iPhone 5S camera leak for improved photography


The next iPhone is expected to be the iPhone 5S and the closer we get to a launch, the more we are likely to hear about specs and features of the new smartphone. One of the rumored specs we have heard of previously concerns dual LED flash for the phone, and now an iPhone 5S camera leak seems to confirm this for an improved photography experience.

Nothing will be made official about the iPhone 5S until Apple chooses to let us know, and over the weekend we heard of a possible debut event for the next iPhone on September 10. We’ve reported on many rumored and leaked specs for the device over the last few months, and have mentioned the possibility an improved camera set-up including dual LED flash on several occasions.

Not only is a 12-megapixel rear camera on the cards, but the long-rumored LED flash has just made an appearance in some new leaked iPhone 5S parts. Images have been shown from a previously reliable online source, that shows an upper shell component of the iPhone 5S. This uppermost section enables the antenna signals to pass through the phone and incorporates cutouts for the camera and LED flash.

However, the new image of this part on the iPhone 5S shows a much larger cutout for the LED flash than for the current iPhone 5, and this is a clear indication that dual LED flash will be included. Dual LED flash will provide improved low-light photography, as this sort of module offers a more even illumination. As many people now use their smartphone as their primary camera source, we think this addition will go down really well with potential iPhone 5S customers.

Other rumored inclusions for the iPhone 5S include an upgraded processor, iOS 7, and a changed home button with a fingerprint scanner. Earlier today though we discussed what Apple has to come up with for the next iPhone in order to keep up with the Android competition, and while we think dual LED is a step in the right direction, we’re not sure it it’s enough.

We’d like to know what you think about this, so why not send us your comments. Are you waiting for the next iPhone to release, and if so are you happy about the inclusion of dual LED flash? Maybe you’re still hoping that Apple will deliver something a little more groundbreaking for the iPhone 5S?

Source: Nowhereelse.fr (Google Translated)

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