BBM for Android pushed hard by Samsung


It has been a while now since it was announced that the popular BlackBerry Messenger service was going to be released to both the Android and iOS platforms, which was a move that surprised a lot of watchers at the time. Now BBM for Android is being pushed hard by Samsung ahead of its imminent release.

The app is expected to arrive sometime this month and it has already been seen running on both platforms in public, although there has been some questions raised over the timing of the release of BBM for Android and iOS.

While we wait for its arrival Samsung has been busy advertising the fact that the BBM app is being released onto the platform and it’s various Galaxy devices. BlackBerry has stated that the app will be available by the end of summer, and this date will be on or before September 21st if the app arrives on schedule.

Despite the number of rival cross platform apps that are now available on both Android and iOS there are still a huge amount of people that are planning on downloading BBM as soon as it gets released to the public.

There has been some that don’t like the idea that the app will be BBID based over a PIN number, but those that have seen it running have stated that it looked good, and was similar to the BB10 version of the application.


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      1. Anthony Roberts says:

        It’s blackberry not RIM and also they are going to hold an event Next week in Malaysia 🙂 Hopefully it will be the announcement of 10.2,The Z30 and most of all BBM going cross platform 🙂

        1. Steve Works says:

          Malaysia? Their biggest customer base is in Indonesia, they should have it there. Regardless, this is what’s gonna happen: blackberry users (including me) will download the bbm app from our android and ios devices, run it, make sure all our bbm contacts are there (sometimes bbm crashes and loses all of the contacts! More than sometimes!), and once all is clear we’ll trash our blackberry for good!

          1. Not all blackberry users, I have just gave my S3 to my wife in order to get a BB 9790, battery last more, it is smaller and more conformable and all I need is chat and email. Maybe Twitter.

            I do not care about vine, foursquare, facebook, and all the rest of networks.

          2. Anthony Roberts says:

            Yah I have to admit the battery life on these smartphones suck now a days its like what’s the point of the high end specs if the phones don’t last a day without dying or having to carry your charger all over the place. Out of all the new smartphones the Q5 and Q10 and hopefully Z30 will have amazing battery life. MY co workers have both phones and they last pretty long

          3. Macy says:

            Hi Anthony,
            I have a Z10 and use it all the time (email and social networking) It pretty much lasts 12-15 hours.
            I’ve heard that the Z30’s battery life is over 24 hours. Excellent natural voice concept and somany other cool features. If you are looking for an upgrade, Z30 won’t disappoint you!

          4. Anthony Roberts says:

            Oh trust me I have the Z10 the white one and I have 10.2 leak on it with Unlock android runtime and I LOVE MY BB10 phone. People only bash the platform because for one they think it’s buggy OS7 with battery pulls and white screens. 2 the stigma blackberry has which I blame the management team for not letting people know how BB10 is and 3 marketing marketing marketing sucks. However hopefully with 10.2 being released soon and the Z30 (Which I am getting the moment it releases) if they market it right it will sell like crazy.

          5. BB10 says:

            Well teh 9720 is coming out and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Q5.
            Maybe you would like to check out one of those for yourself.
            Q5 is running BB10.

          6. Anthony Roberts says:

            Update actually they are going to be in france as well I think it will be a simultaneous web broadcast. You are right as well they have huge base there. Quick question Steve what kind of BB are you using the BB OS 7 or BB10 ?

          7. Macy says:

            I’m guessing he uses 7. If he had even touched a BB10 device, he would be trashing hin other devices by now! It’s such a shame that people pass on negative commnets like this before even trying the device!

          8. Steve Works says:

            Macy, Anthony,
            I am still using BB OS 7. And I have hundreds of BBM contacts in there. In many occasions I had BB 10 in my hand, and to be honest I was tempted to upgrade. But, the news of BBM coming to other platforms came out and some of my BB 10 friends have complained about the battery life and the device freezing on them. So I decided to wait for the BBM so I can use it in my Note 2, which I’ve been using for almost a year now (since launching), and have been very satisfied with it. As for blacberry?, I’ve spent the last 10 years with it always in my pocket, it’s time to move on. I’d consider it like breaking up with a long time girl friend, haha.

          9. Macy says:

            So you use BBM? Like it ha? Well don’t forget that same people who created BBM platform, created the BB10 platform as well. Also remember that they invented the concept of Smart Phone!
            There’s no comparison between BB10 and BB7.
            I personally love my Z10 and have dumped my boring Iphone for good and will never touch a crappy full of bug Samsung!

      2. Big Time Blackberry Fan says:

        OR you could buy a cool brand new BB device for yourself and you will be the winner.
        Z30 is coming out and I’be heard that it’s superb!
        I personally like keyboards so I’m very happy with my Q10 right now.

  1. Zeeshan Hafiz says:

    It was only bbm for what people prefer blackberry phones.. if it comes along android it will be a huge independency for worldwide users…
    blackberry is worst for stucking n internal memory…

    1. BB for life says:

      Please talk for yourself.
      BB10 platform is much more than that. AN 16GB internal with 64GB removeable is not enough for you?
      Please first pick up a BB10 device and then open your mouth!
      What do you use the cheap Samsung or are you and I-sheep?

    1. Proud BB10 user says:

      Ayub, BBM is the best out there, now imagine how much better it is running on a device made by people who made BBM.
      I have a Q10 and can not be happier.
      I highly recommend buying a BB10 device. The media has been harsh on them and people believe what they read, but it’s not all true. People who’ve adopted the BB10 platform are all happy with it.

      1. Anthony Roberts says:

        Thank you so much bashing on the BB10 Platform but yet they’ve never used it I have the Z10 and I’ve used iOS and own a recent android tablet the experience on BB10 is far superior :).I It’s all about the gestures and it feels weird using my android tablet sometimes I forget that I have use the back button and not gestures lol

  2. deean says:

    this feels like blackberry advertising campaign, when i ask most of my friends ‘why blackberry?’ because they’re stuck with it, don’t want lose friends update because most of them using it with the same exact reason, and their device can’t handle too many third party messenger.

    they says ‘its draining battery’ or ‘its make my phone lag like crap’ or ‘i need full data services to use that, not just blackberry services’ etc etc

  3. Jaaaaanke !* says:

    I’m glad BBM is coming to Samsung galaxy smartphones… Because I have one now and I reeeeeally want BBM so now I can have it without a blackberry… Blackberries suck… everyone I know hates theirs… So YAY!!

    1. Tiaan Smith says:

      All Galaxy devices running on Android 4.0 and higher.The pocket runs on an older version(3.5) and will not qualify.Only the Pocket Plus will qualify because it runs on Android 4.0

        1. Tiaan Smith says:

          Same for them.They need to run Android 4.0 and higher,although BBM will only be available for at a later stage for them.Only Samsung’s Galaxy devices for now

          1. supicky says:

            Why I never heard that it will be available only for Samsung devices first, when everytime it’s being written ready for android? Why not just for Samsung? Can you show us where the official news comes from? Thanks…

  4. supicky says:

    Well, I’m a BB user also actually. I’m still using the old fashioned OS6. Been trying to use z10 also. But the software is not what can cover up my need. So I’m not buying it. In Indonesia now Z10 were discounted almost 40% from its initial price. But still, many of BB users won’t budge to buying or upgrade it. Including me. What the hell is happening? If not because it is from famous brand, I would not see the device. It is worse than OS5. Can’t save contact number. Difficult to find contact when u want to text message. And many bugs inside. Come on.. BB10 is the super late to run in the market, but still got this annoying basic bugs? Can be called smartphone when it is not that smart? That’s why I’m now very very and super very waiting to have BBM on my android phone and I will put the BB OS6 to museum, coz to be honest, I feel pity to it and forced it to work when most of times it feels exhausted and need to be refreshed by pulling out the battery. Sorry for BB lovers, didn’t mean to be sarcasm, but I’m already quite upset with BB performance since the first time I experienced it. The latest one still doesn’t have the flexibility like other OS es, and the price want to compete with devices which have 2-3 times more capabilities? Get real… now a lot of ppl were upset with the price discount for z10. Less than 6 months and the free fall happened.

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