the invites, which basically left a massive hint towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date.

Just under one week ago we looked at how some fans had a lot of faith in the longevity of expected Galaxy Note 3 specs, and some people believed the Note 2 was still powerful enough for everything they needed while others pointed to some major new upgrades on the way. The idea of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the specs we’ve already heard, or even Note 4 with ultraHD, 128GB mobile SSD, improved WACOM technology, flexible OLED screens and 6GB RAM modulus reveals a need to upgrade. These features alone show a few reasons to upgrade at some point when comparing to the Note 2 or original phablet specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 onlookers shout bigger — the majority of fans we have seen listing specs have one thing in common and that’s where screen size is concerned. “5.7-inch doesn’t feel right for me, Samsung needs to release a larger sized Galaxy Note 3 or 3.1”, one potential buyer said. Another states, “Galaxy Note 3 will be a disappointment if the screen size is not at least 6.3 inch. A 6.5-inch or 7-inch screen will be better”.

Another Phones Review reader said, “I would be happy with a 6-inch display but not a 5.7-inch. Samsung is missing the point here if they go that small while the competition is going much bigger, especially after they started it all with the Note. Would be better to have multiple size options. If I have to choose between Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inch and Sony 6.4-inch then it is bye Samsung”.

This is just a few of many similar comments and a few owners of the Note 2 say, “I will wait one more year if needed”. When it comes to the original Note the choice to upgrade is a lot simpler in many cases, which is thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being a major update for them in terms of expected specs and features.

Are you shouting bigger for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and if so how big do you want the screen to go?


23 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 onlookers shout bigger”

  1. wnburn says:

    The note needs to be bigger. By the way, why does noone remember the Dell Streak? Though it may not has been as relevant as the note, it was the first “phablet”. Just sayin.

  2. Weston says:

    7 inches? Who the hell would want a phone that is 7 inches? 1 it would look stupid to hold it up to your ear to make phone calls. 2 and most importantly 7. Inches is a tablet NOT A PHONE.

  3. Samsung fan says:

    5.7 inch is good enough to fit in my pocket forget about 6inch I rather gat a tablet and all I want is unbreakable screen and higher RAM

  4. Vasanthan says:

    I would be disappointed with a 5.7 inch screen. I am expecting Note 3 to be atleast 6 inches. Smartphones have touched 5 inches, LG G2 has upped the ante with 5.2. Galaxy note being a Phablet if comes with 5.7 then its just 0.5 higher than LG G2. For me it looks like bye bye Samsung and welcome Sony.

  5. abdullatwt says:

    Compare to note 2:
    *5.7a to 6 better resultion
    *Slimmer & lighter + less frame
    *a new level of using the pen (sensitivey)
    *space, speed (cpu/ram) & graphics
    * real flexible, griffin & better quality materials(stronger).
    Otherwise thank you. I’ll be still using my note 2

  6. goutham says:

    6 to 7 inch will be better its not a phone to be designed small its a phablet a tablet that has specs of a phone this fact forgot by sam being started phablet markt beg u sam its my first high end phone waiting for three months to buy so dont disappoint me by giving a 5.7 phablet..

  7. goutham says:

    just read the comments below,,, u ediots first clearly understand the concept its not a phone its not a phone its not aaaaaaa phone understand even 8 is inch welcome with slim bezzil…

  8. Jimmy Drew says:

    5.7″ is perfect. Give us Gorilla Glass 4 and the Snaprdragon 800 and of course SD slot and wireless charging. A little larger battery will be great. Looking for 24 hour run time. I love the Note 2 and could surely live with it for another year but make those improvements and I will spend the extra to own the Note 3. Being able to see the screen in bright sunlight is of utmost importance this go around. Do it Samsung.

  9. Stinky says:

    Well 5.7 is ok but need the flexibility of a larger screen. A 6.0 or 6.1 inch screen would be great. Small enough for my pocket but large enough for presentations. If galaxy stays with the .2 inch larger screen than the note 2. Then bye bye samsung. Hello HTC or Sony.

  10. Michael Dennique says:

    I would be completely stoked if Samsung where to make one of the Note III variants with a 6′-6.3″ Full HD Super Amoled display or better. Also I would love to have a 64GB internal storage along with an external storage slot that would be expandable to 128GB. That would be awesome.

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