Official LG G2 video introduction to whet appetites


The soon-to-release LG G2 smartphone has a lot of people drooling in anticipation. This looks to be a highly impressive Android device and in order to whet your appetites pre-release, an official LG G2 introductory video has now been made available.

We haven’t held back on our enthusiasm for the LG G2 since we first heard about the device. This phone has a quad-core processor, a 5.2-inch True HD-IPS + LCD display, and will run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. We still have no confirmed release date for the LG G2 but we have heard unofficial launch dates next month for the phone on Verizon and AT&T for starters.

A few days ago we showed another LG video about the G2, which depicted footage from space taken with the smartphone’s camera and was truly stunning. Now LG is teasing us further with this new YouTube video that is a 5-minute introduction to the phone. It shows some of the main specs of the G2, the delights of the Quick Window flip cover, and aspects such as Sapphire Glass and the rear key design.

The video goes on to demonstrate features such as KnockON, Plug & Pop, Text Link, Guest Mode, Slide Aside, Quick Remote and much, much more. If you’re considering purchasing the LG G2 then this video will give you a really good idea of what the phone has to offer. If you’re not thinking of buying the G2, you may change your mind once you’ve checked out the video.

You can see the full video below this story, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on the LG G2. Have you already decided this will be your next smartphone purchase? Maybe you’re keeping your options open until you hear official details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or another smartphone altogether? We’d appreciate your comments on the LG G2.


4 thoughts on “Official LG G2 video introduction to whet appetites”

  1. Goaliemaskmark says:

    First off I’m not a MUST HAVE when it comes to the best and biggest phone/specs type of guy…….I keep all my phones stock. That being said I can no longer take the lagging and crap battery life on my GNEX. I am ready for an Upgrade on Big Red.

    Think I should wait for the this LG G2? Will this really be that much better than the HTC One or Droid Maxx to the average guys that keeps his phone stock?

    1. Ugslick says:

      I’m pretty certain it will be worth it. Honestly I think this is the best smartphone announced (yet), and everything is lining up for it to be LG’s best selling smartphone to date, and hopefully that’ll translate into it getting the best mod support of any LG phone to date as well. Bigger and better screen in virtually the same size as the HTC One and S4, I’ve been waiting for this phone since the OG and Nexus 4 came out 😛 so I’m ready to upgrade as well! (Currently own the LG g2x running on 4.1.1 via Cyanogen)

    2. MGN87 says:

      Def worth it. I’m a phone geek…all phones have their pros and con’s. Someone will alas find the flaws. Me personally…will be getting this, when it hits at&t…currently using the one x. She’s starting to bog on me, and the battery sucks…I’m actually looking forward to a diff UI…I simply won’t get a galaxy product, due to all the heavy, resource hogging gimmicks they load on that thing…food for thought…

    3. John Zampier says:

      Yes it will be worth it. Coming from someone who had a GNex, and has a Razr HD. Even if the battery life isn’t as great as it seems like it should be. The S800 boasts 75% faster charging (than what? I dunno) so having a small personal charger could solve that problem. Other than that All specs on this device ARE INSANE. I will be getting this phone. This will be my 3rd LG phone (Had an Optimus V and a G2X)